Video: Ben Ainslie Racing Sets Speed Record

March 28, 2015

A video released by Ben Ainslie Racing provides a look at the America’s Cup team practicing in Bermuda, setting what they said was a new FC20 catamaran speed record of 31.2 knots [35.9mph].

The video’s description says, “Some seriously cool footage from last week’s trip to Bermuda – rippin’ and runnin’ at 30 knots, until the crash.”

Speaking on sailing in Bermuda, Ainslie Racing Sailing Manager Jono Macbeth commented, “We turned up in Bermuda with preconceived ideas about how big the race course was going to be, where it was going to be, the wind directions and strengths. It’s not until you’re there on the ground that you really get a good feel for what’s going on.

“And one thing we learned was that the race course is going to be pretty small, it’s going to be tight, and there’s going to be a lot of manoeuvring. This is a sailor’s race course, and we knew that we had to get back there as soon as we could for more detailed analysis.

“The team’s March training camp is focused on the subtleties of the wind shifts and speed changes, the recurring patterns that will occur in the differing wind directions and course orientations,” continued Macbeth.

“We start by working with a local sailor to get an over-view of the venue; to gather some thoughts both on what we see while we are there, and how it might be different to what we can expect during the America’s Cup month of June. Then we settle down to our own programme of testing.”

Ben Ainslie Racing set a new speed record in Bermuda

Macbeth added, “A lot of our training here will involve starting the two boats on the race course with instructions to go a particular way. Then we see who gets there first.

“We need to do it plenty of times to check the result is repeatable, and to make sure we understand why one way is faster than any other. These are the perfect boats for the job.

“Once we start sailing our Cup boats an enormous amount of energy goes into the development of their speed potential. We don’t have that distraction here with these two smaller training boats. It’s all about the race course.”

The Ben Ainslie Racing team recently released another video, that one depicting their early experiences in Bermuda, highlighting their first training sessions on the island as they aim to be “the first to fly on Bermudian waters.”

Sir Ben also paid Premier Michael Dunkley a visit in the Cabinet Office in January of this year.

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  1. Christopher Notoriouss says:

    Bring it on. This will be the biggest, most watched event in Bermuda’s history. Great for everyone.

  2. mockingjay says:

    That’s cool, think I’m going to enjoy this.

    • Trulytruly says:

      Stay on that tack.

      • mockingjay says:

        Question is how, do I get a good vantage point without high powered binoculars.

        • Buy BDA says:

          Lots of local boat rental companies.
          Find out the dates and book in advance.
          8 hours on the water for about $50 per person.

          • Mockingjay says:

            I think I’ll check my boy and go in his putt putt.

            • Christopher Notoriouss (C James) says:

              Mockingay: PRCs are allowed to own boats in Bermuda. There’s something to complain about.

        • PANGAEA says:

          Define good ! Is it sitting on a couch in front of a TV.

          It is very difficult to keep the image in view with any thing greater than 7 x 50 . The 50 is the size of the lens and the 7, is seven miles reduced to one

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Don’t for a moment think that you will be able to follow around like you do for the comets or fitted dinghys. Spectator boat areas will be laid out & enforced.

          Best overall viewing could very well be up high with a good pair of binoculars. Don’t be surprised to see viewing stands erected at Ft Scaur with paid access.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Anyone who thinks sailing is slow boring blowboats had better think again. This is not sedate cruising around the harbour.

  4. Sparky says:

    Sir Ainslie needs to slow down. The speed limit is 20 mph in Bermuda. The police gonna give him a ticket. Keep pushing the limits :-)

  5. Seaman R. Bailey. says:

    This is brilliant! It is always good news when a nautical record is broken. Takes me back to when I coated myself in lard and swam the English Channel in my younger years. Not quite as fast but exhilarating nonetheless!

  6. Real Deal says:

    Love this catamaran racing! However, I was wondering why government would not allow international offshore power boat racing here? This would surely surpass Americas Cup viewing or revenue for Bermuda as an annual event and visitors to the Island in MY opinion………..To each His own…..

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      When was big boat offshore racing turned down here? I could see it discouraging to do because of costs, gas in particular. Would they be able to stand up to sea conditions considering the speeds that they do? This is not exactly Key West or some lake.

    • Bring on the spirit of Qatar says:

      I agree, as an evid powerboat fan, we could definitely host a race here. A few laps around the island at 120 plus would be awesome, most teams are located in the US so getting here wouldn’t be too hard.

  7. Speed freak says:

    We are British, hope the Ben Ainslie team wins.