HTC ONE M9 Phone Now Available At CellOne

April 29, 2015

CellOne announced today [Apr 29] the availability of the next generation of HTC smartphone – the HTC ONE M9 — which is  available with CellOne’s PowerUp plan or can be purchased with a two year contract for $729.

“Android enthusiasts take note – more smartphone options are arriving, this time with the HTC brand. While the manufacturer’s popularity is still growing in Bermuda, those familiar with the brand will certainly appreciate why this model deserves a ‘double-take’,” the company said.

HTC ONE M9 Now Available at CellOne

“Shutterbugs across Bermuda will want to come by our stores to get a close up look at the M9,” says Marketing Manager, Schereene Outerbridge.

“It comes equipped with a 20 MP camera, unique photo booth effects, voice command selfies and a lens that records video in 4K Ultra HD – perfect for capturing our amazing surroundings”

“HTC pairs these unique camera features with the surround sound technology of Dolby to bring you BoomSoundTM. These wow factors will turn the heads of the most discerning smartphone users.

“Its arrival is timed perfectly for the exciting lineup of summer events that we know our customers will be enjoying” adds Ms. Outerbridge. “It’s the ultimate entertainment smartphone, both at home and on-the-go.”

The new HTC ONE M9 smartphone can be purchased at all three CellOne store locations: Church Street, Hamilton; Heron Bay Marketplace and York Street in St. George’s. The device is available with CellOne’s PowerUp plan or can be purchased with a two year contract for $729.

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  1. Old Buck says:

    Cellone is doing a poor job at competitive pricing. A 32GB S6 is $799 on a 2 year contract at Cellone, while the exact same model is only $449 at Digicel. In this market people will simply move to Digicel! Why would anyone chose to pay almost double?

  2. Happy says:

    I’d still with my apple bie.

  3. foolish says:

    @Old Buck cellone had theirs out 2 weeks before digi. so you are playing catchup. when you go to buy that s6 for $449 you better read the find print. digi will have you lock in for 3years on a premium plan. this phone is $800.00 in US so digi is taking at least a $4-500 lost on that $449 price.