Pitbull Decision Protested On Social Media

July 23, 2015

An open letter regarding a pitbull scheduled to be picked up yesterday [July 22] in order to be put down shares displeasure about the action and the associated restricted breeds list on social media, saying “your job as the warden is to maintain control over animals, not kill them.”

The open letter on Facebook, posted by Debra James, defends the pitbull, named Primo, saying, “Everyone, meet Primo. This fun loving animal has a very important role in our family.

“I don’t understand for the life of me; if I wanted to do what I needed to do to get our pet registered, the warden would put him down. If I brought the dog to the vet, they would report him and put him down.”

“My job as a mother is to protect my kids. Your job as the warden is to maintain control over the animals, not kill them.

“Pitbulls and other prohibited and restricted breeds deserve a chance to show the world that not all are dangerous,” added Ms James. “Do your job, animal warden; your job is not to kill.”

In response to the open letter, a spokesperson for the Department of Environmental Protection said, “Breed related restrictions date back to 2003, a time when officers of the Department received numerous complaints of dog attacks, chasing/threatening behaviour and fear of dog attacks.”


“Simultaneously, the Ministry responsible for animal control was receiving complaints of a similar nature from its constituents. Also occurring at the time, the Department saw heightened interest in importation of large breed dogs having potentially aggressive temperaments.

“Also leading into 2003, the breeding of pitbulls was legal, and the Department issued numerous breeding permits for pitbulls, yet was euthanatizing numerous pitbulls that were victims of cruelty, neglect, dog-fighting and unclaimed strays.

“Also, the pitbull was the source of a disproportionately large percentage of complaints of attacks and cruelty.

“Statistics kept of key complaints as late as 2009, showed declines in incidents of biting/injury to persons, biting/injury to animals, chasing/threatening behaviour, improper care and overall complaints, by rates of 27% to 67% compared to pre-2003 levels.

“The Department’s policy has been reviewed on various occasions since 2003, by separate canine advisory committees since 2010 and undergone several internal reviews. There have been amendments to breed lists and changes in Departmental policy, but the pitbull remains prohibited.

“The breed remains prohibited because, while is constituted 8-12% of the general canine population, over the most recent three years, it has been the subject 57% of the dog attacks upon people, 61% biting/injury incidents upon animals, 42% incidents of chasing/threatening behaviour, 48% complaints of improper care.

“It should be noted that, although the Department does euthanize illegal dogs, it is putting down approximately 50% fewer dogs than it did in 2003. When the Department was lenient, it put down even fewer dogs, but by 2010, the Department began to see an upswing in complaints. Leniency was followed by illegal breeding, which tended to be of the breed that was statistically most problematic.

“Also, current statistics of the Department compared to human health statistics show that less than 15% of dog attacks are reported to animal wardens, thus injuries requiring medical care occur more frequently than those seen by the wardens.”

Primo and Dante, the son of the dog’s owners:


“The Department recognizes the challenges with breed-specific legislation and acknowledges examples of friendly dogs of a breed believed to be dangerous, and examples of the reverse. However, there have been numerous cases of dogs being raised in the best of homes by responsible owners, which later lodged an attack unexpectedly.

“Our statistics indicate that the overall policy has worked, even despite the known challenges. The Department remains open to practical ideas to balance the desire for these dogs with the responsibility for public safety and law enforcement.

“In the interim, the Department reminds owners of illegal dogs that the Department has no objection to the dog being exported from Bermuda prior to the Department becoming involved. Once the dog comes into the Department’s custody, the option to export is no longer viable for the reason explained by the Minister on the floor of Parliament on May 22, 2015.”

An online petition calling for Minister Atherden to “remove pitbulls from the prohibited breed list and add it to the restricted list” has thus far attracted more than 1,975 supporters.

A post on the petition page two days ago says, ” So another family dog is being put down, and while we don’t condone illegal breeding the killing of innocent puppies [especially ones that can be proven to be in a loving family setting] hurts our hearts every time.

“The owners have until tomorrow to turn the dog in for it to be killed. it’s also the owners sons birthday. absolutely heart breaking this law is ruining so many countless families lives when will this heartless killing of a breed stop?”

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  1. No dogs! says:

    These dogs are a nuisance to society. They are not fun loving at all. They attack small dogs. Some people let them roam and think its ok but its not. Get rid of them!

    • Brian says:

      You have never been around trained Pitbulls, that is obvious by your comment, making your comment irrelevant

    • DeAndrea says:

      I wish we can get rid of you and everyone else that thinks like you! Bet you don’t like the sound of that do you?? That’s exactly how I feel when I hear ignorant comments like this one.

      • KaD says:

        It’s not ignorance if it’s REALLY HAPPENING. Pits have been the number ONE canine killer of people (www.fatalpitbullattacks.com) for over 150 years and the number ONE canine killer of pets and livestock. http://17barks.blogspot.com/2014/01/its-slaughterhouse-out-there.html

        • dskyer says:

          Blogs are proof of nothing except a place to compile opinions in one place. That blog is nothing but rabid tripe.

