Videos: Rugby Classic Prize Presentation, Haka

November 16, 2014

New Zealand made a return to the 2014 World Rugby Classic after a two year hiatus, and were crowned the champions after defeating the Classic Lions 17 – 3 last night [Nov 15].

In earlier action at the National Sports Centre, France defeated Italy 24-5 in the Plate Final to warm the fans up for the championship battle, while the tour match saw the Bermuda Old Boys go down 32 – 12 to the British Army Masters.

After the prize presentation, the New Zealand All Blacks performed the Haka —- a Maori war dance — for the gathered fans. The Haka was adopted by the New Zealand national rugby union team and has been performed by them at local and international matched since 1905.

The rugby Haka — a ancestral war chant marked by the pounding of feet and vigorous moves — is said to have come from Te Rauparaha [1768-1849], chief of the Ngati Toa tribe and one of New Zealand’s last great warrior chiefs. Te Rauparaha cut a swathe from the Waikato to the South Island where his followers killed both European settlers and southern Maori.

The New Zealand rugby team’s practice of performing the Haka before their matches has made the dance more widely known around the world.

All Blacks Haka:

Prize Presentation:

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