Advertising Restrictions For AC World Series

October 14, 2015

A protective order has been issued restricting specific forms of unlicensed advertising that would “unfairly exploit” the America’s Cup World Series Event to be held this weekend, with the Ministry saying the restrictions are required to “protect the commercial interests of the America’s Cup Event Authority and any of its designated commercial partners from ambush marketing.”

A statement from the Ministry said, “Under the provisions of the 2015 America’s Cup Act, the Minister of Economic Development, Dr Grant Gibbons, has issued a protective Order restricting specific forms of unlicensed advertising that would unfairly exploit the America’s Cup World Series Event to be held in Hamilton from 16 to 18 October 2015.

“The Minister noted restrictions are required in order to protect the commercial interests of the America’s Cup Event Authority and any of its designated commercial partners from “ambush marketing” – an issue that has arisen in previous America’s Cup events and other international sporting events. An example of ambush marketing would include actively promoting brands that are not official sponsors of the Event.

“The Order is also necessary to protect the interest of the 59 local individuals and small businesses who have paid to exhibit their goods and/or provide goods and services in connection with the staging of the Event.“

“The special Order prohibits the exhibition or distribution of any advertisement in any public place within a defined area along the waterfront, unless authorized in writing by the America’s Cup Event Authority.

“The Order also covers business proprietors and operators working from a permanent structure within the restricted area, who will be prohibited from exhibiting, on or attached to the permanent structure, any advertisement that is clearly visible from anywhere within the restricted area or the race course area – and which is outside the scope of that person’s normal course of business; or appears to be an attempt to associate with the Event, unless authorized in writing by the America’s Cup Event Authority.

“The Order also covers advertisements on watercraft that are clearly visible from the restricted area or race course area unless authorized in writing by the America’s Cup Event Authority.”

Minister Gibbons stated: “The Order is tailored and necessary to prevent unauthorized commercial exploitation of the Louis Vuitton World Series event and the 35th America’s Cup, particularly since the Event village and certain on-the-water areas around the race course will be open to the public.”

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  1. Onion juice says:

    On top of that, evicted the lunch cart.

    • Politricks says:

      And granted licenses to 59 local vendors

    • not sure says:

      Not sure we have all the facts on that sounds as if there was a lack of communication at play. I hope they can sort it out I am sure there is a way if there is a will.

    • Izzypop says:

      They weren’t evicted they chose not to apply

    • Ed Case says:

      It’s a shame someone doesn’t evict you onion j

      • Ed Case says:

        Luckiest break the lunch cart could ever get. Now the whole island knows who they are. You and Famous better dig deeper for someone disadvantaged. I’m sure you’ll do all you can in your negative way OJ.

        • Onion Juice says:

          My lineage have been disadvantaged since we landed on this ROCK.

          • Will says:

            There are boats..heck there are now planes that can take you back again..perhaps try that one time.

  2. Ref says:

    Dear glass-is-always-half-full of Onion Juice:
    This is not about squeezing out the little man. This is about protecting the sponsorship rights and commercial benefits paid for by Partners that help pay for the event – including Bermuda.

    You probably still don’t get it so allow me to paint a picture:
    It’s the day of the race and all of us our watching locally along with MILLIONS of people around the world. After paying millions to sponsor the event, a small fleet of boats approach the race course and unravel a 50 foot sign that says “VISIT CAYMAN ISLANDS”?

    How would you feel? Would you feel that Bermuda’s benefits of being an event partner are being violated? As a Bermudian, I would not be happy. Take this rationale and apply it to every category partner (sponsor). Get it?

    • Mmmmm says:

      So did Pickled Onion, Silk or any other restaurant on Front Street have to apply for permission? So why do the lunch cart have to move?

      • Politricks says:

        Did the vendor apply for a license like the other 59 others who did and receive their license?

        You negatives are just boring now.

      • ummm says:

        Yeah Silk applied. Along with Cock n Feather and The Porch, but they got denied…so Pickled Onion, Red, and Cafe Cairo took over their spots. Before you go on with your ridiculous ramblings please make sure you know what you’re talking about. Sillk closed down years ago.

        • serengeti says:

          Silk applied did they? Oh really. Why would a restaurant that closed about 8 years ago have applied?
          Or is it just that you’re a firkin liar?

          • ummm says:

            If you read more than the first 3 words of my post you would have picked up on the blatant sarcasm.

            • serengeti says:

              Yep. You’re right. I clicked submit and then realized…too late…

        • serengeti says:

          Hang on…I see what you mean…

          • Oops says:


      • mdb says:

        They are privately owed buildings. So they do not need to apply. But you can assure yourself every balcony on front street has been rented by big name re-insurance companies throwing thousands into our economy because of this event.

        • Well said but that will go right over Onion A** and the other moaners heads. TRICKLE DOWN economics 3 words they can’t find in the dictionary

          • Onion Juice says:

            Well they need to throw a little bit more to break even on the $77 million plus before we start having a profit celebration party.

            • serengeti says:

              Well since the $77m number is a PLP myth, don’t worry too much.

      • serengeti says:

        Pickled Onion and Silk? Is it about 8 years since you went down Front Street?

    • jt says:

      You’re too kind. That glass is an empty vessel.

  3. bdagirl says:

    There is nothing sinister going on here. Most, if not all corporate entities have laws that protect the use of their trademarked business name/logo/image etc. It’s nothing new.

  4. Coffee says:

    Is my red, white and blue Sea Venture flag with Americas Stop legal ?

  5. Raymond Ray says:

    Unfortunately many Bermudians are like añ ostrage with its head below ground and their aaasses in plan sight!!!

  6. Gerry says:

    Having the lunch cart stay at albouys point would not have worked anyway as that area is blocked off and chock a block with Americas cup tv and other race organization trucks get it now fools ?

  7. New Sheriff Niner Three Zero says:

    Sounds like everything on land will be locked down pretty tight.. I will be on the water ensuring that everyone behaves. I admit that yachting hasn’t always been my can of Coca Cola but rest assured, I enjoy exercising my lungs shouting at people who are misbehaving.