Azorean Government Donates Books To Library

June 12, 2015

Mr. Rodrigo Vasconcelos de Oliveira, regional secretary of the presidency for external relations, and Dr Paulo C Teves, regional director for the communities are visiting Bermuda to meet local government officials, show support for the local Azorean community and strengthen ties on the Island. Today [June 12], they presented books donated by the Azorean Government to the Bermuda National Library.

Pictured from left to right: Dr Paulo C Teves, Regional Director for the Communities; Andrea Moniz-DeSouza, Honorary Counsel for Portugal in Bermuda; Mr. Rodrigo Oliveira, Regional Secretary of the Presidency for External Relations; Community, Culture and Sports Junior Minister Nandi Outerbridge; C. Joanne Brangman, Director, Bermuda National Library and Heather Whalen, Director, Community & Cultural Affairs


The books donated will be added to the Library’s collection and will be available for loan or reference once they are catalogued and processed by library staff.

The books in Portuguese will be added to the Library’s Foreign Language collection, while any in English on the history and culture of the Azores and Azorean, people will be added to the Cultural Studies collection.

Library Director, Ms C. Joanne Brangman stated that “It is our hope that this influx of Portuguese books will encourage any residents of Portuguese descent who are not already members to become members of the Library and use the many free services the Library has to offer.”

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  1. Mike says:

    Im sorry but the tattoo on a government official is not a good look. Im pretty liberal but that is distasteful.

  2. Terry says:

    No comments.
    Says much about my people and what they have contributed.


    • mj says:

      @Terry—-whatever do you mean by that comment… I was thinking, these books are written in portuguese and wondered whether they would have contributed any books regarding the slave trade and the portuguese contribution to it.

  3. Great says:

    Very nice :)