Incident In House, MP Files Police Complaint

December 6, 2014

[Updated with PLP and OBA response] Numerous unofficial reports are indicating that there was some form of an incident last night [Dec 5] in the House of Assembly, with a very heated incident said to have occurred involving MPs from both sides of the aisle, with sources indicating that it culminated with the police being contacted. We have contacted both parties for statements, and will update as able.

Update 10.42am: A PLP spokesperson said, “‎Following events that occurred after yesterday’s sitting of the House of Assembly, MP Zane DeSilva has filed a complaint for threatening behaviour with the Bermuda Police Service. No further comment will be forthcoming from the PLP as this matter currently lies with the the Police.”

Update 12.01pm: Various unofficial reports, suggest the alleged “threatening behaviour” was a throat slitting gesture, with conflicting reports about which ‘side’ actually did it.

Unofficial reports from supporters of both sides indicate that the people involved included Marc Bean, Zane DeSilva, Sylvan Richards and Mr Richards wife, with Mr Richards and Mr Bean having very heated words.

This is the second time in recent weeks the police have been called in due to issues between members of both parties, following after an incident on November 6th outside the advanced polling station for the bye-election in Constituency 33, with the police confirming they were “conducting enquiries” into the incident, in which it was alleged Mr Bean subjected former OBA Senator Toni Daniels to a “tirade.”

Update 6.47pm: The OBA said that Friday’s sitting of the House of Assembly was “brought into disrepute once again by the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Marc Bean.”

The statement from the OBA alleged that Mr. Bean made remarks they termed “outrageous”, “inflammatory” and “derogatory” about the “wife of a One Bermuda Alliance MP who was sitting in the Visitor’s Gallery.”

“Outside the building, after the House sitting was ended, words were exchanged. We have since learned that MP Zane DeSilva filed a complaint with Police about that incident, and on that point we note only that the on-duty Police officer who was present did not intervene,” the OBA said.

“Mr. Bean’s inflammatory words distracted from what was a very productive day during which legislation allowing for the use of cannabis-derived medicines was passed, progress at Morgan’s Point was announced, the economic impact of the America’s Cup was outlined and Government, after amending a Bill put forward by MP Walton Brown, voted to give the Premier of Bermuda the authority to appoint a Commission of Inquiry.”

“Mr. Bean’s outrageous words during Friday’s sitting are part of a pattern of disturbing behaviour that has made it difficult for goodwill to be the currency of the legislature,” the OBA said, going on to reference the incident last month at the polling station.

“For the sake of upholding standards of decency and decorum in our public life, we urge members of the Opposition to speak with their leader about maintaining standards of behaviour that befit his important responsibility as Leader of the Opposition and as a role model for all Bermudians,” the OBA added.

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  1. zup says:

    These MPs are starting to look more and more like ganstas

    • jr smith says:

      gangsters don’t call the police, besides their worse than gangsters.

      • Black Soil says:

        We know which party is gangstah friendly.

        • Kunta says:

          Oh please this is childs play compared to what de Oligarchy did and said to Dr.E.F.Gordon, Dr.Barbara Ball etc.
          Oh I forgot that’s History.

          • Cafe Ai Lait says:

            You will never be free until you throw away your own shackles Kunta. Your constant reference to the past is boring, irrelevant, and shows that you have no real argument to make.

            This is in fact why the PLP lost the election. You need to do actually something positive as moaning about race will only get you so far. PLP proved that.

            • Strike fund says:

              I disagree. The past is not irrelevant. We need to learn from it.

              Kuna just wants to use the past to justify unacceptable behavior, however.

            • Ian says:

              Hmmm… at least 95 folks [likes] praying for the day we forget about the NOT TOO DISTANT past. I can assure you that, between increased awareness via an information age and the fact we’re surrounded by examples of how a certain segment continues to benefit from Bermuda’s ugly past, no one is forgetting any time soon.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            It is always interesting how you are so observant of what went on in the past, but ignore the devastation that the PLP and their new oligarchy’s policies and behavior have done to the community in the present and even how they treat members within their own party who step out of their line.