        • paige says:

          Ohhh whoopie!!! , LOOK another biased website with SKEWED statistics

      • susan mccallum says:

        I don’t like what you said ( get red of you )but I do agree with the other things. People like that make me sick.their cold heartless people . Anyone loving would never want to do or say such a thing , and if anyone disagrees with what I’m saying here must be heartless too.

    • Concerned says:

      I have had three and they were all loving and kind dogs they loved children and were very watchful of our children didn’t need fences they were the fence one was afraid of small dogs we don’t know why we think it had to do with their bark but she never attacked or bothered with the dog(s) We were saddened when our last dog passed we felt as though we had lost our best friend our children took her passing very hard if offered the opportunity to have another pitbull we definitely would accept Train your dogs as though they were children and treat them kindly and lovingly they are great family members

      • KaD says:

        And herein lies the problem. Pit bulls can be peaceful for years then suddenly go DEAD GAME. http://17barks.blogspot.com/2013/11/why-not-trust-pit-bull.html

        Do you even own a break stick? I’ll bet you don’t.

        • lynnf says:

          I have adopted for over 30 years from shelters and rescues and have never had a problem. There have always two to three dogs in the household, several cats (rescues), two of my own children and multiple friends and foster children. The doors were always swinging from the volume of traffic as the kids got older. As tots they were well supervised and taught to love and respect the dogs and cats, and the occasional wounded animal recuperating there. The dogs were taught the same respect for the other residents, and they were contained on the property when outside. They all lived to be quite old, yet never went “dead game”. never ever heard of a break stick until you started yammering about them, Julie. Never had a need.

    • Smh says:

      You clearly are not an animal lover!

      I don’t own a pit bull but it really breaks my heart to see stories like this. Indeed it will break any animal lover’s heart because we care. I don’t care what type of dog it is, a dog being put down is sad.

      You are horrible and cold hearted. “Get rid of them!”? How about we get rid of you and everyone that thinks like you. You saying get rid of them clearly shows what type of person you are.

    • Anbu says:

      And how many times do those stupid small dogs bite people?! A million times more than big dogs. Nobody says a damn thing about it tho. It isnt fair tgat responsible people have to suffer for the ignorance of a few. You obviously have zero experience with big dogs and know nothing about how to handle them. Bit i bet u have a little “ankle biter” tho that will bite u first and bark after. U people make me holler. I encourage everyone who is bitten by one of those toy dogs to have it euthenised when they bite someone. Fair is fair. I lose mine for doing nothing, u lose yours as well.

    • Debra says:

      No ignorant people…problem solved!

    • Maria says:

      A neighbor was bitten by a Chocolate Labrador Retriever the other day…A neighbor was bitten by a Yellow Labrador Retriever last year…another neighbor has a Yellow Labrador Retriever who HATES little dogs (I have one). May I start a petition to Government to BAN ALL LABRADOR RETRIEVERS? Banning any breed is idiotic. How about putting resources into finding BAD BREEDERS, BAD DOG OWNERS…oh sorry, I was using COMMON SENSE! Oh, by the the way, SPCA…you are doing your lame lame lame job as usual.

    • Anna says:

      Okay have you ever been around a pit bull before? This comment is based on some attacks. If every dog that attacked someone or bit another dog was illegal then there would only be a few breeds of dogs that would be legal. You have only seen or heard of pit bulls that have been trained to attack, those are only ones that are taught to fight or used to breed. I bet you that if you meet a trained house pit bull you would change that comment in an instant. Someone I know who is petrified of dogs came to my house one day and played with my dog, that says something. They are caring loving animals, If I get hurt my dog comes and comforts me. People like you are just so annoying I wish that you would just give things a chance. What about people? We attack others, so what. You’re not going to give a crap about that are you? So why does it make it different if it is an animal. I have had multiple pit bulls and I’m still alive and not harmed, and no pit bull I have met has ever harmed me and I believe that none ever will.

    • Abdullah Furqan says:

      Years ago I owned two pit bulls from the time they were puppies until they were full grown
      Never once did any one have a reason to file a complaint or suggest feeling challenged because the dogs were there,
      It is a known fact that training anything.or anybody

      Will be reflected by the performance of that TRAINED whatever. Meaning if a dog has been properly trained to Live with people and other animals there will be no threat to the same also if any part of the training includes aggressiveness the performance will reflect that.
      In this Country where the emphasis has always been about TRAINING, one only needs to consciously observe the performance of the trained what ever or whoever the results are and will continue to show the trained as having lost the ability to perform naturally,unalike those whom have been taught

  2. Concerned says:

    So.. Basically according the article if a dog (no matter breed) becomes aggressive, or Barks or I have any Complaint about it I can call the warden and have it put down?

    I dare someone to come and try and take my dog away – I have a restricted breed but the Government cant do anything to me or the dog. And all my neighbors know I have the dog, my friends have all met my dog, hell most of Bermuda knows about my dog, and its on the top of the list above pit bulls……. I have had countless dogs come into my yard and try and attack my dog or bark and taunt my dog and he doesn’t react. He doesn’t go wandering off, Hes not aggressive to anyone. SO if someone else has a “restricted breed”, until that dog actually does something – either Attack someone or something, or is aggressive in anyway why must you ruin someones life?? Its sickening.

