Classic Taking Matters ‘Extremely Seriously’

November 6, 2023 | 15 Comments

The World Rugby Classic said they are taking two matters — a social media post that ”alleges that visiting players used offensive and racist language” and the video circulating which shows a naked man  — “extremely seriously”.

A spokesperson said, “The World Rugby Classic organisers are aware of social media posts circulating. One alleges that visiting players used offensive and racist language at an event over the weekend in a local hotel and the other shows an incident in a corporate sponsored tent.

“Event founder and president, John Kane, states, ‘We want the public to know that we are taking this extremely seriously. In regards to the incident at the hotel:

  • We have spoken with the individual who posted the comments to gather as much information as possible.
  • We have spoken with management at the hotel to try and obtain CCTV footage of who was involved and any further information available.
  • We reached out to CURB to seek their advice on how to best manage the situation and will work with them on this issue.
  • All team managers have been contacted and it has been expressed very clearly that any type of offensive or racist behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with harshly.

“The individual involved in the video circulating has been expelled from the tournament,” the statement added.

The video, which shows a naked man on a mechanical bull at a tent at the Classic, is being looked into by the police, who confirmed that the ”investigation continues into the act of indecent exposure which occurred at the National Sports Center over the weekend.”

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  1. Smh says:

    The Rugby Classic has become nothing but a drunken mess! Many patrons are absolutely intoxicated and yet drive on home. Police, please set up sobriety checks every day of the classic at both ends of frog lane and you’ll earn your pay cheque through drunk driving fines in just a few days! The police station is yards away, so why is it you never thought of this! Oh yeah, too busy telling folks not to park on the sidewalks! Open your eyes, they stumble to their bikes on those sidewalks !

  2. Lion Paw says:

    Why because it has been made public? We have seen and read of the worst of these hooligans in their own land. They have had carte blanc since this event started.

    It is well know how they have come to our shores and degraded women and blacks without punishment therefore they are emboldened by the lack of consequences.

    Time to get real folks. Money of principles

  3. becareful of the truth says:

    I heard they allowed the naked man to leave Bermie
    Why wasn’t he charged with offences related to his stupid n fearless situation of nakedness?
    The Police and Rugby Officials should be held to account.
    Here we go again in the two Bermuda situation.
    He needs to be sent a message and apprehended to face local charges.
    Wonder why OUR Youths are angry with the Government and Opposition in the Sad Land.
    Treat everyone the same regardless of race creed or colour.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Had he ended up in court (something that it seems would have made a whole lot of people happy) he might at the most have gotten a $500 fine.
      Then you’d all be complaining again .

  4. Dejavu says:

    This isn’t news because they get into fights regularly when they come and have put people in the hospital. I remember once two of my friends got stabbed by rugby players on front street. My friends were arrested at the hospital but no charges against the players. There’s no need to have any rugby events in bermuda at all because it’s never made money or brought wanted attention

    • sandgrownan says:

      You’re lying. This never happened.

      And as for tourism dollars, the only two things keeping tourism alive and bringing in significant numbers of guests are the Rugby Classic and the Yacht Races.

    • question says:

      Let me guess. You were one of the ‘it’s just a boat race for billionaires’ people, right?

    • trufth says:


    • LOL - the real one says:

      How pathetic are you?
      What you really meant to say is that Bermudians are some of the most ignorant, lying, jealous people ever to pollute this planet.

  5. Maddog says:

    What’s all the fuss about NOW? This behaviour has been going on since the inception of the event. I worked in a major hotel 25+ years ago and rugby teams were banned from the hotel because they were stupid drunk, trashed rooms and acted inappropriately in public hotel spaces…..including disgusting verbal comments to the ladies on the front desk (I was one). This is not NEW….we have just turned a blind eye “oh it’s just the rugby guys” – none of it is acceptable, but it’s been tolerated…enough already…play rugby…have a drink…have some fun…why you all gotta tear it every year?

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