            • Ian says:

              Please elaborate on the policies you refer to and your “interpretation” of what they have done to the community. Then humor us all with a comparison of those allegedly heinous policies with the atrocities committed by a segment of this islands community just decades ago.

              • hmmm says:

                You can’t be that blind. Seriously !!!!

                Please elaborate on the atrocities. Surely you don’t want anyone to forget.

        • SJ says:

          Here is a question, who should be more embarrassed from this behavior, the politicians who did the acts or the constituents who voted them in to represent them?

      • Dennis says:

        FYI….it’s “they’re”

    • Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.” If you ever injected truth into politics you have no politics.I don’t think either one of them knows what it’s all about, to be honest with you, both sides are doing nothing but just looking towards the next election.” Sad truth about it is that we the voters vote for these same losers every time an election comes around and we get what we deserve! always remember”A politician is not as narrow-minded as he forces himself to be.”

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      That’s ALL the PLP have left… To get “down and dirty”!! And they are “masters” at that!! It’s been that way for over 45+ yrs!!

      • Ian says:

        You really want to get into a chat about the “masters” of this islands history. Because I an guarantee you descendants of the worst form of them are not represented by the PLP camp!

        • hmmm says:

          all this deflection Ian.

          You must be really sweating it in camp PLP.

  2. justin says:

    Maybe something to do with Port Royal Gate? Zane must be feeling a little uncomfortable.

    • sonso says:

      The shoe, my friend, is now on the PLP’s foot!!

      I say lets have it! We deserve the right to know what happened with PR.

    • .am says:

      There HAS to be something better than that.

    • Ian says:

      Lol… OBA supporters new source of hope [and justification for everything foul the OBA does]…

      • hmmm says:

        Ian, are you disgusted with the Port Royal situation? Yes or No?

  3. Michael says:


  4. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Ohhhhhhhh…now we call the popo!!SMH!!!

  5. Not impressed says:

    This is why some of our youth behave how they do, unbelievable.

  6. Ride says:

    The House needs live streaming video of its sessions on the Internet with reruns on one of the government channels. Many other countries have this. It would add additional accountability and transparency to the sessions.


    • sideliner says:

      we already have the HoA streaming online

      Recordings are available to all

      • Charger says:

        There is no streaming video at all of the HoA, or any video at all. You are talking about the audio, the first comment said VIDEO

    • JG on T says:

      I agree, we need more openness in parliament!

    • entertainment says:

      and it willmfill the void with another form of local entertainment at night…

  7. Sky Pilot says:

    bunch of children in a zoo!

  8. lol says:

    Poor Zane, throwing his toys out of the pram!!

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh Dear! Lets play nice in the sandbox now.

  10. Puhleez says:

    I am embarrassed for Zane.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      I am sure he is not embarrassed for himself…..

    • Marge says:

      How the hell did Zane ever become a member of parliament ? he has no clue how to follow the procedures of the HOA….. and he needs to calm down when he gets up to speak…..

  11. @XTCINC says:

    Sounds like someone needs a time out!?

  12. Trulytruly says:

    Listening last night the speaker closed the house down abruptly after Zane spouted his nonsense. I am sure the incident revolves around that.

  13. Bermuda Jake says:

    Criticizing Zane with no information is biased.

    We should hear the details as they work for the people of Bermuda.

    More dignity is required of our Politicians.

    • Trulytruly says:

      He was making stuff up and speaking like it was fact. It’s getting and going to get much hotter for him in the new year as the pressure mounts. I expect
      More of the same. You say biased. Listen to him for the true reflection of that.

      • Now now. says:

        As the old saying goes, what goes around comes around. Isn’t that what our parents taught us?

  14. JP says:

    All this drama! It’s MARC BEAN!! He is a drama setter.. He needs to grow up fast or he must GO!!

