June 19: Bascome/Lowe Charity Shield Classic

June 9, 2015

The Bascome/Lowe Charity Shield Classic will see Alpha Black and Gold clash with Kappa Crimson and Cream at 6.00pm on the National Stadium South Field on Friday, June 19, with the benefiting “school, charity, or house of faith” receiving up to $1,000.

The event poster says, “Bring 10 or more members of your school, charity, or house of faith and wear the colors of the fraternity you support to the game.

“Place your school, charity, or house of faith’s name in the draw for $1,000. This is a family event.”

For more information, call Alpha contact Dwayne Caines on 717-1906 or Kappa contact Craig Tyrrell on 535-0815.

BascomeLowe Charity Shield Classic

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