    I have an idea.. so if dogs can be classified as restricted breeds and have to be put down. What about the wardens? They hurt the dogs trying to get them, they mishandle the dogs shouldn’t they be put in their own “restricted Breed” list?

    • KaD says:

      So if your dog and your entitlement attitude gets your neighbor killed can you bring them back to life? There’s a reason for breed restrictions.

      • hmmmmm says:

        So are you saying that the dog isnt alive? It is a life that will be taken and for no good reason other than it’s breed. It has harmed no one, it is not being abused or starved it is someone’s pet that is looked after. A life is a life dog cat chicken or pig.

        I am calling for an immediate amnesty for these animals.

      • Concerned says:

        Thats the thing though.. What started breed restriction? Oh thats right a select few owned a pitbull and the way it was raised caused it to be aggressive. It can be the same for all dogs. So if someones Lapdog was raised in a neglected household where it feared for its life or where it was trained to fight etc whats to stop them frombeing put down. they arent on the restricted breed list yet they also become violent… So your argument is invalid. I can guarantee you that if someones dog who isnt on the restricted breed list attacks or barks at someone and they call and say oh theres a poodle that i dont like and i think is dangerous the wardens arent gonna do anything. but if you say pit bull etc then they will be at your door. Also with the legislation that you can deport the dog, the side no one sees is that they dont give you time. The wardens and police service have the permission to break into your house and take the dog. Why not think about what you say before you say it and think that these “breed restrictions” are a joke.

      • lynnf says:

        The reason for breed restrictions is ignorance and hysteria. There is not a reputable and credentialed professional that endorses BSL.

      • paige says:

        BSL has been PROVEN *not* to improve overall public safety

    • Jamie Franscisco says:

      You have every right to own whatever dog you want but I also hope you are responsible talking care of it. If you are irresponsible and let the dog wander the front of your house unleashed, then you should be thrown in jail if your dog attacks someone or kills another pet. The same should apply to owners of small dogs.

  3. james says:

    but its ok to kill millions of fish, coral, and coral life with the fill in up dockyard

    • Maria says:

      James…stay on topic. You won’t find any dog, cat, animal loving person here thinking it is “ok” to kill.

  4. Benjammin says:

    This law is lazy, and ignorant and it stems from the very roots of prejudice and discrimination. It is sickening that a government body will continue to enforce laws that involve the killing of innocent living things in the FEAR that they will commit future acts of violence. This law may do some good at protecting kids from dangerous animals. But it doesn’t actually do much good at protecting kids. When all a government body does is enforce laws that restrict what it’s people can/cannot do, you end up with a negative public opinion of the government and a lack of public understanding as to why the law exists due to the heightened tensions. This law exists for a reason I do not doubt that. But it is a half-measure. One that solves the problem in the most primitive way. We must not continue to allow ourselves as human beings to act in such a primitive manner. Even more we must not allow our elected officials to act on our behalf in such a way that restricts our behaviour by threatening to kill your pets. “Breed specific” legislation takes the away effort of judging an animal individually as we do people. As long as we continue to show that discrimination exists for the mere fact of how you were born then we will continue to have children ourselves who fear of being discriminated against.

    • Really?? says:

      So, what you are saying then, is it is perfectly fine for one of these dogs to go out and kill someone’s small dog, big, dog, their cat, their child, or them, AND THENNNN you want someone to do something abotu the dog?

      • DeAndrea says:

        Some dogs haven’t been socialized properly or at all (bad dog owners) and then they turn around and cause harm to people and other animals…I agree they will need to be put down. No different then the child who was raised by bad parents who go out into society and harm others need to go to jail. But how can anyone justify coming into someone’s home and taking their dog who has never hurt anyone just because he is a pitbull.

        You people sound just like racist folks wanting to do away with blacks just because their skin is too dark. #foh

      • Jamie Franscisco says:

        Not just the dog. The owner. Send them to jail. If the dog kills a child, charge them with murder. Owners have the righ to have these dogs but must also face the consequence if something happens. Force tehm to be responsible.

      • Maria says:

        No, I think if you are a good person who knows something about any dog, and has a true love of any dogs, you will properly socialize your dog. However, if your dog has “issues”, a good and responsible dog guardian will make sure the dog doesn’t have the opportunity to hurt anyone or anything.

      • lynnf says:

        Dog owners should be responsible for their dogs, large and small. If my dog is contained and your small dog comes in the yard and gets in his face, my dog is not the aggressor. I contain my dogs. They stay with me. They are socialized and they are comfortable enough not to be fearful or threatened. If you contain your own as a responsible owner there will never be an issue.

    • KaD says:

      Why does the pit propaganda machine shout “racism” and speak nonsensically of “condemning a breed for the actions of a few” when that’s not the issue at all? At issue here is our ability to recognize that specific breeds were created with specific purposes. We deny reality at our peril – a quick look at the statistics for serious and fatal injuries from dog attacks over the past 30 years makes it clear that breed, more than anything else, is the most relevant factor, not the owner and not the upbringing.