    • Bozey says:

      As I have stated before, Marc Bean has good intentions but he needs to think before he opens his mouth…anger management would help too.

      • .am says:

        I’d love to hear what good intentions would be behind calling someone a ten cent political whore.

    • Kunta says:

      HELL NO!!!!!
      De disenfranchised needs someone like Mark who is not a wimp and is gonna be pushed around.
      We need some one who don give a S— about your social or economic status but if you come right you get right but if you come with S— ya gonna get S—.
      Real Talk Boyyyyy

      • Harry says:

        Kunta, we need education, tolerance and respect. None of which are present in your responses.

      • jt says:

        “Not a wimp” does not a leader make.

      • hmmm says:

        The, as you put it “disenfranchised”, are Bermudian. well the OBA is working for all Bermudians, so why would you think they need a thug fighting against the OBA who is working for them.

        How is the 20+ million from Port Royal they never will see helping the “disenfranchised”?

  15. Coffee says:

    I was wondering when Sylvan was going to push his weight around !

  16. swing voter says:

    heck I say let the wifeys go at it! Gurl fight!

  17. serengeti says:

    Might be a good idea to have some video recording whenever Bean is around.

    The PLP must be feeling pressure right now. Things are turning around, and all they can do is whine about it and rant.

    • Ian says:

      Thats such an ignorant perspective… assuming things were “turning around” why in the world would that upset the PLP?? Were the UBP upset when Bermuda saw the pinnacle of its prosperity unfolding under the PLP? I would think not. Their supporters were too busy profiting! You also look foolish building your comments on the premise that it is governments that cause turnarounds here… Ugh news flash, Bermuda’s small time yocal politicians can do what they feel will compliment turnarounds, but I can assure you they do not have the sophistication nor influence to drive the MUCH LARGER external forces that will ultimately dictate when things turnaround here. The Greens knew this when they where building Waterloo House and committing to the Princess purchase BEFORE THE LAST ELECTION. Duperreault and crew knew this when committing to a major hospitality investment BEFORE THE LAST ELECTION. Frankly serengeti, I actually don’t expect better from your at this point, its just that your comments become increasing mind numbing…

      • Creamy says:

        Oh yeah. All this was in place before the last election. They just waited two years to announce it all.
        Fairy stories.

        • Ian says:

          lol, Im sorry… what was that Cream for brains??? You’re denying what I said is true? Please say yes, please say yes, pleeeeease!

          • Creamy says:

            Ranting and whining. That’s all you got isn’t it.

            • Ian says:

              Again in simply English Cream for brains… Are you denying what I say above is true?

              • Creamy says:


                • Ian says:

                  So you’re saying Waterloo House didn’t go up for the last election?

                  And the Morgans Point Ltd principals weren’t committed to massive hospitality investment before the last election?

                  And despite the September 28th 2k12 announcement of the Green’s Princess purchase they weren’t committed to it before the last election??

                  Your answer is “yep” and you feel you should be taken seriously? Mate, shouldn’t take yourself seriously if thats the case…

                  • Creamy says:

                    Waterloo house finished a tear ago.
                    You think RC waited 2 years until this week to announce an agreement they made in 2012? You think Arch decided in 2012 and then waited 2 years to invest? You think the AC was brought here by the PLP? You think the Greens had the plans for the old Sonesta property ready 2 years ago?
                    Things are turning around. The main thing Bean brings up is what exact day Bermuda Day falls on.

                    • Ian says:

                      I can tell even you know when youre starting to sound ridiculous.

          • hmmm says:

            Ian…getting angrier, longer posts…hmmm me thinks you have something to detract from.

