Saltus Achieves 100% IGCSE Pass Rate

September 2, 2014

Saltus Grammar School has revealed that the school achieved a 100 per cent pass rate in this year’s IGCSE exams, with 14 students receiving four or more A* grades.

A spokesperson said, “The exams were taken by 122 students from grades 10 and 11 and all 122 students passed the exams. Fourteen students received at least four A* grades, with Mahir Wagh leading the way with nine A* and one A grade. Mahir also achieved an A at AS level, which is the first stage of the A-level examination.

“Harshith Kayam and Linda Amaral both notched eight A* and one B grade. Cathal Rynne was awarded seven A*, two As, and one B while, Dylan Muldoon recorded seven A*, one A, and one B.”

Left to right: Gianluca Cacace, Harshith Kayam, Sophia Montarsolo, Elizabeth Parsons, William (Liam) Peniston, Head Claire Charlemagne, Tyler Irby, Kelsey White, Cathal Rynne, and Linda Amaral

IGCSE group shot

“Other noteworthy students include Tyler Irby with six A*, two As, and one B, Sofia Montarsolo with five grades of A* and five A, William Liam Peniston with seven A*,and two A, Zoe Wright with six A*, one A and three B, Mira Hartwig with five A* and four A, Alex Decker with four A* and five A grades, Gianluca Cacace with four A*, three A, and two B grades, Elizabeth Parsons with six A*, one A, and four B, and Kelsey White with four A*, two As and two B grades.”

Saltus Head of School Claire Charlemagne said, “We are absolutely thrilled with the IGCSE results. Our students and teachers worked very hard and their efforts were rewarded with these outstanding results.

“I would like to congratulate the students for the tremendous effort they made and I would thank the faculty for their hard work and dedication.

“We are proud of our students’ achievements and look forward to seeing them build on these successes as they enter the Saltus Graduate Years [SGY] programme ”

“Since 2010, Saltus has doubled its percentage of A and A* grades. The results come on the heels of the school’s success in Advanced Placement of senior year students.”

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  1. PBanks says:

    Congrats to these students.
    Seeing the posted results for Saltus, WA and BHS recently… how can we get similar numbers (if not even better) out of our public school system?

  2. seascape says:

    Well done Saltus!! The results reflect the hard work done by the students and teachers.

  3. Terry says:

    Great commitment.
    Well deserved.
    Future looks a bit brighter for all.

  4. real talk says:

    I believe that these students are great. just a bit of a bone to pick with 100 percent pass rate. that is a bit miss leading. the course starts with much more students….. they are weeded out in the process…. the ones who take the test pass but what is not discussed is the number that did not get to the test portion.

  5. Pondering says:

    Wow, best GCSE results Saltus has had in a number of years. Despite all the recent controversy, things are certainly looking up academics-wise.

  6. spoons says:

    Saltus has had its best academic year on record. All SGY students got into the college or university of their choice, with 12 AP Scholars. The GCSE pass rate at A* to A was around 50%, so half of all the exams passed were at that grade. The teachers are outstanding as are the students. Not sure why a Concerned Parent would be so worried about their child’s education, when the results speak for themselves. It seems a bit of a strange complaint to make. Or like someone with too much time on their hands.