CADA Recommend Check Points, Testing, ABC

January 6, 2015

CADA says it was “encouraged” to read that the Premier and Minister of National Security has termed the number of road fatalities in Bermuda a “crisis.”

On January 2, in response to the recent spate of road deaths, Premier Dunkley said, “The seriousness of this situation is underscored by the fact that if 15 members of our community had succumbed to other circumstances, like disease or gun violence, we would term it a crisis. It is past time for us to address dangerous road practices and this will be a priority of the government in 2015 and beyond.”‎

CADA Chairman Anthony Santucci said, “CADA, would like to take this opportunity to once again recommend the following, reminding that, although all do not, a significant number of road fatalities, have either Alcohol and or Drugs in their system.

“CADA recommends sobriety check points [non-selective], mandatory alcohol testing for all collisions resulting in injury, the establishment of an “ABC” Alcohol Bureau of Control whose primary role would be to enforce all liquor licensing laws, and social hosting legislation as it is clear from the most recent survey of our young people that they are first introduced to alcohol in the home.

Mr. Santucci added, “If we are to change Bermuda’s relationship with alcohol, we encourage government to follow our 2008 Legislative committee recommendations [PDF here].

“There are alternatives to drinking and driving. Those who intend to drink should put a plan in place before they leave home. ABCD: Always use Bus, Cab or Designated Driver.”

The Road Death Summary from 1997 to 2014 is here [PDF]

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  1. Micro says:

    Talk talk talk and nothing gets done. This isn’t some new event, its been happening at an elevated rate for years. Drinking and driving is a extremely common thing to do by far too many people.

    • lucky 7 says:

      Its not only drinking and driving, its how people (mostly guys) ride their bikes like lunatics, I’m sick of it. No wonder they’re dropping like flies.ore will follow.

  2. stunned... says:

    the big gorilla in the room is this: until cars and bikes are mechanically governed so that they cannot exceed 30 mph tops along with better and overt policing by the BPS; better driver’s education and better public transportation schedules, this carnage will continue.

    • inna says:

      So we might as well tell the govt to take 50% of our salaries while they are it to get all cars and bikes retrofitteed and to then police those than tamper with the devies. Lets also put up a checkpoint at the beginning and end of every parish so the police will know where everyone is at any time! Give me a break mate!!

      All of this boils down to human choices. I choose not to get behind the wheel of a car when i am intoxicated. Others do not choose the same. I also choose not overtake and drive recklessly when in my car or on my bike. Some others also do not choose to do the same! Plain and simple.

      What we need is the police to police the existing laws that are already in place. Speeding, reckless driving, loud cars, overtakers etc. Nothing new needs to be done, except for seeing the police more on the roads. I have nothing to hide, and i am sure 95% of the rest of us do not either!

  3. seascape says:

    Teenagers (14-16 years old) are adding “kits” to their bikes increasing them from 50cc to 60cc and higher. What is being done about getting this stopped? Something needs to be done to stop this.

    This morning I saw several bikes speed to overtake us and the bike in front of us. Didn’t matter that it was on a curve or not, that they came too close to the person on the bike. I hope people will slow down and pay attention – why the rush?!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Teenagers are going to be teenagers. We all tampered with our bikes. A stock 50cc Moby was a pretty pityful piece of machinery. Nothing at all like the stock 50cc bikes today.

      Bike engines covered with plastic are not easy to see if they have been upgraded. With the Mobys we could not hide what we had done so easily.

  4. chipp says:

    Well black people good lucky u are 80 percent more likely to get stop status revealed I know cause I see it if u know something say something joke city what they should be doing they dont I witness I plea the fifth

  5. Regina says:

    If you make the choice to drive recklessly then you assume the risk of death. Period. That’s all there is to it. Choose wisely.

  6. North Shore says:

    CADA is a joke !! That organisation needs a serious reshuffle because what the are doing has zero effect !! The point system is a joke too.
    We need to go back to 3 years off the road for speeding over 40mph 1K FINE !

  7. Common cent$ says:

    Anyone caught doing over 70 in a car or bike- loses their license for a year, anyone caught drunk driving doing over 70-loses their bike or car and license. The vehicle then gets auctioned off and that money goes to a victims fund. Take the vehicle away- will help some.