            • Ian says:

              Hmmm, your posts hardly reflect the talent of a “thinker”. Deflection my good friend is what you will witness from Creamy who seems to struggle with answering a simple question…

              • Ringmaster says:

                @Ian. You say “Bermuda’s small time yocal politicians can do what they feel will compliment turnarounds, but I can assure you they do not have the sophistication nor influence to drive the MUCH LARGER external forces that will ultimately dictate when things turnaround here”. I’m not disputing what you say, however it’s not long ago you were posting comments on news items that praised the PLP for the increase in IB and Bermuda’s expanding economy from 1998 and especially from 2002. So did the PLP influence Bermuda’s economy or were they just “yocal politicians”? You can’t have it both ways.

                • Ian says:

                  Ringmaster, find one example where I have credited the PLP for the boom times we saw under their tenure. Or conversely for that matter the busts.

                  Equally you will not find me blaming the OBA for the much larger forces the island finds itself subject to under their tenure – whether good or bad.

          • Trulytruly says:

            Yes as I said before this is just dumb luck. The OBA seem to have a lot of it don’t they?

            • Ian says:

              yeah… just as “lucky” as the PLP were when our economy was at its peak performance under their tenure. literally, just as lucky.

  18. JohnBoy says:

    I suppose soon we will see them come to blows as they do in other countries.

    • Kunta says:

      You need to read Dr. Roosevelt Brown autobiography “Me One” that was de real deal, all this now is just Bull S—

  19. Keith Stevens says:

    Sounds like typical Bermuda, violence on the street and now this in the Parliament.

    • Ian says:

      As opposed to what, typical USA where minorities get murdered in cold blood [documented for all to see] by those tasked to protect and serve? Or perhaps typical Britain, whose very existence and prosperity is the product of global blood shed, imperialism and genocide?

      • Creamy says:

        You resist arrest, you take your chances.

        • Ian says:

          And thats why I have no time for your Creamy. Its obvious what you are. And your views are simply predictable beyond that. Now go back to playing with your Obama dart board.

  20. Insane running the Asylum says:

    It is critical at this point not to pass judgement with out all the facts. To assume that a person or party is guilty or at fault without all the facts only adds to the madness. I however, am saddened by all of this. It is setting a very poor example for our children, and it is also bringing dishonor to the House and the people who have intrusted them with leadership. We have the world’s eye on us (this is what the politicians have been saying as a result of the America’s Cup) and we are not doing a good job of representning us. Grow up!!

  21. Bermyblessed says:


    • JUNK YARD DOG says:

      Our Children are our future.

      I do not think it to be appropriate to make derogatory comparisons referencing and reating to our young people.

      You were young and innocent once.

  22. James says:

    Well, who is surprised? We’ve had one of the best weeks of news in Bermuda in a long time. The Oppoaition can’t say anything bad, so they resort to name calling and Lord knows what else. Sick.

    • Ian says:

      Do your coins only have one side James? You seem to run on the basis there is no chance someone on the government side could be in the wrong here.

  23. Micro says:

    Bunch of bladdy children.

  24. Little Lady says:

    At the rate either party is going, I don’t neither represent this island in any way shape or form. Grown men and women can’t even debate without being violent or amicable. Some LEADERS you are…such admirable LEADERSHIP this is for our youth. Your actions are restoring our faith in you as the leaders of our country. (This being said with the most sarcasm I can muster)! All of them are pathetic and should be ashamed of themselves and their behaviors. This is completely unacceptable.

    • Terry says:

      I disagree Little Lady.
      There are many good people on the hill in the House on both sides.

      Things are starting to look up for Bermuda and it’s future but there are a few that are really pissed (House) and will use anything for bait.

      Some OBA members are taking it.
      All part of the plan because they did sheet in 14 years and left a 2 Billion debt.

      Reality is a female dog…………………..

  25. Preview says:

    The island appears to be making some positive moves of late. One can only hope, in this respect, that both parties try to row in the same direction. I’d like see less time spent on jockeying for political position and sabre rattling and more time spent on a concerted effort towards economic and social development. Trying to prove your worth by denigrating an other creates nothing. Prove your worth by delivering tangible results and improving the quality of life for your constituents.