      Bottom line: It’s absurd to pretend that breed specific characteristics which were deliberately created by humans don’t exist. And to call those who recognize these breed specific characteristics “racist” reveals a profound ignorance on the part of the accuser.

      A final thought: When someone speaks of the unfairness of “killing off a breed” what they are actually talking about is eliminating a specific set of characteristics which have proven to be a problem. The fact that sadistic humans created a “breed” to torture animals is no mandate to continue the existence of said breed. Nobody has suggested killing off the domestic dog – only those man-made expressions of temperament and behaviors which have proven to be harmful and cruel.

  5. Bermyman says:

    This is getting tiresome. Pitbull advocates in Bermuda are like gun owners in the US. If I am responsible therefore I can own this Gun/Animal. Both Guns and pitbulls have the ability to critically injure and kill when in the wrong hands We cater to the 1% or greater incidences in society, that is why things like Drunk driving and certain drug usage is illegal. Sure you may be very good at drunk driving and you have never been a risk to anyone, but the others that drink drive can be a danger. It is the same for speeding and so on, you maybe a professional motorcycle racer, but that does not mean you can speed.

    One only has to search back over the countless articles in the press over the years where pit bulls have attacked people and caused severe injury and trauma on this Island. It is obvious that the animal when in certain circumstances is a danger to public, and the Government has to acknowledge that.

    How would you feel if I had a pet tiger in my yard, which loved me and my family and would never do anything to hurt us! Accept one day he jumps the fence!

    • KaD says:

      Guns don’t have a mind of their own. Guns don’t go off on their own. Gun owners aren’t delusional about what their gun is capable of. You have to have a background check to legally get a gun.

      • kem says:

        Rather than explain to you how unintelligent you are I encourage you to watch a documentary called “Requiem for the Dead: America Spring 2014.” Hopefully you learn something but I wont hold my breath.

    • enough says:

      you actually said it yourself “in certain circumstances” and I think you all know what I am sayiang. anydog that is trained to be aggressive will be. I have seen small dogs on this Island being very aggressive and actually I was at Albouys Point last monday morning and a lady had a SMALL terrier that was barking at everyone and if you went near it was growling and showing its teeth. so I guess that is fine because it’s not on the illegal list? there were alot of children getting ready to go to camp and that particular dog had no right being there around the children. As for other very aggessive dogs, German Shepherd, Rottweiler to just name a couple and I see plenty of them around, they are just as bad if not worse that a pitbull in the wrong hands. Well trained dogs stay well trained, it all boils down to the owner and each case should be looked at seperately

    • Sickofantz says:

      With so many other dog breeds available I worry about what it says about a person who actually chooses this breed as a pet.

    • paige says:

      get over yourself

    • Maria says:

      You are joking with this analogy aren’t you?

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    Again, there is nothing wrong with the pitbull breed. It is the owner & the reason some owners have them in the first place.

    Many other owners don’t do the breed any image favours by putting over the top tough dog look collars & chains on them more suitable for mooring a boat in a hurricane.

    • joneses says:

      wrong. they have inherent traits that make the more aggressive towards other, especially smaller, animals. sure, some people train them to be more aggressive at all times but how many articles have we read where the loving pit attacked another animal out of the blue? lots. reading the comments on pit-related articles has become a farce. they are almost as bad as pro-cannabis commentators who claim it cures every disease under the sun. pits attack more often than others and due to their size/strength cause more harm than attacks by yorkies. fact. but let’s claim there is nothing wrong with them. you sound like a republican fighting to keep his machine gun handy.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Look around. There is a very high percentage of pits & pit mixes in Bermuda. Why is that? Does it have something the Bermuda demographics? Does it have something to do with the criminal element here?

        I guess with so many pits here & the reasons they are owned it is not surprising that there is a higher percentage of pit attacks than say the US where the percentage of pitbull verses all manner of other mostly poofy little dogs is much smaller.

  7. positivity says:

    So change the legislation to make owners accountable. The dogs don’t have a say. The solution is so simple. Government has a choice, they choose to consciously kill dogs. When given the opportunity to save a dog by relocating it overseas, the government says no, let’s not save its life. Sick.

    • Really?? says:

      I believe the article states that they can be sent off the island before the Government gets involved.

      • Jennifer says:

        But they don’t actually allow owners to. In the last instance…a home away was arranged and they still killed the dog.

        • Really?? says:

          If you read the statement it does say prior to getting caught. Just like speeding, it isnt a problem til you get caught. So send the dogs away before getting caught. Once you are caught the law has to do what the law has to do.

    • KaD says:

      It’s the governments responsibility to protect the public from excessively dangerous animals and other unreasonable dangers. There’s a reason everyone can’t buy dynamite and there’s a reason for FIGHTING BREED dogs to be banned.

      • Debra says:

        Well the govt don’t seem to be doing too good at protecting the people from the dangers of humans now are they?

