Bermuda Send Condolence After SC Shooting

June 19, 2015

Premier Michael Dunkley wrote to Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram, Bishop of the First Episcopal District to extend condolences from the people of Bermuda following the tragic shooting at the historic Mother Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina.

“Dylann Roof, who police say opened fire and killed nine people during a prayer meeting at a historic African American church here, was arrested Thursday, more than 13 hours after the chilling attack,” the Washington Post reports.

“Roof, a 21-year-old high-school dropout from Eastover, S.C., was taken into custody in North Carolina not long after law enforcement officials identified him as the sole suspect in the Wednesday night massacre, the deadliest attack on a place of worship in the United States in 24 years.

“The oldest victim was 87; the youngest was 26. They included a library manager, a track and field coach and a state senator, Clementa Pinckney, who also served as senior pastor at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where the shooting occurred.

“Federal law enforcement officials said Roof, who is white, declared his hatred for black people before opening fire, and the U.S. Justice Department has said it is investigating the attack as a hate crime.”

In the letter the Premier said, “Like so many people around the world we in Bermuda are shocked by the tragic and senseless killings at historic Mother Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina.

“The sense of loss that must be felt by the members of that great church is shared across the AME Connectional family. Bermuda’s eleven AME Churches are strong institutions in this community and as they reach out across the waters to those most directly affected by this tragedy, they do so with the thoughts, prayers and full support of all Bermudians.

“The strong leadership provided by the pastor of Emanuel AME Church speaks to the immense contribution that men and women of the clergy make every day to the wider community.

“As lay people we may never understand the tremendous burden they carry as they do the work of ministry. As they honour their calling we continue to respect their service and rely on them for their counsel and support.

“In the coming days and weeks there will be an outpouring of grief, sometimes anger and even sorrow at the loss of innocent life whose last act on this earth was to be engaged in prayer, outreach and the study of God’s Word.

“As you and the Council of Bishops lead this denomination and its members through this dark period, be led by the Holy Spirit and inspired by the dynamic example of Richard Allen whose strength and determination in the face of adversity gave rise to the AME Church and lit the torch of community engagement which burns brightly even now in the midst of such anguish.

“On behalf of the Government and People of Bermuda please accept our sincere condolences and I would ask that you convey our heartfelt sentiments to the Rt. Rev. Richard F. and Mother Mary Norris, the officers, members and friends and the 7th Episcopal District and especially the congregation of Emanuel AME Church.”

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    I along with countless others want to thank you Premier Michael Dunkley…

    • Terry says:

      Raymond is reply to the action/s of the Premier.

      F**& you haters.

      How can you dislike sincerity.


      (see above and the tragic event-morons you lot).

  2. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    The A.M.E. church is an Institution of Phenomenal Good Works and Change everywhere it has been established….We offer Condolences to the Congregation ……Reverend Tweed and affiliated churches who mourn this senseless killing………..Masjid Muhammad Bermuda ……also laments this momentous loss of good …..G-D…….fearing lives.All churches and Places of Worship everywhere in the world are shocked…..may all the people killed Rest in Peace and may G-D enter them in Paradise ……and make it easy on the families of the bereaved members.

  3. mj says:

    the availability of guns to young people especially without risk or threat is alarming, especially when officers of the law who carry guns are also shooting down people in the streets in U.S.It is also alarming as the children look at adult behaviour and immitate.. Only when guns have been utterly destroyed can people begin to communicate fairly. I can’t image how it must be for black people in the united states of America unable to walk freely or even to feel safe inside a building church, because of hatred.. It is definitely a wake up call, with alarming bells ringing.

    • Say Whaat? says:

      His father bought the gun as his birthday gift. He had already been arrested twice for trespassing and intimidation, yet his father thought “I know what will be a great gift!”. This had nothing to do with guns being available to young people. This was poor parenting at best.

    • Impressive says:

      I agree, but the guns are not the core of the problem, the core of the problem is the mindset to use that gun to kill persons who you hate for racial reasons.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    Guns don’t kill. Irresponsible people with guns kill. Regarding the father giving this boy a gun, “WHAT was he thinking?”

    Guns in the hands of US citizens will always be. There is no putting that cat back in the bag. The problem is ease of ownership. Buying a gun is too easy.

    In Bermuda only the bad guys have guns. They will always have them no matter the legislation. Bermudians are paranoid over guns. They fear a BB gun as they would an assault rifle.