    There are people in need of basic sustenance. There are people who are overextended, some are destitute. Even for those who are still faring well, the challenges faced by their neighbours will inevitably and progressively have a ripple effect. Many are uncertain about what tomorrow might bring. The luster that Bermuda held, which was envied by many, is being stripped away. Work hard towards resolving these issues rather than focussing on the promotion of a political brand and there’s a good chance that the majority will support you.

  26. Steve says:

    Time for Marc Bean to go. Says alot for the PLP.

    • C James says:

      Steve we should be encouraging PLP to keep Marc – because he makes them look so bad. Anyone would be an improvement yes – so why even suggest it? Keep Marc until PLP completely implodes I’d say.

      • A Better Bermuda for All says:

        Too late. The PLP have already implored and the debate on Port Royal will break up what might still be standing.

  27. North Rock says:

    The use of the generalization ‘Party’ is a little bit much. Its not the Partys acting bad – its certain individuals.

    And I strongly suspect that those certain individuals do it just to bring the media circus into the gutter with them….and to try and get the likes of us to condemn all politicians.

  28. A Better Bermuda for All says:

    The PLPs desperation is getting epic. No only are they down but they now have to deal with the upcoming Port Royal fiaco. There will be NO way to put a positive spon on that. Zane and Co. will DO ANYTHING to deflect deflect deflect

    • North rock says:

      And I hope that whomever is assigned the responsibility takes criminal proceedings. If the Auditor General can come up with proof, then surely the Police can corroborate and send the file to the DPP.

      I know the OBA won’t want to do this but enough is enough…..

  29. So Tired says:

    Immature bunch. And they are the leaders we are supposed to be looking up to…leaders of a country! No better than the ones they call thugs SMH BS

  30. It’s sad when we the public hear of such incidents as we expect more from our elected officials.

  31. Balanced Facts says:

    WHO is always in the middle of these things??? MARC BEAN! Wake up PLP your leader is your biggest liability …but you will support him to the very end won’t you? Cause your “family”…”stand strong”…”PLP to the core”…hhhmmmm…have a glass of Green Kool Aid and say yes….

  32. Smart Gal says:

    Mr. Richards wife ? what’s up with this ? who is she and what was she doing there?

    • Terry says:


    • Unbelievable says:

      She was sitting gin the public gallery…where the public is allowed to sit.

    • Balanced Facts says:

      public gallery. Lot of wives do this but the is the first time one had to be subject to a misogynist!

    • Rich says:

      Taking an interest and/or supporting her husband. Really – it doesn’t make imagination here.

  33. @XTCINC says:

    …but anyways, how bout that America’s Cup comin’ to Bermy, eh!? ;) ~

  34. Wow says:

    Tisk tisk. This sets such a poor example to Bermuda’s youth interested in pursuing politics. Doesn’t look like they will have any big shoes to fill.

  35. Self says:

    Disgusted by BOTH parties.
    The police have better things to do than referee parliamentary sittings.

  36. Cleancut says:

    After the PLP loose the next election, maybe the OBA could fly in “Beyoncé” to play at the PLP’s ball, as a good gesture.
    The OBA could also arrange to hold the venue at the “Ritz Carlton Reserve”

    • Ian says:

      Funny how you people joke about Beyonce’s show on the island when all of here performances, as well as the others, were jammed packed with both Bermudians and expats having a great time. Lets see how many of you are still cracking these jokes after we’re done fitting the bill for keeping up with the America’s Cup folks’ expectations/demands. The numbers all look good on paper and in the press.

      • C James says:

        Comparing the Beyonce thing to the America’s Cup is a ridiculous and pathetic attempt to discredit the ruling party and just shows how desperate the PLP has become. You are embarrassing yourselves in the extreme.

        The Beyonce show was completely self serving and was a photo op for DREB – nothing more. The America’s Cup will be seen by the world and is an opportunity for Bermuda to shine. It is so much more than ‘Put A Ring On It’.

