Newport Race Launches Super Yacht Division

October 30, 2015

The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee has launched a new Super Yacht Division, responding to interest from captains of yachts over 90 feet on deck, with some different rules in place for the new division, which will be included in the 2016 Newport Bermuda Race.

The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee says, “In response to expressions of interest from owners and captains of yachts over 90′ on deck, the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee has created a Super Yacht Division.”

“The Super Yacht Division will sail under some rules that are different from the rest of the fleet, and on a different rhumb line. For example, the Super Yacht Division will have a staggered start at a different time, for safety; a course that leaves Block Island and Bermuda to port [rather than starboard]; and some variations in the Safety Requirements where they conflict with the yacht’s classification society’s or flag state’s regulations.

“In keeping with the race’s commitment to science-based handicapping, the Super Yacht Division will be scored using the International Super Yacht Rule, which uses the same VPP as ORR. To avoid confusion, the Super Yacht Division’s exceptions are listed in the Notice of Race’s Addendum A.

“Owners or captains of super yachts with a minimum length on deck of 90′ should contact John Winder at for more information or to express interest.”

Regarding the new Super Yacht Division [SYD], the Notice of Race for the 2016 Newport Bermuda Race says, “The International Super Yacht Rule [ISYR] shall apply. All references to ORR and ORR-related rules and procedures shall be read as ISYR and its equivalent rules and procedures.

“A SYD yacht’s compliance with ISAF OSR Category 1 [with satellite phone] or the safety rules and regulations that apply to the yacht by virtue of her flag or Classification Society are an acceptable alternative to the Safety Requirements where such rules conflict.

“Power-driven winches and furlers, and mechanical and electro-mechanical steering devices will be permitted in the SYD. This modifies RRS 52. Yachts shall comply with RRS 51, except RRS 51 and 52 will be modified to allow the moving of declared water ballast only, including by non-manual power means.”

The Notice of Race for the 2016 Newport Bermuda Race follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Nanny Pat says:

    And so it continues! More interest and income for Bermuda based on sailing! Where are the naysayers again? Kinda quiet lately. Thank you OBA for really pushing to get America’s Cup and the world wide exposure it generates!

  2. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    This is going to be a fun time. I do enjoy a competitive yacht race. Of course I will win because my yacht is far superior to the rest of the wrecks that people will enter as yachts. This takes me back to my roots when I was a kid sailing the high seas with my old man and mother. How I miss those days. I may take my ball and chain and kid on this expedition.

  3. Captain Bump says:

    Great news for one of the best ocean races in the world.