Court Grants $64,600 Forfeiture Application

April 23, 2017

1-Billy OdochA forfeiture application made for $64,600 was granted in Court, with the monies having been seized from a Ugandan national who entered Bermuda illegally on what is believed to be a false passport, and later pleaded guilty to obtaining a UK passport by deception.

Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro, Organised & Economic Crime Department said, “In a hearing before the Wor. Archibald Warner in Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 21st April 2017 a forfeiture application made by the Crown in respect of $64,600 was granted.

“The court heard that Ugandan national Mr. Billy Odoch [pictured] entered Bermuda illegally in December 2013 on what is believed to be a false passport obtained by deception.

“On 14th October, 2015, Odoch was charged in Magistrates’ Court, and pleaded guilty to obtaining a United Kingdom passport by deception, and was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

“In Friday’s hearing, the court heard that the monies seized [$64,600] were seized by Police at the time of his arrest and linked to the proceeds of his criminal conduct.

“The court found in favour of the Crown’s application, and the monies will be deposited into the Confiscated Assets Fund.

“The Bermuda Police Service remains committed to depriving criminals of the benefit from criminal activity, and this case represents our ongoing commitment to removing the incentive to committing crime in Bermuda.”

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