        I wasn’t interested in see her shake her thing – I sure will be at the AC.

        Say something relevant Ian. Your posts are becoming as boring as Kunta’s.

        • Ian says:

          And your posts are increasingly so becoming little more than emotional rants.

          Firstly I wasn’t comparing the “Beyonce thing” to the Americas cup but rather highlighting this childish tendency of certain OBA die hards to use those concerts as some sort of desperate validation for their opinions on PLP fiscal management; this tends to be all while completely dismissing the fact that, as an event, EVERYONE enjoyed it.

          The Americas Cup is something I would be more inclined to draw direct comparisons against the PGA Grand Slam with. And like yourself I am very excited about it. But unlike yourself I can be so without feeling the uncontrollable urge to make it some sort of warped sense of political victory.

          Btw… even in your misinterpretation, how does what I said speak to “PLP desperation”? You should realize at this stage in your life that THAT is only the deeeeep rooted hate in your heart speaking out.

          • Blueman says:

            PLP fiscal management?? My god Man , it never existed !! Still doesn`t ! Your the one that need help ! How much are the PLP paying you ?

            • Ian says:

              You’re going off track. I wasnt making this a discussion about PLP fiscal management… And please dont discredit what credibility you have as a rational person by suggestion I’m a “paid blogger”. It just sounds dumb at this point.

          • LOl (Original TM*) says:

            Sorry Ian but most of your posts are nothing sort of “Betty” Style cheerleading. Mainly you also like Kunta show you deeep rooted hatred as well.

            LOL just sayin

            • Ian says:

              Betty Style cheerleading?? Not gonna even attempt to understand what that means.

              I suspect anything posted that isnt consistent with your views is Betty/Becky/whatever style rhetoric.

              Why dont you take a shot at actually addressing the points I make as I do afford you that opportunity.

              • C James says:

                Funny how you call my posts ‘emotional rants, and full of hate.

                Thank you for proving my point.

                Your desperately emotional rants (above)seem to be full of nothing more than…hate.

                Funny that…

      • hmmm says:

        Yes the tourist event brought in how many tourists…just like faith based tourism?????????

        Ian, you are backing a destruction of self with your blind PLP following.

      • Bermuda Jake says:

        Beyoncé’s show was fantastic and sold out. We don’t need to disparage an artist who was contracted to perform a show and did just that plus more. She also released a special video of her time in Bermuda as a plug for Tourism. It wasn’t supposed to solve all our economic problems, just put us on the map for affluent African-American tourists who actually are part of our target market.

        Her performance has nothing to do with the shameful dialogue that continues to be pervasive in the House of Assembly with respect to women. I am ashamed on that front solely.

        Beyoncé, on the other hand, was fantastic.

  37. Oh,I see now says:

    Mr and mrs politician the clowns on the street are watching you validate their bad behavior.Also the new money is watching your unprofessional manner they giveth they can also taketh away.There is already talk of more events to be held imagine what we can parlay this breath of air into.

  38. Believe says:

    Unfitting behaviour for the house of assembly. Yet again ! All involved should be censured by the speaker and by their respective parties.
    If they cannot control their own behaviours they should not be representing others in anything, least of all in the house !

    And these are the people debate the reasons why the youth of the country act out and judge their actions ! Show leadership for christ’s sake and stop acting like a shower of school children (apologies to those kids that I know show way more maturity than this) !!

  39. Confused says:

    This is what tax payers are paying for!!! Shameful!!!

  40. Oh,I see now says:

    Before you embarrass Bermuda and yourselves any further my political watchkeepers I would suggest you follow the ideals behind your cute acronyms.

  41. empero says:


    • Southampton #29 says:

      There are never any ACTIONS just stupid words out of stupid mouths. All they do is expose each others wrong deeds. While they accomplish nothing and help NO ONE. They get paid to bicker and call each other names. These are the people responsible for running our country. They have yet to come up with any plans that are going to move us forward… stop fighting and start working for the people who are depending on you! BOTH PLP and OBA/UBP.

