MP Susan Jackson On Road Fatalities

June 21, 2023 | 11 Comments

“The news of two more road fatalities in such a small window of time is devastating, and our hearts and prayers go out to the families suffering from their unexpected loss,” Shadow Transport Minister Susan Jackson said.

Ms Jackson said, “Our roads are the number one cause of death in Bermuda and unless more is done to safeguard road users, Bermuda will only experience more shock and sadness.

“Road users are crying out on all social media platforms calling for the government to recognize the severity of the situation and so far, there’s been silence. It’s the responsibility of government to create a framework for a community to live safely and so far, government has washed their hands as if there isn’t any more they can do.

“It’s time for the Burt Administration to form a comprehensive task force to examine all the potential hazards and devise an action plan that is achievable. Urgently forming a task force is not a financial burden, it’s an exercise in commitment and doing the work.

“Repair and maintain our roads to a higher standard. Identify particularly hazardous areas with appropriate warnings. Re-examine laws and phase out vehicles that no longer serve their intended purpose. Transport Control has data. Examine the data and adopt zero tolerance strategies for relicensing.

“Roll up your sleeves and start building a workable plan, including amendments to laws, that will encourage responsible driving,” Ms Jackson concluded.

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  1. Guy Carri says:

    At what point do we correlate the condition of our roads (all time pitiful) and the number of accidents and loss of lives?

    My heart goes out to the families.

  2. Question says:

    It can’t be a coincidence that the spate of accidents and deaths has come when the road surfaces have literally disintegrated. The roads are full of potholes and makeshift temporary repairs, and are extremely dangerous.

    It is amazing that the government has not itself recognised there is an obvious problem.

    Government neglect is now starting to kill people.

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    The two most recent road deaths were both single vehicle incidents. I suspect that road conditions were not the issue in the last two road traffic deaths.

    I see nothing about lack of policing our roads in that article. Why not?

    If the Bermuda Police Service had actually enforced the road traffic laws over the last 20 years or so, people might drive more responsibly.

  4. watching says:

    This lady is really politicizing people’s deaths? Do we know the reasons for the accidents? How can she lay them at the feet of Burt?
    The OBA are finished if this is the best they can offer.

    • saud says:

      The OBA were finished long ago…it’s people like you who keep their memory alive.
      You miss them so much.

  5. Constituency 10 says:

    Two families have lost their love ones in a spam of hours. Ms. Jackson for you to even blame the road conditions on these death for a political stunt is beyond sad. Specially when you have no clue what took place. Next time you post please please run and future political stunts through MP Michael Dunkley he appears to be the only OBA member that actually understands the voters and knows his community island wide. This is why I continue to vote for him.

  6. jon says:

    What nonsense am I reading, people are blaming the conditions of our roads? are we serious. Almost every accident that hasn’t been tourist related has been the result of speeding, drunk driving or both. We have been experiencing these same type of road fatalities for decades even when the roads where immaculate, stop looking to blame everything else instead of the individuals involved. I have yet to read somebody hit a pothole and crashed into a wall and died. You can not fix problems with exaggerations. I ride to work every morning and the careless driving I witness on the roads is staggering.

    • question says:

      You have to be a total mor on to think that potholes everywhere don’t make roads more dangerous. Just like any adverse road condition.
      Bikes and cars swerve to avoid the holes. If you haven’t seen that happening, you haven’t been paying attention.
      Bikes can also hit the holes and lose control.
      Many tourists are relatively inexperienced riders, unfamiliar with the roads in the first place, and now have major hazards to contend with.
      The spate of deaths correlates with the disintegration of the roads.

  7. OBA…..WHAT!!! Attempting to STEP IT UP on PLP politics. KEY WORD: attempting!!

    • Tucker says:

      You seem to be OCNCERNED, yet, you’re NOT a BERMUDIAN. You’re a foreigner who enjoys our charity. Yet you do nothing but spew your toxic hatred for True, Born Bermudians.

  8. Prashant George says:

    I am a visitor to Bermuda. I like to walk or run places I visi. Walking down Pitts Bay Road to North Shore Road, I was a little surprised by the high speeds of both cars and two wheelers compared to say on Cayman Islands on similar roads. Folks rarely slowed for turns. I don’t think I saw any signs for speed limits. Even though I walked as a pedestrian, I don’t think that was even a consideration. Maybe some thought to speeds and enforcement may pay for itself.

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