Photos/Video: Olde Towne Market In St George’s

May 31, 2015

The first Olde Towne Market of this year got underway today [May 31] in the east end, with the market to run on the last Sunday of every month from April through November, and the organisers are inviting vendors to join the market.

Vendors lined Water Street offering a large selection of items including a Portuguese line of merchandise crafted from cork, a selection of clothing, candles, jewelry, art, sunshades, toys and more. Shoppers were also treated to a DJ playing music throughout the afternoon.


St. George’s mayor Quinell Francis and area MP Kenneth Bascome joined Market co-organiser Michelle Wales along with other committee members at the event.

The 2015 Market will run once a month along Water Street, the last Sunday of every month, from 2.00pm to 6.00pm, until November. The remaining Olde Towne Market 2015 dates are as follows: June 28, July 26, August 30, September 27, October 25, and November 29.

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    This is an opportunity for everyone to step forward with their personal input/s and assist the Ole Towne of St. George’s to become once again that magnet of the East end of Bermuda, (as it had been in the countless years gone by)
    Unfortunately, this isn’t held bi-weekly, where as more people on cruise ships can take advantage of the tours etc. and contribute more dollars to the community and of course, learn more about the Ole Townes history.

    • Michelle Wales says:

      hi Ray,

      You made the same comment in a previous post and here is the same answer.

      The market has been run in a number of ways including weekly. We have (based on what people have suggested) tried both Saturdays and Sundays. We have also tried different hours. We have come to the conclusion that Sundays are best.

      The majority of the vendors work full time. Some even work Saturdays as well (including two of the key organizers). Many of the stores which open six days a week are one or two person operations. People cannot work 7 days a week without breaks. We are trialing the monthly market. Today’s great start showed us that the public are willing to come out and support the event if it remains ‘fresh’.

      The market has never been intended as just something for tourists. We want our vendors to also serve the needs of the local residents of the island. Many of our vendors have gone on to set up bricks & mortar businesses having tried out and tweaked their products at the market. Several of these folks now have stores in the Olde Towne.

      Instead of making endless suggestions, how about letting the market run in its new format, coming out to support the vendors and stores each mont and then providing feedback at the end of the season.

      The Olde Towne Market’s website where vendors can apply is I will be updating the website for June applications in the next day or so.

  2. e. gamble says:

    Thanks St. George for your Sunday Market.
    Could you please list the names of the vendors and there wares?
    (on your website)
    It would be so helpful to know who’s who.
    Keep of the good work for the Olde Town.

  3. Raymond Ray says:

    Good day Ms. Michelle Wales. Granted, the new format maybe a better format but I, (personally) believe if this were to be held when tourist are roaming about the Olde Towne e.g. through the week at various places where stalls can be set-up and provide employment to them that are seeking a form of employment even if it’s only during the season…
    Ms. M. Wales, locals aren’t going to spend as much on these products that are being displayed, since most things are things that can / will be considered souvenirs made in Bermuda.

  4. Ruthless says:

    I know this takes a lot but this would be fabulous to have when we bring tourist down during the day. It would really liven up St.George as the ducking of the town gossiper is the only thing by way of entertainment. Tourist just get something to eat and then sit waiting for their hour to expire so they can go back to the ship.

  5. St. D says:

    Congrats for starting up Olde Towne Market. Goods look fantastic and I look forward to attending on July 26th.

  6. Rosie Marangiello says:

    Stopped by, good set-up, Go Jo’s Cafe, very nice. :)

  7. Kindley says:

    I have been a visitor when Olde Towne Market was on Saturday and the next year it was on Sunday. My family enjoyed it both times. Especially the delicious baked goods. I understand once a month, but I would be very disappointed if my visit was not at the time the market was open.

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