  42. Alvin Williams says:

    Well it could not be as bad as when the late UBP member of parliament Harry Veria turn off the lights in the House and got banned for doing so.
    When some one gets the nerve to throw out the speaker’s mace; than that would be a political statement that would get my attention.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Really Alvin? You bring up Harry Viera? That all you got?

      • Onion says:

        Well he can’t exactly bring up Derek Burgess and Michael Scott.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        When was that? 30 something years ago? Harry was a no nonsense MP. Back the House decorum was nowhere near as bad as it is now. What would Harry do today? Put a fire hose on them maybe?

    • Terry says:

      At least he only turned the lights out in the House; and not the country.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Harry Viera could HANDLE the PLP!!! Case closed!!

  43. High road says:

    There seems to be one particular person who is always involved in these conflicts……..

  44. Triangle Drifter says:

    If this behavior were not so disgraceful it would be hilarious.

  45. jt says:

    The PLP will become nastier and nastier as the OBA drags us out of the hole we were left in. Progress for the country is bad news for the opposition. Add to this the prospect of some dodgey dealings coming to light and the watch things percolate.

  46. Paul says:

    Sounds like Arsenal supporters lol

  47. steve says:

    90% of politicians give the other 10% a bad name.

  48. Kathy says:

    Can we expect anything less from our publicly elected officials? Mr. Bean is in the house!

    • Cleancut says:

      Mr. Bean is the PLP’s biggest weapon right now, apart from Chris Furbert

  49. Not Surprised says:

    We need a Fight Night! OBA vs PLP.

  50. Cafe Ai Lait says:

    Note to PLP: please ignore all the messages slamming Marc Bean – and please keep him as your leader as long as possible. It is true that PLP will NEVER be voted in under Marc but don’t let that get you down.

    Marc demonstrates daily why PLP should be the opposition, and I hope you realize this and listen to him.

    Please keep Marc as your leader and be secure in the knowledge that this is helping our Island. He is helping by completely assuring that PLP will remain the opposition. Go Marc!

  51. Lord have mercy says:

    It’s a sin and a shame the way some politicians are behaving today! What a horror story to read about what went on in the house. You are an embarrassment to yourself your family and this country! God must be wondering what on earth has He created down here to lead our country. Lord have mercy!

    • ImJustSayin says:

      This is why this country is so far behind and nothing gets done. Bickering all the time,like spoild children. This island is in bad shape a and if this is what we have running things. GOD HELP US ALL.

  52. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    (Outside the building, after the House sitting was ended, words were exchanged. We have since learned that MP Zane DeSilva filed a complaint with Police about that incident, and on that point we note only that the on-duty Police officer who was present did not intervene,” the OBA said.)

    This only serves to explain away why the taxpayers money so being thrown away and in the end this same Gov will seek from its workers and not the entire country to get it back. And what do the workers do? They agree, sad so sad.

    And another thing, Hello, out of everything that occurred Gov had to throw the sole officer present under the bus. Shame on you and I applaud the officer for not getting involved. Maybe a Chief inspector or higher should be guarding the house and not a constable. Just a thought.

    • Creamy says:

      Zane goes to the police, that’s the government’s fault.
      The policeman in attendance takes no action, that’s the government’s fault.
      It’s all the government’s fault.
      Gotcha. Of course it is.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      What was the duty cop supposed to do? Words were exchanged. Nobody threw a punch. No threats of physical harm. You can’t charge somebody for childish behavior. Insulting one another is not a crime. Boo Hoo. These MPs are supposedly the representatives of the people of Bermuda. Maybe they are. School is out. No class. Had the duty cop stepped in he would have been told to butt out.

