Premier Visits Vatican, Meets Pope Francis

September 7, 2016

Premier Michael Dunkley made a visit to the Vatican today [Sept. 7] to attend the General Audience with Pope Francis.

“The visit was made possible through the invitation of the Bishop of Hamilton Bermuda, the Most Rev. Wiestaw [Wesley] Spiewak,” a spokesperson said.

“During the visit, Premier Dunkley brought greetings on behalf of the people of Bermuda and presented the Pope with an inscribed hand carved cedar Bible plaque. The hand carved gift which is entitled: “Gift for His Holiness, the Vicar of Jesus Christ”, was created by Westgate Correctional Facility inmate Dwayne ‎Signor.

“The public is advised that the Premier’s visit is a follow on from last September when Pope Francis prayed for the citizens of Bermuda during his flyover the Island en route to Cuba. At the time, Premier Dunkley said he was very “delighted and appreciative of the Pope’s gracious gesture to the people of Bermuda”.

The Cabinet Office advised that the Premier’s visit to Rome is a personal trip as he is on vacation with his family.

Premier Dunkley with Pope Francis

Premier and Pope Francis September 7 2016 (1)

Mr. Signor presenting the cedar carving to Premier Dunkley

Premier and Pope Francis September 7 2016 (2)

Premier and Pope Francis September 7 2016 (3)

Premier and Pope Francis September 7 2016 (4)

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Comments (36)

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  1. sage says:

    The Pope and the Vatican , full of riches looted worldwide, thanks you.

  2. Smh says:


    • Billy says:

      He went to ask God help to win the next election. Better pray for the 15% of the black vote first Dunky.

      • hmmm says:

        What an amazing life takeaway. To create something that is presented by the leader of Bermuda in person to the Pope on behalf of Bermuda and its people.

        Be very proud of that Dwayne ! That picture , his hands and eyes are on your art.


    • Wow says:

      That’s the same smile he had when he and his cronies removed Craig Cannonier as Premier.

      • Onion Juice says:

        From one poop to another.

      • 32n64w says:

        Craig Cannonier resigned of his own accord, he wasn’t removed.

        • Toleratate says:

          @32n64w…you have a point…maybe we should ask a certain Jennifer Smith that question as well….what DOES a traitorous back-stabber REALLY look like…@Wow; see how I done that….glass houses my friend…
          Come on folks…just admire the art-work will ya….

    • Onion Juice says:

      Chances are, because of his record when he is released from prison it will be hard for him to get a job, like hundreds of other young men. Find a carpenter shop young man.

  3. TO Smh:
    I totally agree……hhhmmmmmmm!!!

    • SMH says:

      and you think Brown or Bean wouldn’t have done the same thing given the opportunity. Such blatant hypocrits

      • Warwick Pond skink says:

        In a heart beat and they would have had us pay for the trip. Remember how much it cost us, the People of Bermuda , to get Ewart his picture with Beyoncé!!!

  4. High Road says:

    Settle down…”The Cabinet Office advised that the Premier’s visit to Rome is a personal trip as he is on vacation with his family”.

    • Curious says:

      Did his security go with him?
      This is what I need to know before I gojumping on the Cabinet Office statement bandwagon!!!!

      • Point boy says:

        As far as I know. It’s only been Brown and Bean that wants security

    • Nana says:

      Wow once again someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about. Seems to be a lot of those kind of people around. High Road it is such a shame that our Premier Dunkley has to clarify his trips we don’t want the PLP supporters to think he is stealing what they seem to think is their money.

  5. Dr Dolittle says:

    Good thing it weren’t Ewart, if Brown stepped in there he would burst into smoke and flames and his bat wings would pop out as he shrieked about the missing $100,000,000.

    • Curious says:

      With ALL of the money used with OUR tax $$$ PROVE it unforgiving!!!!

  6. Proud Bermudian says:

    Awesome. Great craftsmanship Mr. Signor….

  7. Terry says:

    Excellent craftmenship.

    Lovely gift from Bermuda.


  8. Fantasea says:

    It’s not on our fine so why hmmm. He’s entitled to vacation with his family. An experience to see the pope is one he and his family will never forget.

  9. BobtheBuilder says:

    Pope is a fraud.

  10. Patricia says:

    Nice work Mr. Signor. Lovely gift to present to the Pope.

    The Cabinet Office advised that the trip is a personal trip, that’s all they said. It didn’t say who paid for the trip. You can interpret that sentence any way you like… ummmm

  11. Rob barlee says:

    Please drop all your political comments for just one moment and look at the gift.
    This beautifull work of craftsmenship was prepared at our own Westgate and not only presented, but received by the Pope himself
    Congratulations to the inmate artist and also Col. Lamb for his unyeelding support in his strive for rehabilitating those under his stewardship
    Imagine this young mans pride!

    • Point boy says:

      Yup. Are prisons do have great facilities for our criminals.

  12. betty says:

    How lovely . Looks like a nice day in Rome

  13. Caramel says:

    One Question…If it is good enough to recognize a young person’s talents (well done Mr. Signor) to create a gift for the Pope, why can’t we support our youth more in the arts? Maybe, just maybe this is what our youth need…encouragement and support in their gifting/s. Well done again Mr. Signor!

  14. Beautiful piece of Art says:

    Mr. Signor–what a beautiful piece of art and I bet it will remind the Holy See of the Islands of Bermuda each time he sees it, well done to you–thank you.

    To the rest of the folks that are trying to make some political statement of this–how pathetic and small minded (small minds from a small place I suppose)–really you bies should get a life!!!

    Have a blessed day!

  15. Bermudian says:

    For those who saw the article as encouragement for Dwayne, I say, ‘Thank you’. For the rest of you, ‘Why can’t we ALL encourage instead of discourage’.

  16. drunken ursula says:

    well done Dwayne !

  17. RoseAnn says:

    That was a grand gesture of the Premier towards Pope Francis. We all need more Blessing for our fragile island and thank you Hon.Dunkley for connecting with the Pope..