Two Men Cleared Of Attempted Murder Charge

November 4, 2014

The two men accused of attempted murder following a March 2012 shooting in Hamilton have been found not guilty following a Supreme Court trial.

The men, Devon Hewey and Cervio Cox, were charged with attempting to murder Levon Thomas following the incident, which occurred at around 3.45am on Reid Street Extension in the City of Hamilton.

File photo of defendants leave court in March 2014; Hewey on the right in the white shirt, Cox on left:

cervio cox devon hewey bermuda 14

While no one was injured during the shooting, the incident resulted in shots being fired into the windows of Sir John Swan’s Seon Place office building.

The Court previously heard that the shooting was followed by a high speed police chase that ended with a motorcycle being ditched on grounds of the Botanical Gardens and two suspects escaping on foot.

A bullet hole resulting from the shooting:

A third defendant, Julian Washington, was previously acquitted.

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  1. Staffernee says:

    You were on trial for murder and you don’t wear a suit? Seriously, jeans and sneakers? Good lord.

  2. The law suits who it wants says:

    Maybe that’s all he had… too much of people judging persons because of their choice of clothing. Maybe you should look at your shoes snd use soap, or brush your hair before leaving your house. Men and dirty dhoes etc ont click