  8. Brian says:

    If we took the Governments stand on Pitbulls and applied it to humans, would we all be put down? Using simple logic we cause more harm then Pitbulls so are worse, yet think our lives are worth more. Can’t control it so you want to kill it.

    • joneses says:

      you probably think gay marriage leads to bestiality too, right? what a poor attempt at obfuscation

      • Brian says:

        What does gay marriage and sex with animals have to do with what I said? You wanna kill all pits because you believe some to be evil. We have good humans and bad humans. If God or an alien species look at humans and how nasty some of us can be and used your outlook on how to solve the problem we’d all be dead. Stop thinking you are better then any other animal, fact is you are worse then them all.

  9. hmmmmm says:

    I have a suggestion:

    So why not do something positive with this so no more families have to lose their beloved pets. My suggestion a 3 – 6 month amnesty on Pitbulls where owners can LEGALLY register their NEUTERED/SPAYED animals at a higher fee (perhaps double the normal licence fee). Probably 6 months would be more realistic to allow the owners time to have their animals spay/neutered and to enclose their yards with suitable fencing – be specific as to what kind of fence is required. This will generate more income for the government and local veterinarians plus give people the chance to come correct, if after the period has ended their animals are not registered and they have not complied then it is on them and they know what the recourse is – dog is ceased and euthanized.

    There has to be a solution to this we cannot keep reading things like this in the paper it is heartbreaking. if there is absolutely no chance that pits can be put on the restricted list then lets work for a temporary amnesty.

  10. Cathi says:


    Pitbulls are dogs… dogs are trained…. Just like other dogs… they are good dogs!!

    Decisions like this should be based on individual circumstances… if you are raising the dog outside, no socialization, no training, no children etc… then yes, maybe you are raising a dangerous dog.


  11. anon says:

    The dog is only a reflection of the owner, so basically you’re killing the animal because of the owner’s actions. This is just ridiculous.

    • DeAndrea says:


    • Staffernee says:

      And the problem is bad owners will keep getting dogs and those dogs will keep being bad, aggressive dogs – we need MANDATORY classes for owners.

  12. erm says:

    It absolutely depends on why the dogs were bought in the first place. If it was to live in a loving family home to be cherished and looked after properly, like ANY dog breed then these dogs are like ANY dog breed.
    If they have been purchased to be frightening attack dogs, fighting dogs or just to make the stupid owner look tough then of course the poor dog will act that way. Don’t punish the dogs for the ignorance, stupidity and inhumanity of their owners!

  13. Shell says:

    I have owned a Pit bull for most of my life and have never ever had an issue of him hurting or attacking anyone. I feel this breed and owner should be interviewed case by case basis. Any dog for that matter that is on the prohibited or restricted list. Dogs are taught to be aggressive by their owner and if interviewed you can tell which dog will be in a decent loving family environment or an abusive one. This story is very heartbreaking and I feel for all the families that have been subjected to the killings of their beloved pet. Give the family an option to have the dog fixed before killing it. If breeding is the issue. I hope and pray something can be done with this law. In USA they save pit bulls and prosecute the owners when they are caught fighting or abused, why can’t that be done here. I don’t care what you naysayers that hate this breed say, this my feeling and we have a right to our opinion. Especially since i have always owned a pit bull. If the dog has killed a family pet and hurt a child or adult then by all means it has to be dealt with accordingly, but if this animal has not harmed anyone or shown any aggressive behavior to anyone then please do it by case and not just put the dog down. Heartless.

  14. doggystyle says:

    To all you pitbull haters out there once again it it not the dogs fault it is the people that own them, all you so called pitbull owners out there that keep your dogs on chains or underneath a piece of ply wood or out of seight of the public and never let ther dog interact with people or other dogs are the problem too responsable pit owners like me i have 2 one i had to rescue from an owner that could not control her what do you expect being tied out between a house and a cliff, when i got her she did not even know what grass was!!!! and was very agressive because she did not know any better than just being tied out,4 years later i can leave her with children and have no worries in the world but try to controll the licks she gives to the kids as kids are her best friend. SO LETS GET REAL ITS US NOT THE DOG

    • Dude says:

      that’s simply not true. my neighgour who had dogs her whole life rescued a 1/2 pit and it was friendly and part of the family but when another neightbour was out walking her Datshund one afternoon the pit tore itself from its tether and violently killed the poor little Datshund.

      • Maria says:

        Good Lord knows how hard He has had to work to hold my hand back to not slap a least favorable neighbor when they have walked by! When you choose to own an dog, cat, bird, cow, goat, gerbil…you have a responsibility to to care for it, and make sure it doesn’t bother your neighbor. LOL…sorry just laughing at my own post…how many dog owners even consider being considerate enough to pick up after their pets!!!

