Video: BBC Feature Eels Journey From Bermuda

March 28, 2015

The BBC has released a video that explores the journey of young eels from Bermuda to Britain, saying, “there’s so much to learn about these mysterious fish.”

“After a two year journey from the other side of the world, hundreds of thousands of young eels or elvers have arrived,” says reporter Tim Muffett. ”For the first part of their journey they’ve been at the mercy of ocean tides. Now, things get really intriguing.

“Having traveled some 4,000 miles, the baby eels have an innate desire to swim up river, to spend around 10 or 12 years here until they reach maturity, and then to swim all the way back to the Sargasso Sea which is near Bermuda where they lay their eggs.”

“But more efficient flood defenses and pumping stations are making that migration more difficult,” the reporter says. ”European eel numbers have fallen by 90% over the past 40 years, according to one major study. They are classed as a critically endangered species.”

The solution to allowing eels safe passage on their journey has come in the form of “eel passes,” and there are now more than 600 such passes in the United Kingdom.

In the video, eel pass campaigner Andrew Kerr explains about the pass saying, “A construction like this has replaced a wooden structure that rotted and leaked, and naturally the eels and elvers were able to squeeze through. But this concrete and steel is just so efficient, we effectively block their migration.”

When asked why the eel passes are important, Mr Kerr says: “The eel is the basis of the food chain, the food supply chain for so many fish, otters, birds, herons, bitterns. If you take the eel out then all the other fish come under pressure so it’s like the diet of everything.”

“In recent years UK eel numbers have picked up. It’s not clear why but eel passes like this may well have helped,” adds Mr. Muffett. “From Bermuda to Bridgewater and hopefully back again. There’s so much to learn about these mysterious fish.”

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  1. Mockingjay says:

    We’re being forced to leave here and now the eel’s.

    • filobedo21 says:

      @Mockingingbird, Did you read the whole articles, the eels migrate to the UK and then after twelves years, as adults they return and lay eggs, and the cycle of life continues. Read and comprehend. Jeese!

  2. Observer says:


  3. Heedy says:

    Nature,Amazing Indeed.

  4. Nicky says:

    What an amazing story that Bermuda is connected to. Thanks