AA To Increase Flights To Bermuda From JFK

October 29, 2015

American Airlines will increase its flight schedule from New York’s JFK Airport to Bermuda beginning on February 11, 2016, the Bermuda Tourism Authority announced today, saying that the additional airlift means AA will fly twice daily from JFK, six days per week.

“American’s addition of six flights per week increases Bermuda’s total weekly flights from North America by 13 per cent,” the BTA said.

American Airlines Boeing 737-800

“The additional American Airlines airlift means it will fly twice daily from JFK, six days per week. Last month, United Airlines reinstated its winter service to Bermuda, flying to/from Newark three days per week.

“Currently, there are also direct flight options to Bermuda from JFK and Miami International Airport [MIA] on American Airlines; JFK, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport [ATL] and Boston – Logan International Airport [BOS] from Delta Airlines; JFK on JetBlue; Newark International Airport [EWR] on United Airlines; as well as the Toronto Pearson International Airport [YYZ] from WestJet and Air Canada.

“Additional seasonal service includes flights from Philadelphia [PHL], Charlotte [CLT] and Reagan National [DCA] on American as well as flights from Boston [BOS] on JetBlue.

BTA CEO Bill Hanbury said, “This additional air service signals the growing confidence in Bermuda as a year-round destination.

“The BTA is thrilled to have worked with American Airlines to demonstrate the incredible appeal of the island for all seasons – from whale watching and kite-surfing to sailing, cycling and diving.

“We know how important it is for our travelers to have consistent, year-round access and our partnership with American Airlines furthers this goal.”

On the subject of Bermuda airline seat capacity generally Mr Hanbury said: “All year long the BTA has worked in partnership with the Department of Airport Operations on airlift.

“Because Bermuda’s airlift capacity affects more than just the tourism industry, I convened a panel of leaders across the local economy to strategise solutions.

“These collaborative steps have helped us build an airline seat capacity increase of 7 per cent for this December and 14 per cent for the first quarter of next year.

“As the destination marketing organisation for Bermuda, it’s the BTA’s job to fill as many of these seats as possible with group and vacation travellers.

“Our marketing team is working directly with the airlines to accomplish this goal,” concluded Mr Hanbury.

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  1. elliotness says:


    • DBL says:

      That is good but can some airline please do a direct flight to Orlando.

      • mixitup says:

        AA Applied to the FAA for the Orlando Bermuda route last year.. Not that they’ll use it right away but they have done that.

      • @ DBL, Agreed, and can we also have another direct carrier out of Atlanta and drive the fares down with Delta.

        BTA should look into South-West airlines or Spirit again and see if we can negotiate reasonable fares to and from several destination to the Island.

        • Um.... says:

          Have you ever flown Spirit? They are a terrible airline and they have costs for everything. Even bringing a carry-on means a charge.

  2. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    Who flies commercial???

  3. Not exactly says:

    Well done BTA!

  4. hmmmmmmm says:

    nice. now i know this isnt for tourist but can you institue the daily shopping special they used to have?

    i am quite sure when we look at old numbers that one day special, fly up in morning fly back at night definitly had an impacy on the air numers for bermuda, and im sure they will again if put back in place.

    • Good Stuff says:

      I’d be all over that!

    • @hmmmmmmm, I am just saying, it is nothing like going grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and do Breakfast, lunch and a movie all in one day and then fly home.

      We used to go up on Pan Am at 7 in the morning and get back home at 10 at night, and if the funds was available we would go up Saturday morning come back Sunday night, but that was then when we could afford it and this is now, but if you have family in the New York area, I still say it is worth it.

      Calculate your airfare, shopping and duty and look at your grocery bill and other expenses here and you still save, toiletries alone from Sam’s club or BJ’S, real travelers know exactly what I mean, I bought one tube of Sensodyne tooth paste here locally almost $14, and I like to buy in bulk, so do the math and see how much we are being ripped off, where is consumer affairs.

      • colibm says:

        I loved that old PanAm day tripper flight. $99.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Trouble with that is that means we need even more foreign money in, to compensate for the local money going out. When people do this, other than a bit of money coming back in for fees or duty (on those that declare), none of the money you spend goes back into our economy. Buying local can get expensive, but at least it means that someone local has a job and can try and support their family.

  5. Terry says:


  6. Reality says:

    Wish it still left at 7am. Catch early morning connections

  7. watching says:

    When will we see a strategic move to add airlift from other areas?
    Perhaps a competitive flight from Atlanta? Orlando? What about a new route from Europe – perhaps Germany, Portugal, Spain, Paris? The Caribbean – Jamaica, Bahamas, Puerto Rico? When will we think out of the box?

    • Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

      Either strike it rich or be born rich like me and you don’t have to ask these questions because like me you would have your own jet to take you wherever you want, whenever you want.

    • hmmmmmmm says:

      They are already looking in to competion for BA and orlando flights. most of the island dont even have direct flight to them still need to go through Miami. and you can already go from NY to England through AA.

      Need to put togeter some more the the package deals they have been posting. they are good for the island.

      And getting Bermudians out of the island will also help. Remember during peak number bermudians traveled a lot. so we need to look at ways for that to be encouraged again. and maybe two flights to miami a day and boston. Major hubs where people go for shopping or just a break. make it reasonable enough that doing a spa day in Bermuda is comparable.

      and that will also lead to over night weekend trips to the island as an escape.