  15. Candice says:

    Understand, if you have a dog in your yard, and a stray comes into your yard…months later your dog has a litter of pups, under the law, as you do not have a breeders license, the dogs and the mother should be put down.. But the only ones that are being euthuinized in bda are the hundreds of pits…yes they are illegal, yes your breaking the law,,,but because its a law does not make it right. Pit owners know the loyalty and the false accusations that pits are all bad. Owners are bad. Owners need to secure their dogs properly, all dogs…and abusive owners fined and jailed. No more slap on the wrist
    I agree, that all dogs should be able to be licensed in bda on conditions that that are chipped, spaded, and the living area must be suitable.
    On the other hand government must do there part, hire more wardens…we pay to license a dog, make it $50 more to be able to hire wardens to check on the welfare of the dog, that vet visits are met, that they have water, food and shelter.

  16. Huh says:

    How about we move the responsibility to the owner so if someones pitbull injuries or maims another dog or person the owner if found guilty has a minimum sentence of 5 years in jail & a $5,000.00 fine and has to pay all the medical expenses of the victim?

  17. SADanimalLAWS says:

    This is very sad!
    I just want to point out that I sure hope parents can make better choices of the type of dog they bring into their family. If it is not there to stay (illegal) then spare yourselves and your children from what is/could be an emotional roller-coaster!
    Also – to the illegal breeders (why breed when the end result will be death because of the SAD laws we have in Bda)?

  18. Kevin says:

    trying to understand that if everyone was aware that Pitbulls should no longer be bred after 2003 Twelve years later we should have very few alive today. Why would you take ownership of a Pitbull pup knowing that it if discovered the result is a given

  19. Cow Polly says:

    If these restrictions were put in place in 2003 why on earth are there still young Pit Bulls on the island in 2015? Obviously there are illegal practices being conducted which is cruel because these dogs are being born purely for the owner’s vanity. If you want a family pet, get a legal breed, simple.
    I hate to see healthy dogs euthanized and I agree that not all Pit Bulls are dangerous but the law is the law and it is only because owners ignore the law that this situation exists.

    • enough says:

      i saw one last week that was probably about 3 months old walking with it’s owner, so where di it come from?

  20. Changeit. says:

    Thank you people!! Please join punish the deed not the breed Bermuda- find is via Facebook and join us in our movement to change this barbaric policy!!!!!

    • bobby13 says:

      Let’s end the marlin tournaments while we’re at it!

  21. cromwell says:

    How about other animals. Can all these outside cats be killed if they are found to be sick or carrying infectious disease and how about the chickens (Roosters) who wake me up in the morning with all crowning. Oh, they are not owned by anyone or family so they belong to the government.

    If a dog owner has a bad dog its his right to put down the dog not the civil servant unless the animal belongs to the government.

    How about a dangerous farm animal. Does the government give compensation the owner for their loss.

    If a police dog kills some one it is the police that needs to put its dog down not the Minister of the Environment workers.

    • hmmmmm says:

      The cats get taken care of by BFAB if there are sick cats in your area call them and they will trap the cats but they cannot control the numbers if they dont get called. They spay/neuter them, try to adopt out the kittens and any that are very sick they take care of accordingly. More people need to be aware of BFAB and what they are in Bermuda to do.

  22. Jermaine says:

    What about the dog just the other day bite that child , THAT was not a bit bull, it was a ROCK . So are going to kill all ROCKS now . But u only hear bout pits . But ROCKS are worst than Pitts

  23. KaD says:

    Funny how the canine Taliban is so concerned about every pit that makes the news for all of ten minutes but has no concern about this http://cravendesires.blogspot.com/2012/05/hate-something-change-something.html OR this http://cravendesires.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-purple-testamant-of-bleeding-war.html

    I think this sums it up best: http://dogtime.com/advocacy-column-we-cant-save-them-all-and-we-shouldnt.html

  24. KaD says:

    Every trait that was BRED INTO these dogs-explosive,
    disproportionate and unprovoked aggression, gameness, and their uniquely
    damaging hold and shake attack style-makes them defective, destructive, and
    deadly as a PET animal (http://occupymaulstreet.blogspot.com/2012/12/darwin-dogs-pit-bulls-killing-and.html) and stupid, dangerous, and
    defective as any type of therapy or service dog: http://cravendesires.blogspot.com/2012/04/vintage-stunt-pit-picks.html

    There is only a controversy in the minds of people who want
    to avoid reality. Pit bulls are the number ONE breed for human fatalities and
    severe, life altering injuries (fatalpitbullattacks.com), serial attacks,
    rampage attacks, and failing a ‘second chance’ (dogbitelaw.com) as well as
    mauling and killing pets and livestock (17barks.blogspot.com). This is no more
    an appropriate and safe pet than a tiger or bear and should be regulated the
    same way.

  25. enough says:

    have to agree witrh that comment.

  26. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    It always amazes me how ill-informed a lot of people on both sides of this issue are.

    First, right or wrong, the law exists. If you own an illegal dog, it can be seized and will be euthanised. I doubt there’s many in Bermuda not aware of this fact. So people need to stop complaining when it happens. The fault does not lie with the Government or those enforcing the law, it lies with the person/s who chose to breed an illegal animal, and with the person/s who chose to adopt an illegal animal.

    Two, if you don’t like the law. Stop simply complaining about it when an animal is seized and euthanised under the law. Get off your behind and work to get the law changed.

