Boxer Andre Lambe Looking For Victory

October 29, 2015

Andre Lambe is looking to bring a little flash to the fans as he seeks to notch a victory against his Canadian opponent on November 7.

Lamb is on the undercard of the Bascome vs Reyes fight at the Fairmont Southampton.

The lightweight is 0-3 but his confidence is sky high as he is looking to do Bermuda proud.

He got into the boxing after going to watch one of his friends step into the ring.

“I started with kickboxing, but I got so good with my hands — it just came so naturally to me” that I switched to boxing.

He like the technical aspects of the sport and everyone is the maker of their own destiny inside the ring.

“You make your own outcome — it’s not a team sport. You make your own decisions.”

Lamb said he boxes with a lot of precision and technical ability.

Andre Lambe Bermuda October 2015

“A lot of Bermudians seem to like brawling and throwing a whole lot of punches but I pick my shots,” he said.

“It means a lot to represent Bermuda against a Canadian. I want to represent Bermuda as best as possible.”

He isn’t shy about predicting an out-right victory either,

“I am going to win. The other fighters may have gotten lucky against me last time, but he’s not going to get lucky against me this time.”

Adorned in shiny shorts with gold tassels and gold shoes, the young boxer said he wanted to give something back to the crowds who will come out on November 7.

“I’ve gone away and experienced boxing abroad so I wanted to give the best possible experience to the fans and to give them something entertaining.”

Tickets for the fights are $60 for general admission and $95 for ringside [first four rows]. Tickets are available at the International Sports Shop, A.F. Smith and www.PTIX.Bm


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  1. Onion Juice says:

    Wish you de best my bie. Looks kinda young, gotta start bulking up a bit.

  2. Good luck young Lamb…protect your noggin…you carry a good last name…and remember in the fighting game…get plenty of rest…train before dinner…an old boxing tecnique the greats used was throwing a ball against a wall with one hand and catching it with the same hand…work on you weak hand more…put some music on the grod next to you for rythem…one hour as often as you can…it gives you resonce reflex and putsyour hands where they need to be with proper training…when your fuxzy from a punch your hands will instinctively be where you trained to put them…study combos…learn them three puunch and counter protect then serve the opponent some shark hash boy!…I’m in your corner.

  3. Three punch combos then when your good there dance out some angle footwork.