    • Antwan says:

      Didn’t Jet Blue fly out of ATL before? I don’t thick it was a success.

      • Abroad says:

        JetBlue doesn’t even fly to Atlanta. At all. Air tran came from Atlanta for a short period but that wasn’t a well relieved flight for numerous reasons

  8. mixitup says:

    I still don’t consider this a coup.. When we have to NOT pay subsidies to these airlines is when we can pop the champagne.. These aren’t new routes, these are routes that were in the past cancelled due to no profit or whatever reasons.. This spin about ‘confidence’ is bologna, tell the people what you are paying AA to put on this second JFK, and What you are paying United to resume their winter Newark route…

  9. biggadon says:

    A little competition on the AA Miami route and the Delta Atlanta route would be great….these 2 routes are ridiculously overpriced .

    • mixitup says:

      Atlanta is possible for competition, Miami not so much as American is really the only show in town there.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        That is actually pretty much the same for Delta in Atlanta.

        • Proud Bermuda says:

          Noooo, Southwest is definitely an option. I flew from ATL to Jamaica roundtrip with tax for $299 on Southwest. Delta NEEDS competition or they will continue to charge whatever they want on the ATL flight.

  10. pinkyp says:

    ahhh, back to 2006? When AA had a morning JFK departure to BDA on a spare widebody 767 they used to use on the trans-cons. Would love to know the flight times of this second frequency – business or leisure oriented?

    It is very sad that for so many years the current AA1443 BDA/JFK gets into Kennedy so late that a business traveler cannot comfortably make a reasonable lunch meeting by the time they arrive on the ground in Manhattan and thus has to typically and therefore comfortably schedule afternoon meetings so as not to be late for colleagues and risk disappointing them.

    It would be nice if AA1443 from BDA could go back to a 8.25am AT—the earliest I ever recall it being in the last number of years—(7.25am ET pushback) and thus gate at JFK at 9.45am, for example, and by the time one gets to Manhattan at 10.45am+ they have plenty of time to get to a lunch meeting or settle in somewhere before midday engagements. A business traveler booking this schedule would also have comfortably built in any delays for the colleagues’ benefit and maximize the day in NY.

    It takes some BDA Airport and BTA coordination along with DFW and PANYNJ JFK officials – peak/off peak, landing slots, connecting flights, overnight rest on the downline, and the seeming desire to keep the JFK and MIA morning departure times from BDA so far apart! to not overwhelm the double-digit numbers of AA staff at BDA!

  11. umok says:

    I just wish American Airlines would lower their fares to and from Bermuda. I would fly a lot more if tickets were priced around $400-600.

  12. Frequent Flyer says:

    I have long since wondered why there aren’t regular (as opposed to seasonal) flights to Washington DC, the capital of the USA and a tourist mecca.

  13. David. golden says:

    What about a direct flight in winter from Philadelphia. Vs going to Miami. For a 12 hour ordeal

  14. Just a matter of time says:

    Another Atl flight needs to happen. Current Delta prices are ridiculous…! These airlines really stick to us when they’re ready.

  15. Turtle Island says:

    Halifax again please.

  16. DB says:

    Great job now lets see these prices go down, its sad to be able to go from New York to Carribean for half the price then going to Bermuda. Will be a great move for the struggling tourist industry, and great for Bermudains all round.

  17. TEA ANYONE? says:

    PLP sux

    • mixitup says:

      They really do don’t they… I mean they brought silly Jet Blue here, they opened up that useless Miami route, they wooed that bargin flying West Jet, they convinced the now defunct Zoom Airlines to fly here from London, they secured AirTran (who bailed out due to the pressure from Delta) they really did ‘sux’ didn’t they.

      • cup of tea anyone? says:

        any idea how much we subsidize airline thanks to the PeeeLPee?

  18. Eve says:

    If you live on the island you paid for the BTA and you paid for the these extra flights too. Hanbury said that with the cut in flights last off season there were still 50,000 empty seats. Hanbury also said he expects “tourism partners to grow visitor traffic”. Wasn’t Hanbury and the BTA staff hired to grow visitor traffic??

    • somuchless says:

      Good point. So Hanbury, answer that question. …I’m still waiting and don’t stutter.

    • Island Girl says:

      Could you be speaking of MR. Hanbury?

  19. Nibbler says:

    How about bringing back the Saturday air canada flight to Nova Scotia. There are a lot of children whi still attend university and colleges there

  20. Triangle Drifter says:

    You would think that with airlines merging more flight options might be avaailable. NOOOOO! Try getting to Baltimore without doing the scenic route via Miami or NY, spending the whole day doing it.

    BWI opens a whole region of potential high end visitors plus easy access to places like John Hopkins hospital for locals.

  21. Pete says:

    Still flogging the overcrowded, burdensome JFK. When MR. Hanbury and BTA going to look outside the box, go to the N.E. backyard area areas such as Hartford Conn., Westchester Co. Rhode island.
    All the areas have airline services, and with Bda U.S. customs clearance
    it`s just perfect for people living in these areas to come to Bermuda spend a few days, back home Sunday evening having enjoyed Bermuda for a few days, hop in their cars, refreshed from a Bermuda jaunt, Hotels, Restaurants , even Airport staff will benefit greatly , more employment
    There are smaller carriers who can fly from these areas, several times a day, average 1 1/2 hrs. to Bda.
    Why should we pick up the tab just to keep AA, Delta, United ??