    Three, there is nothing wrong with the breed. They are exactly what we (people) made them to be. The fact that in this day and age too many people use this breed of dog for the wrong reasons, or don’t take into consideration the genetic make up of the animal, or don’t care (by this I mean training, restraint, plus all the medical food water etc) for the animal properly is why this breed is banned. If people were kinder and smarter we wouldn’t need this sort of law.

    There is nothing wrong with the breed or the dog, per se. The problem, as usual, lies with people.

    Related to this particular story.
    I feel bad for the children, but the adults are responsible for putting their children through this.
    I feel bad for the dog. People failed him completely.

  27. Roosevelt says:

    These dogs are illegal,there are the number one fight dogs in the world. Speaking from experience.
    The laws of Bermuda really needs to be change. No one that doesn’t own a house or have property shouldn’t have a high profife dog.90% of attacks on children around the world by a dog came from pit bulls.

  28. Debra says:

    So let me get this right…because pits are animals, considered to be dangerous, when they are brwd and pups come about they all must be put down? Is that right? Is that what some of you are saying…because they are ‘illegal’? Why are they illegal? Soooo from another animal aspect, because someone is pregnant for a convict you feel the need to kill the baby once it is born because you think the baby may end up being a convict to? That don’t sound right now does it!

  29. Cromwell says:

    Dogs may be animals and property of owners who are responsible for their property but the animals have feelings, emotions and animal rights such as right not to be abused, right to food and shelter and medical attention.

    If the OBA and PLP policy is to kill these animals maybe they and the Minister of Environment should be there when the civil servants kill the animal and observe if its unusual punishment.

    The OBA Cabinet (even if it was past PLP policy) as extension of the Minister is participating in the killing of these animals.

  30. Confused says:

    I have been the proud owner of 3 pit bulls over the years, and have NEVER had any type of problems with them.

    I have also owned a Min Pin, who would bit faster than all of the Pits put together…I guess that is the next breed to be banned.

    I would love to own another pit bull, and would be willing to undergo extensive training, pay and increased licensing fee…whatever it takes.

    What is not being said, is that although this breed is banned, these is still breeding going on, and unfortunately, it is more than likely a lot of in breeding since it is being done in secret.

    I have spotted numerous young pit bulls being exercised on our roads, who are too young to fall under the grand-father law. So unfortunately, all they ban has accomplished is punishing responsible dog owners, because the irresponsible ones are still breeding and owning these dogs.

  31. Rock watcher says:

    It is heartbreaking .to hear of any healthy dog being put down….but when you decide to get a breed that is banned or restricted and has been since 2003, u have decided to break the law……it doesn’t matter if you agree with the law or not you have broken that law and have to take the consequences….I hear people talking about if the pit is brought up in a family friendly responsible home they are great dogs…..sadly to many of these dogs are not brought up in a loving home and due to that are not safe to be around people or other animals, statistics don’t lie, I saw someone make a comment about smaller dogs yes all dogs bite but a small yorkie will not do the damage a pit. I have a smaller breed now but have had a bigger dogs in the past,I love my animals and would advocate not to have these dogs put down but to perhaps have stricter guidlines , home checks frequently, proper enclosed yards etc.. It’s not an easy topic because we are all to emotionally involved in it… Sorry for the loss of your dog.

    • Staffernee says:

      Funny that my 50 pound mastiff mix gets all the restrictions (and plays lovingly with every dog and child she meets) yet my in-law’s 10 pound mutt is the one running free and drawing blood as it bites people.

  32. doggystyle says:


  33. mr bermy says:

    OK for one Most of u that own pitbulls truly in fact don’t own a pitbull just because it looks like a pitbull don’t mean that it is cause pitbulls don’t have No Pacific look they come out all looking different. Now me my self have owned and bred pitbulls for 16-17 years and Yes they are loving dogs and are protective of they owner aka family that’s how they was made to be. Alot of people talk this and that about they know so much about the breed But really don’t know Jack about them. Yes they were nanny dogs But those so call nanny dogs where also fighting dogs But they where bred to be dog aggressive not people aggressive. Most so call pitbull aren’t pitbulls they are mutts pitbulls that have been bred to other breeds then back to the pitbull why they do those cause they want a bigger dog or they want to try to make there own type of breed just like these people are doing with these toy dogs that they see other people in the states and other countries doing But have No clue that those people selectively bred for years and years to come out with the right specimen to represent the breed of dogs they are trying to make. The only reason so much of the attacks that are reported ate pitbulls is because everyone knows what a pitbull looks like Lol and in facts Most of the dogs reported ain’t pitbulls they are mutts that they so call thing that they are pits cause it looks a curtain way Lol people make me laugh. The fact is dogwardens have No knowledge of breeds so they just do whatever they want and they prey on people cause they know they don’t know nuffen and they can get over onething they don’t come at me that way cause they know I’ll back them in a corner and they won’t be able to say nuffen. People read ur history on the breed u get before even planning to buy it cause onething even though some pitbulls and I mean True pitbulls some are not dog aggressive But Most are now u have some that are human aggressive and I’ve seen that mostly since the dog ban was put in place why cause people love there dogs and do whatever they have to do to keep it like hide it don’t take it for walks and keep it away from people they in turn is going to cause the dog to be aggressive why cause the dog hasn’t been properly socially trained from young the problem ain’t the dogs it’s mostly not the owner it’s the ban and the dogwardens every other country has don’t the ban and in 5 years they throw it out cause it don’t make it better it makes it worst and it’s a waist of time and money. People u also haven’t noticed that since the dogban they they have introduced importing dogs from England come on now it’s about control they want u to have what they want u to have and the thing is they allow u to bring in England Staffordshire terriers when in fact they pitbull is truly a English Staffordshire terrier. Please please people read the history on those wonderful breed so that they can not pull the wool over ur eyes and feed u with lies.

