Bermuda Open Tenpin Classic Round Up

November 6, 2014

The “Bermuda Open Tenpin Classic” Tournament ended with fierce competition at Warwick Lanes.

The top 12 Qualifiers bowled eleven games followed by one more game in position round. Top five winners then bowled TV Stepladder format for the Championship.

5th place Jermaine De Silva could only manage 167 and lost to Lamar Richardson who bowled a 201. Richardson stepped up the ladder to take on Mike Taylor [USA] the defending champion who dropped Richardson to fourth with a 215 – 201 win.

Mike McCallum in second place then took on Taylor who succumbed with a 191 – 160 result, McCallum then bowled for the Championship against top seed Andrew Shultz of the USA.

Shultz and McCallum bowled head to head with both ending with a 214 game to force a 9th and 10th frame roll of to break the tie.

Shultz then bowled a 9th frame strike, followed by three in a row in the tenth with a total of 60. Next up McCallum had the crowd on their feet when he bowled a strike in the 9th frame, then followed with two more strikes in the 10th. Everyone was on their feet for the next ball which ended with a nine pin count and a loud groan from the spectators to make McCallum the loser by one pin.

Bermuda Open Tenpin Classic 2014

  • $3000 Andrew Shultz [USA] – Trophy
  • $1700 Mike Mc Callum
  • $1500 Mike Taylor [USA]
  • $1450 Lamar Richardson
  • $1400 Jermaine DeSilva
  • $1375 Dean Lightbourn
  • $1350 Timothy Doyle [USA]
  • $1350 Terri Thomas [USA] – 1st Place Woman
  • $1300 Damien Mathews
  • $1250 Michael Honore
  • $1200 Zack Zeigler
  • $1050 Wayne Kelly

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