  53. donna says:

    This behaviour is so stupid a bad examle to our children

  54. Navin Johnson says:

    just more PLP desperation as they know the party is over….jobs will be created and the atmosphere in Bermuda is improving….they also realize they are stuck with Bean and he is not a leader…..through in the investigations and you see why things are getting ugly for them….but they deserve it after all they have done to Bermuda while accomplishing so little..

  55. Barracuda says:

    The Premier has the authority to appoint a commission of inquiry .
    Now it all makes sense.

    • A Better Bermuda for All says:

      Let’s hope he has the back bone to use it.

  56. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    You can judge a man by what he puts on paper.
    You can judge a man by his attire.
    You can judge a man by the way he talks and walks.
    You can judge a book by its cover.

    You can spend a life time gaining a honorable reputation then loose it all in 10 seconds.

  57. ImJustSayin says:

    And you wonder why the youth carry on like they do? We don’t have any role models. These idiots up on that hill need to grow up and get onwith the business of running the country.

  58. ImJustSayin says:

    Everytime someone says something they gotta go running to the Police. Grow up you politicians and please stop running to the teacher everytime something happens. I am getting sick of your antics.

  59. MAKE MY DAY says:

    I remember when Harry Viera (Ex UBP) and now also deceased was in the House!! He and some PLP and BIU people had some real “screaming sessions”!! Harry would take on anybody especially Ottiewell Simmons from the BIU!!

  60. 100 % Real says:

    Can we all just get along!! Tis the Season 2 be Jolly… One Love everybody

  61. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    There are two ways of doing this countries business.

    1) The wrong way.
    2) The wrong way.
    3) The wrong way.

  62. Tiger too says:

    Are we represented by men/women or immature spoilt brats? There are a few that really need to go and be put back in their play pens since they can’t play together. A great display to 1. Those that elected you. 2. The youth that watch. 3. The world that now has its eyes upon us. A few shoes must be getting very tight eh (plp)

  63. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    I’m fairly annoyed with both sides, though Mr. Bean is without doubt a catalyst.

    It might be in the best interests of maturity to not respond to his comments when he begins to be inappropriate, because responding to them is only causing more trouble.

    Let the speaker handle him. And give him the attention his deserves outside of the house.

  64. Milton Scott says:

    Sounds like a school yard fight. Principal

    Horton needs to ban the visitor from his House and cut the a**es of all of them. Ask questions latter.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Surely you’re better informed than ‘some’ ?
      Reports are now slowly coming out that the ‘visitor’ did not instigate the incident . She was the target of what started it .
      Why should she be made to look like the perpetrator and be banned ?

    • hmmm says:

      Visitors are allowed in the Public gallery to listen and see. Duh !

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Re-read: “Horton needs to ban the visitor from his House and cut the a**es of all of them. Ask questions latter” Nothing mentioned about the “public gallery” :-(
      Due to a statement as yours we often end up with bickering or what-have-you and that’s why we must always “measure twice before we cut once” when responding.

  65. Legal Eagle says:

    I don’t understand why anybody even bothers to respond to Kunta or Ian in these posts–or Bean+DeSilva generally! It’s a waste of time-so don’t be drawn in!

    • Stunned... says:

      comments from ‘Kunta’ and ilk are only meant to incite, enrage, insult or otherwise detract from anything worthwhile. Ignore them. When they don’t get the reaction they desperately seek, they will go away…resist the bait.

  66. Varied says:

    Perhaps the regular Parliament MPs need to take a collective timeout and let the Youth Parliament run things for a little while.

  67. A Better Bermuda for All says:

    I hope Zane getting grilled very slowly and thoroughly on the barbeque of public opinion. THE PEOPLE DEMAND A SEPCIAL INQUIRY INTO PORT ROYAL GATE

  68. Ian says:

    That is NOT “encouragement”… You set a terrible precedent with such punitive actions taken when its your service that is falling short of both yours and the users expectations. I think you have a good thing here and should identify a solution for the help you need to carry it from strenght to strength.