National Heroes’ Day Holiday Ferry Schedule

June 11, 2015

The Ministry of Tourism and Transport released the National Heroes’ Day Holiday ferry schedule.

Blue Route

Operating on the weekday schedule between Hamilton and Dockyard as of 7:10 am from Hamilton, last departure from Hamilton is 8:30 pm.

Orange Route

Operating on the Monday schedule between Dockyard & St. George’s as of 9:30 am from Dockyard, last departure from St. George’s is 5:30 pm.

Pink Route

Operating on the Public Holiday Schedule between Hamilton, Paget & Warwick as of 10 am from Hamilton, last departure at 6 pm.

Green Route

No regular ferry services to or from Rockaway, Cavello Bay and Watford Bridge

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  1. uncommon says:

    The Ferry & Bus schedule in Bermuda, especially during Tourist Season, is a complete embarrassment.

    At minimum these should all be running at some capacity between Dockyard – Hamilton and St. Georges till at least midnight and during the times Cruise ships are in till 4 when the bars all close.

    People come to Bermuda on vacation and find themselves trapped in Dockyard, which after half a day your out of things to do… then realize its $50+ to get a taxi to another part of Bermuda cause all the public transportation has stopped incredibly early.

    Then we collectively scratch our heads as to why the cruise ship passengers don’t spend any money.

    Don’t even get me started on why we don’t open up the Hamilton and St. Georges shipping lanes / cuts to get these larger Cruise Ships to be able to go elsewhere…