Crown & Anchor App Launched For Cup Match

July 24, 2015

screen568Nova has launched a new Crown and Anchor app just in time for Cup Match, with the new mobile application part of a training and mentoring initiative between their senior staff and Bermudian intern Chris Wellman.

The idea originated on Mr Wellman’s first day of orientation at Nova when he and Nova Managing Director and Chief Software Architect Sandra DeSilva started talking about his previous mobile application development project experience at University.

The challenge was then laid to create a Crown and Anchor app in time for Cup Match.

Mr Wellman accepted the challenge and with the help of Nova’s senior developers created “C&A Royal” which is now available on the App store for download, and Mr Wellman is also working towards an Android version hopefully available for next year.

Mr Wellman was seconded to Nova under the Technology Leadership Foundation Internship program.

He was born in Bermuda and after completing high school at Berkeley Institute where he finished his GCSE English with Honors and Advanced Math, he then enrolled at the University of Buckingham in England where he is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Computer Science.

Mr Wellman is also the recipient of the National Training Board scholarship, speaks Spanish, and plays football for the University of Buckingham Varsity Team. This internship at Nova is giving him the opportunity to apply everything he has learned so far with regards to software development.

The “C&A Royal” mobile application honors one of Bermuda’s longest traditions and is based on the traditional Crown and Anchor game originating in the 18th century, and is now played in Bermuda at Cup Match time.

Minister Scott, Chris Wellman & Sandra DeSilva:


The primary objective behind the project is to inspire other Bermudians to take up a career in technology and show them what is possible to accomplish as a result of their studies in software development. Nova has also partnered with other companies such as QuoVadis who are donating their hosting platform.

The app is free to download and no money is required to play. The app has a built in leader board system which is updated live and the daily winners will also be broadcast daily over the radio on Vibe 103.

Goslings is the lead sponsor who are generously providing prizes island-wide to the top 15 points earners, interested users can view the prizes here. There will also be spot prizes for posting a screenshot of the app to social media using the hashtags #caroyal, #goslings or #crownandanchor. It is required that users of the app be over the age of 18 years to claim a prize. Additional sponsors can still sign up by contacting Nova on The prizes feature of the mobile application will run from July 27th to August 2nd.


Nova’s Managing Director and Chief Software Architect, Sandra DeSilva says: “I am happy that Chris has had the opportunity to contribute towards the software development of this project.

“We do have another intern Sondai Smith, who in his second year of interning with us who is more focused on our international business partner projects to hone his software development skills, although C&A Royal was a fun and educational project for us.”

Minister of Education, R. Wayne Scott said: “I think it is phenomenal that we are seeing this kind of ambition from our talented local young Bermudians.

“It showcases how these advancement and internship programs we put in place to give ambitious young Bermudians who want to work hard a chance to gain experience in their fields.

“We all need to take heed of this young man’s work ethic and drive and I wish him the best as he continues his studies abroad.”

Nova, established in 2006, is a Bermuda based, Microsoft Partner-certified, software engineering and consulting company focused predominantly on the re/insurance and financial sectors, located in central Hamilton.

You can access the app here

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  1. Stephen says:

    So I downloaded the app however it will not allow me to change the birthdate which is currently set to July 24th, 2015. Not sure if this could be a potential bug

    • Dev says:


      You can change the date by sliding each field with your finger. Its not a pop up date picker.

    • FatHead says:

      Guess I’m not the only one… lol. Misery loves company! Try rolling your finger over the birthdate it is a scrolling menu! Not the most intuitive aspect but once you get in the app itself is cool… but like the tables, it will take your money fast! :) Don’t see a way to reset the bank account so if you want to participate in the competition, wait for the days its on! Well done Mr. Wellman you are off to a good start. Keep up the good work!

  2. Nova says:

    Hey there, thanks for your comment, it is actually a “scroll wheel” which you can select using your touch screen. Feel free to contact for support and enjoy the game.

  3. Terry says:

    “pop up date picker”.
    Gotta love all this sheet.

    Were doomed.

    Call me.

    • gotaplan says:

      Please help. Getting an error message when trying to sign up “account creation failed”. Need to practice to execute my get rich plan.

  4. Stephen says:

    Hey Dev,

    That worked, thanks bra

  5. JC says:

    I put it all on anchor and then anchor came up. but my balance was NiL boo whoo

  6. Nova says:

    Hi C&A Royal players, fyi we will be giving all players 1,000 points equally at the start of each day so you can continue the fun. People at the top will stay there. Have fun hope you win

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Liquor “Gosling’s” and Crown & Anchor…what a mix. Sure fire way to LOSE IT ALL ;p

  8. Nasir says:

    its always good to see a friend and a mate achieve something in their career. Congrats Mr Chris! This is just a first step to your greatness!

  9. jayp says:

    Having issues with the app.. It crashes with error messages and doesn’t give me the points I earned.. I restarted my device and it did the same. So i deleted the app and re-installed now it wont let me login.. LOL! I give up..