Applications Open For America’s Cup Exhibitors

June 9, 2015

The America’s Cup Event Authority [ACEA] is inviting all businesses, entertainers, artists and groups to register their interest to participate in the festivals during the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series event to be held in Bermuda in October 2015.

Front Street will be closed for three days for a street festival, and the ACEA said Front Street will be divided in zones with specific themes, including taste of Bermuda, sports in Bermuda, Bermuda Arts & Crafts, Bermuda Water, Bermuda Heritage, Bermuda Entertainers, Bermuda Tourism and more.

The ACEA said, “The America’s Cup Event Authority [ACEA] is organizing a Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series event to be held in Bermuda on October 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th, 2015.

“This event will consist of two days of fleet racing in the Great Sound with one day of practice racing prior to the weekend. The races will finish in Hamilton Harbour adjacent to Pier #6. This event is a premier racing circuit that forms part of the 35th America’s Cup programme.

“The venue for the Louis Vuitton ACWS Bermuda event is Front Street, Hamilton. The Event Village will include a technical team compound, fan zone, food court, family zone, media centre, hospitality facilities, spectator pick-up/drop-off zones and a festival area for exhibitors.”

americas cup map hamilton

“ACEA is inviting all stakeholders, businesses, entities, entertainers, artists and groups who represent Bermuda to register their interest to participate in the festivals, both on water and on shore activities. On shore participation can be in the form of an exhibition on the street, or a performance in the Fan Zone.

“Alongside the festival on shore, ACEA will run an on water program off Hamilton waterfront. This will take place in the morning of each race day, prior to the official races. Diversity of water activities and displays in Bermuda should be showcased.

“For avoidance of doubt: registration to be a part of the Louis Vuitton ACWS Bermuda Village is open to everyone in Bermuda, not only traditional exhibitors with a commercial product. Please note that due to space restrictions, ACEA can only offer a maximum of 100 spots in this program.”

More information is on the AC website, and the exhibitor overview follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    To all aspiring individuals / groups, here’s your chance…

    • NT says:

      Do you ever take a break? You are so annoying.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        @NT: It’s absolutely amazing, we see more controversy surrounding “bras on 3 stooges” than on a more concerning subject as this…

        • NT says:

          Yet another ignorant comment from the no life troll.

    • Redman says:

      @ Raymond Ray,

      I agree but no doubt most of them (68%) would rather do nothing and then moan that they didn’t benefit. It’s the ‘New Bermudian Way’.

      • Sabrina says:

        Do you really believe that everyone can benefit? That’s simply impossible – because 100% of Bermudians will not be able to set up exhibits or activities on Front Street or on the water. Its impossible. So to continue to go on and claim that people are lazy, etc just shows your lack of understanding of what it will take to get Bermuda to prosper again. We, Bermudians, need sustainable employment. We need to work. Three days of activities in October will benefit a few not all. 2017 and whatever buildup there is will benefit a few NOT all.

        • JUNK YARD DOG says:

          @ Sabrina

          You obviously have not been through WW11, have you ?.

          ” Half a cake is better than no cake”.

          “The crumbs from the table will feed an Elephant”.

        • Barracuda says:

          We need visitors , we need IB , dat it , the OBA did not say this was the end to all our troubles , but it is pretty big start.

        • Redman says:

          @ Sabrina,

          Looking to see where I stated people are lazy. Hmm nothing… oh yeah because I didn’t. Yawns.

          I don’t work in tourism, IB or many other fields but I have clients that do & because of this they are able to hire my company and other service providers etc… just as I do. No doubt that some of that $$$ eventually finds it’s way back to the people that hire me & to others in the community probably even you & others not directly hired by me etc…

          If we need sustainable employment then we need more people to get on with creating it, simple really. Moaning about how they themselves wont get any benefits from AC is rubbish as the money moves around the island even to those not directly involved.

      • NT says:

        Oh look, another racist.

  2. I don’t know…three days without front street…however will I find the strength …and for whom do we endure this indignatious observance?…. Of all reasons …exhibitionists….I see England …I see France….I see someone’s underpants!

  3. Not again !!! says:

    This is truly the boost we need, well done OBA

  4. T says:

    Has anyone actually looked at the application form and seen the outrageous costs associated with trying to be an exhibitor. It is a $600 fee to try to sell your goods??? Also one of the first questions on the application is “Are you Bermudian?” This does not benefit everyone unless you are in hospitality, an artist, or have a house to rent etc. I would like to register but if you don’t have liability insurance then they won’t consider you…. So there goes the whole “we welcome all, commercial or not” …… So what is the answer when I’m not being lazy, sitting on my couch and want to reap the benefits but can’t……

    • NT says:

      Maybe that know it all Raymond can let you know, or maybe his equally as stupid sidekick Redman can. Lazy is the new thug which was the new *-word. They love their code words.

      • Redman says:

        @ T,

        You have to spend money to make money. If $600 & liability insurance is a major impediment then this and most any other form of business is not for you. While I agree that it’s not for everyone, for the people who can & wish to take part then they will. There will clearly be employment opportunities associated with it, whats wrong with that?

        @ NT You’d do well to give yourself a full kick in the rear, maybe it would give you the reality check you clearly need. You sound like another stupid moaner who can’t get theirs unless someone does the hard work for you; boo hoo you Crybaby. Sadly your entitlement mentality is all too prevalent in Bermuda today.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        I’m not afraid to sign my birth given name…Not like you, (whoever you are) “NT”. You’re pathetic :-(

  5. Lawry says:

    A real shame there is no Trimminghams to generate some real sales for the economy. That iconic shop and others sadly departed would have pulled the traffic into town that is needed for events like this. Thank you HSBC, Thank You so much for ripping apart the fabric of our community. By the way, how many of today’s announced 25,000 redundancies will be in Bermuda? In the meantime, how much revenue are your Cash Machines generating for the economy sitting in those 20,000 sq ft between Front and Reid. HSBC, Thanks for nothing.