    • Staffernee says:

      I feel like your argument would be more effective with some grammar.

  34. Rover says:

    If you want a safe friendly family pet then get a Labrador, beagle spaniel, etc and many other breeds. If you want a potentially dangerous dog , then get a pitbull, rotweiler. There are obviously many examples of pitbulls being lovely family pets; but they are the dog of choice for those who want to engage in dog fighting, and those who feel the need to have a dog which is stronger that their neighbour’s What sets pitbulls aside from most other breeds is their potential to be dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. The argument that Yorkies can be vicious (Though true) is silly as they do not have the weapons to kill or maim people! Sore ankles are the most that they can achieve. Why do so many people want to own pitbulls when so many other breeds will fit the bill as friendly family pets and are less risky?

  35. DeeDee says:

    This is really a sad and tragic situation for so many reasons. This poor dog didn’t ask to be born. There are MANY rescue groups in the U.S. that would have taken this dog in should the owner have taken the warnings seriously. I have many friends in the U.S. that would have helped get a foster home. it didn’t have to get to this point. So, honestly, the saddest part is that the irresponsible owner of this Pitbull is the problem and should be held accountable… across the board. Just my two cents.

  36. just saying says:

    As a previous owner of a beloved Pit bull who has now has passed due to old age, who I miss dearly. Anyway, I now own 2 small breed dogs who are much more aggressive and noisy than my Pit ever was. My small dogs have bitten my sons friends and they do not come in the house until I have secured my small dogs. while my Pit would not even bark but wag his tail and look to be patted. Go figure. I know the smaller dog bite is not as severe as a bigger dogs bite but still they can be aggressive. These are truly misunderstood breed and should be based on a Case by Case basis of ownership.

  37. UmJustSayiing says:

    Just imagine how vicious all those chickens, cows, fish shoes and jackets where before they got to the shop …..must be the breed.

  38. dee richardson says:

    If the poor dog’s owner had heeded the warnings from the dog warden it could have been sent to a rescue league in the U.S. This is entirely the owners fault and extremely sad.

  39. Staffernee says:

    You know how to solve this problem? No banned breads – ban owners.

    You should need a dog license to have a dog which require mandatory training and classes…before you even get a dog. Then once you get a dog you have mandatory training and classes on socialization and obedience etc.

    If there is an incident with a dog – you take the dog away and try to retrain and rehome it – and the owner gets banned from owning dogs for a set period of time (or permanently) in which they need to go back to canine school.

    • stunned... says:

      i wish i could apply those protocols to people wanting and having children.

  40. Staffernee says:

    One of the biggest problems with this “Pit Bull” ban is nobody has any idea what a “Pit Bull” looks like – they surely think they do though.

    My dog is a Spanish Mastiff cross with a Labrador and consistently gets misidentified as a “Pit Bull” – yes even by the animal wardens – scares me to death every time that they’ll break into my home and murder her despite her papers stating what her breed is.

    She’s happily go with them too. Loves people, children especially. She also has lots of doggie friends – yet we have many restrictions upon us because she is a “restricted breed”.

  41. queenB says:

    So many uninformed people posting above. The stats don’t lie. Pits aren’t the most popular dog in Bermuda (they are third) yet account for 5x more attacks and aggressive behaviors than the next breed – and fyi 67% of attacks in Berm are done by pits. Unfortunately, the vast majority of attacks don’t get posted online/in the media so you don’t hear about them… Targets of the attacks range from other animals to random people and even to their owners. There are 2-3 pit attacks in Bermuda every 2 weeks. But I thought they were friendly?? lol #facts

  42. stunned... says:

    enough already! simple story here: man acquires and gives a banned dog to his son, the family then tries to seek sympathy for themselves and the dog when the consequences of their actions act must be carried out.

    a law was created based on the percentage of attacks and injuries by this particular breed. is it sheer coincidence that the number of attacks and injuries by this breed have declined since the 12-year ban?

    this story has nothing to do with how lovely pit bulls are with the proper training etc.

  43. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    If your small breed dog is aggressive and biting people, it strongly suggests that you’ve not trained your small breed dog.

    For some reason, people seem to neglect proper training for small dogs, especially for the smallest ones. Guess what? They need it just as much as the large breeds.