Fox News Spotlights Bermuda Undersea Walk

September 25, 2014

In a piece highlighting “13 family-friendly dive sites for your kids,” Fox News has spotlighted Hartley’s Undersea Walk, the unique helmet diving experience offered on the island.

About Hartley’s Bermuda Undersea Walk, Fox News — which calls us the “Caribbean island of Bermuda” — says, “You can have an unusual underwater adventure that’s open to kids 5 and older: an undersea walk wearing a “water helmet,” which looks similar to a vintage diving suit.”

“Stroll through the area’s turquoise waters among its colorful fish and golden coral just as if you were on land. No scuba certification required,” added Fox News.

Among its many wonders, Hartley’s Undersea Walk lists Franklin the Goldentailed Moray Eel as the service’s “star attraction.”

In describing Franklin, their website says, “Franklin has a special glass jar with his name on it. Its first purpose is to allow Frank to eat in peace.”

Hartley’s Undersea Walk video from Brecken Burke, filmed during a trip in 2013:

“He pokes his little head in the jar and noses around till contact is made. The second reason is so divers can watch him eat. The jar is not to stop him from biting people. After 11 years he knows perfectly well where and when food will appear. Frank tolerates being touched much as your dog tolerates and complies with the sit command to get food.

“The green morays, Lycodontis Funebris, actually have blue skin covered with a yellow mucous which therefore make them look green. This species, made famous in the movie The Deep, have become touchable at dive sites further south [with gloves], but they are bigger. They can grow to over six feet.”

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