Somerset CC To Host March The Cup Party

August 6, 2015

Cup Match champion Somerset Cricket Club is getting set to host its “March the Cup” event tomorrow [Aug 7] at 6.30pm.

A spokesperson said, “Our captain, Jekon Edness, will follow the tradition of leading the procession, riding a white horse.”

The victory march and happy hour will feature special DJs.

SCC Victory March 080715


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  1. Cant wait says:

    Ok… frig. Cup Match ended a WHOLE WEEK AGO! NEXT year be here before you know it. You already held up the streets from west to east and back west. Now you cant just give it a break. Whats wrong with you people. Give it a rest ffs…….

  2. Dread says:

    Dumb St.George’s!!

    • Onion Juice says:

      Even though I’m a Somerset fan, no sense kicking a man when he’s down.
      Just don’t loose focus off the Emancipation Celebration and the progress we’ve made and continuing to make as a PEOPLE.

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:


  4. Serious Though says:


  5. Bermy Realist says:

    We are the Champions! We are the Champions! SOMERSET!!!

  6. PBanks says:

    Riding in on a white horse, well that’s gonna be a sight worth seeing. Although it’s not the talking horse from the Hannah/DirecTV commercials…

  7. Question says:

    Are they seriously going to hold the party at SCC?