Court Hears Man Allegedly Uses 23 Aliases

July 29, 2015

A defendant — who was unidentified in his first appearance — was back before Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo in this morning’s [July 29] Magistrates Court session, with the Court hearing the defendant appears to be a foreign national who allegedly uses 23 different aliases.

Prosecutor Carrington Mahoney told the Magistrate that after checking with overseas authorities, it seemed that the man before the Court was a person with 23 known aliases but who was believed, by them, to possibly be a Ugandan citizen named Watson Ogon.

At his first appearance on July 20th, he was charged with possessing a false British Overseas Territory Citizen [BOTC] passport and using that false passport.

At that time, the Court heard that there is a real Bermudian by the name on the passport, but that person has never left Bermuda, and the defendant in question is not the Bermudian named on the passport.

In Court today, the defendant was further charged with intending to defraud the Bermuda Immigration Department by acquiring a passport; and with possessing over $60,000 in cash whilst knowing or believing it to be the proceeds of crime.

These two new charges add to the charges already put to him and to which he had plead not guilty, and the defendant pleaded not guilty to the two new charges.

The Magistrate remanded him into custody until his August mention date.

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