Romonito Adlawan Sentenced To 8.5 Years

July 3, 2015

In May 2015,  36-year-old Filipino national Romonito Adlawan was charged for importation of drugs, firearm, ammunition, and he subsquently pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison.

Mr. Adlwan’s lawyer Lawrence Scott advised him to seek representation from the Embassy of the Philippines in Washington DC, as it is the nearest Consulate office. From there on, the Embassy of the Philippines, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila, Philippines, Mr. Adlawan’s families, and agent were advised accordingly.

Romosito Adlawan, of SISL Cargo ship 1

During Consul Arlene Magno’s visit to Mr. Adlawan at Westgate and meeting with Mr. Scott on May 23, 2015, it was agreed that Mr. Laurence Sumando, in-charge for cases, would attend the arraignment.

On June 1, 2015, Laurence Sumando of the Embassy of the Philippines in Washington arrived Bermuda. He met with Mr. Scott and had meetings with Mr. Adlawan. Mr. Sumando also met with the Commissioner of Prisons Lt/Col Eddie Lamb.

Mr. Adlawan was brought to the Supreme Court on June 4, 2015 and changed his plea from “Not Guilty” to “Guilty”. Before he was sentenced, he told the Court that he was very sorry that his actions and involvement were detrimental to Bermuda. He was sentenced 8.5 years in total, however Mr. Scott will file an appeal soon.

Romosito Adlawan, of SISL Cargo ship 3

“Mr. Sumando commended Mr. Scott’s strategy and thanked the Court for the consideration given to Mr. Adlawan’s sentencing. He also thanked the Detectives in-charge especially Sgt Bundy and Swaby,” a spokesperson said.

“Despite the fact that the Filipinos in Bermuda are not proud of Mr. Adlwan’s action, they were however helpful in making sure that his rights were read accordingly and some had already visited him in jail.

“One of the attendees in the Supreme Court warned the Filipinos to please be very vigilant – do not accept any suspicious items from anyone, and do not engaged with any business without proper background search. They were also told to learn from Mr. Adlawan’s case and remember the consequences.”

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  1. I heart 441 says:

    I hope he spoke with detectives regarding who asked him to smuggle the contraband into the island. They to should face jail time as well even though it will be tough for prosecutors to proove they are just as guilty.

  2. sage says:

    Was any attempt made to ascertain who the recipient of the contraband was supposed to be?

    • Zevon says:

      Yes. There are two co-accused Bermudians, currently out on bail.

  3. BleddyHell says:

    uh uh. Lock him away & throw away the key

  4. Police and Judges here are FN BRAINLESS says:

    You damn brainless police and judicial systems!

    You think for one FN minute this man is guilty?



    You are pathetic morons who DO NOT deserve to have your jobs or power. YOU CANNOT use your damn brain cells for a second?


    Some BERMUDIAN put him up to this and is sitting back laughing his ass off while a foreigner takes all the heat!!!!!!!!!

    NO justice in this island! STUPID PEOPLE!

    FN HELL YOU ARE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YO uhave ruined his life and his family and children!

    You make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Onion juice says:

      It’s not their nature, so there are no Filipinos that are cut out to do crime, so I would assume that there are no jails in the Filippines.
      Sounds like the notion that no white people commit crime in Bermuda.

    • sebring says:

      and how many families has he ruined by being a drug fire arm mule !!!! Maybe they should investigate you!!!!!!!!!!! As you seem to be al to well informed !!!

    • PLP says:

      He ruined his own life. He knew it was illegal, he got an offer and took it. Stop being arrogant. Guilty as charged. How dare he try to bring guns into bermuda! What he thought it would be used for target practice? Bull s**t. Guilty!

      • Raymond Ray says:

        This individual was arrested and convicted of an extremely serious offence and he should do the “time” allocated…I agree with PLP 100%. “He ruined his own life. He knew it was illegal, he got an offer and took it. Stop being arrogant. Guilty as charged. How dare he try to bring guns into Bermuda! What he thought it would be used for target practice? Bull s**t. Guilty!”
        He was fortunate it happen to him in Bermuda and not in the Philippines! Aside from his conviction, who knows how many other times he’d delivered illegal narcotic and possibly other guns into Bermuda? Throw away the key!

        • PLP says:

          Not sure how my name is PLP but either way, end of the day WE are Bermuda and we need to unite. I’m tired of this back and forth. Let’s all grow strong together!

    • Pure Madness!!!!!! says:

      You for one are an FN idiot for coming on here ranting and raving. This convicted smuggler has his own brain am I not correct, therefore he could have refused to do it. But nooooo his dumb arse went along with it, so therefore he got what he deserves, JAIL TIME. And further more how are we to know this isnt his first time doing this.. Go lay down somewhere and rethink about what what you wrote.

    • BleddyHell says:

      he was caught committing a crime. cased CLOSED!! he was a gun/drug mule. if you don’t like OUR justice system feel free to exit our country and stay off OUR local news sites

      Stay Bless
      Proud Bermudian

  5. Police and Judges here are FN BRAINLESS says:

    Yeah and the police here have lists of all the gangsters and where they live and store drugs n guns but DO THE POLICE STOP THEM?

    Nope, wrong skin colour!

  6. sebring says:

    are you serious??????????????“Despite the fact that the Filipinos in Bermuda are not proud of Mr. Adlwan’s action, they were however helpful in making sure that his rights were read accordingly and some had already visited him in jail.” Now lets give them Filipinos the bill for hotel West gate. and make sure he gets what they pay for. this scum had a firearm and ammunition. That is taking away from all of us Bermudian Residents our peace, safety, and reputation .

  7. Mr. Smooth says:

    For charges like that a Bermy mon would get 10+… Just saying.

    • Zevon says:

      His two co-accused, both Bermudians, are still out on bail. So we will find out, won’t we, whether the Bermudians get “10+ years”, when they have their trial.

  8. Treasure Hunter says:

    I do not see a 36 year old in any of the photos. Is the guy sitting next to Mr. Scott and shaking hands with the Commissioner Romonito’s dad?

    • Treasure Hunter says:

      After reading the article, it makes sense now. That’s Laurence Sumando.

  9. MLK JR says:

    My boy glady had the same charge they gave him 12 plus and he pleaded guilty one time! Smh

    • Zevon says:

      Great, that’s good to hear. Makes the rest of us feel a bit safer.

  10. mj says:

    hmmmm, these are some of the issues we face when there are “strangers” living amongst us…. Embassy,consulates, “special handshake agreements”… are there different laws for different nations residing in bermuda? this case brings about questioning of our liberties or “other” liberties and when people sojourn in another country for so long they become either assimilated or accustomed to their surroundings , .. Leviticus 24:22,’YOU SHALL HAVE THE SAME RULE FOR THE SOJOURNER AND FOR THE NATIVE FOR I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD”

  11. Trulytruly says:

    Plea deal resulted in reduced sentence. Others will come before the courts in due course because of his cooperation with the authorities.

  12. BornB says:

    So he (Filipino) received 8.5 years for firearm/drugs and a Jamaican gets 13 yrs for drugs ONLY….. I have to say whatever the judge feels on the day is how he sentences… sad but true… so yes it matters what part of the world you come from.

  13. Oh,I see now says:

    He got jail time.If it is concurrent with similar cases I don’t know.Maybe he has co-operated with the police by secretly giving info on his local cohorts.