Aerial Video: Longtail Boat Being Removed

October 28, 2014

Following Hurricane Gonzalo, the MV Longtail had to be lifted by a crane in the Harbour Road area earlier last week, with Bermuda Aerial Media on hand to capture the scene from above.

Damage to boats was a common theme around the island following the storms, and the Department of Marine & Ports Services has already reminded the public that they should remove any boats that broke loose or were wrecked during Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo to a repair facility or safe location as soon as they can, adding that all vessels still lying wrecked as of November 10 will come under the Bermuda wreck removal process and boat owners will be liable for all removal costs incurred.

Video courtesy of Bermuda Aerial Media

For all our coverage/photos/videos of the impact Hurricane Gonzalo had on boats click here.

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  1. islandguy says:

    Cool video, i also feel sorry for the owner!BUT i do hope someone will be cleaning up the debris still on the shoreline?!!

  2. Amazed says:

    Yes cool video indeed – I also notice a black vehicle facing in the WRONG direction on Harbour Road, no doubt taking in the sight of this removal. Not a very sensible place to park your vehicle and you certainly shouldn’t be parked on a corner. No regard for traffic moving in the RIGHT direction. Where is the common sense people!!! SMH

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    How many times has that luckless boat been up on de rocks now?