PLP: Questions To Be Answered About Project

October 21, 2015

“With the history surrounding the St. George’s Hotel Project, the Progressive Labour Party, while remaining guardedly optimistic, joins many Bermudians in welcoming this latest announcement,” Shadow Tourism Minister Zane DeSilva said today [Oct 21].

Mr DeSilva said, “From the JetGate scandal which led to the resignation of Premier Cannonier, an ongoing police investigation, and questions surrounding the awarding of the contract, there remains a pressing need for openness, honesty, and transparency from the One Bermuda Alliance.

19-minute video of Government’s full press conference yesterday about the agreement

“While tourists’ opinions may differ over which country has the prettiest beaches, and who has the prettiest ocean, it is indisputable what is Bermuda’s most unique and greatest asset, our Bermudian people,” continued Mr DeSilva.

“With over 2000 jobs lost since 2013, and a 48 year low in air arrivals, it is essential that Bermudian construction workers, and companies be put to work on this project, and on completion, take key leadership roles in the operation of this hotel.

“It is imperative that our construction workers, are employed and earning salaries that enable them to provide for their families and we especially look forward to seeing Bermudians taking prominent roles in the success of the finished hotel product.

“We look forward to viewing the Master Development Agreement, which should show in detail what exactly this project will encompass. Once we are given sight of this document, we will be able to comment in more detail.

“We will also review the MDA to see what concessions have been given to the Dessarrollos Group. While we agree and understand that concessions are often necessary to attract business, we must be fiscally prudent when we are signing agreements of this nature.

“There are still many questions to be answered regarding this project, one of which is ‘What is the meaning of ‘reasonable access’ to Fort St. Catherine Beach?’ Gates Bay marks the area where the first settlers in Bermuda came onshore.

“Will Bermudians now have limited access or be restricted from accessing this site? These issues may be minor to some, but will they have a negative impact on our UNESCO World Heritage Status?

“Additionally, we must ask ourselves, if doing wrong is justifiable simply to secure the end results?

“The complex process which led to this announcement is beyond questionable – involving serious breaches of good governance practices – displaying the worst examples of politics in Bermuda’s history.

“Bermudians must continue to be concerned, and we in the PLP are duty bound to point out the litany of wrong doings, and raise concerns about a process which calls into question the OBA government – notwithstanding yesterday’s announcement.”

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    “The complex process which led to this announcement is beyond questionable – involving serious breaches of good governance practices – displaying the worst examples of politics in Bermuda’s history.” Perhaps, but certainly debatable.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I am a little curious about this statement from him, at best it can be described as heavily over exaggerated. Much of his claim seems to stem from the whole Jetgate affair, to which no one has been able to show that anyone was awarded anything for a campaign contribution, including a police investigation.

  2. Really! says:

    When The Reality That The OBA Gov Is Getting Things Done Finally Sinks In To The PLP…

    Zane Cut The Crap

    • hmmm says:

      Zane has just produced a propaganda piece.

      Here are some Questions Zane can have a stab at:

      Where did all the Port Royal money go, who got paid and for what exactly?

      Why was it over budget?

      Who are the beneficiaries to the Dame Lois building Trust?

  3. watching says:

    The OBA has yet to provide answers to the numerous questions asked of them from the many different groups and organisations that have concerns about this project.
    They are also yet to fulfill the gaps that were highlighted in the Deloitte Report.
    Why do they think they are above the law and above the rules?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      What does Deloitte have anything to do with the hotel. And as for the Deloitte report for the airport deal, even the report acknowledges that the remaining gaps can only really be filled in the construction contract, which they have only just begun to negotiate.

    • Zevon says:

      Funny how Zane brings up Cannonier’s resignation. Most of us never understood how only Roban resigned, when Zane amd Furbert were the intended beneficiaries of their little ‘arrangement’.

  4. Hypocrite says:

    The people of Bermuda would like to know if Island Construction paid their workers time and a half for the extra time they worked leading up to the Americas Cup racing this past weekend, or did this employer only offer straight time to their employees? This would explain if the trickle down effect actually worked. Like the PLP I feel that I am duty bound to point out any wrong doings.

  5. ian says:

    Hey Zane, where’s our $20Million on the Port Royal project. You’re the last person that should be pointing fingers there mate

  6. Grass Rooted says:

    If the OBA want to maintain any credibility with these new deals and contracts coming in, they need to get Cannonier out of there. At least have him stand at the back of these photos. A cash strapped politician with a dodgy political history isn’t going to help win over the public

    • serengeti says:

      “A cash strapped politician….isn’t going to help win over the public”.

      Oh OK. So the PLP would like it if only elite rich people enter politics? Got it.

      • Grass Rooted says:

        ….”with a dodgy political history”

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          You described many PLP ministers there too, don’t try an isolate this as only a OBA phenomenon.

        • Zevon says:

          what did you mean by “cash strapped”? You did say it.

    • Retired Civil Servant says:

      No please keep Cannonier there lol

    • Onion Juicer says:

      I don’t trust the guy either, especially near contracts. Where there’s that much smoke, there’s fire to be found

  7. Left Guard says:

    I saw the headline and thought they were going to answer questions about projects like:

    Berkeley Proactive
    Cruise Ship Terminal
    Dame Lois Bldg
    Bda Emissions
    Tuckers Point SDO
    Global Hue
    Faith Based Tourism
    T-Street & BHC

    Ooh we’ll , not holding my beath.

    • Left Guard says:

      Oh and Zan since you brought up what you like to refer to as “Jetgate”, why not enlighten up about your very own Jetgate? Oh, you forgot , it was supposed to be ssshhhhhh! If you don’t remember here is the link on Business Insider and CBS. Scroll down to see the link about Dr. Brown catching a ride on Don Colemans Private Jet.

    • Left Guard says:

      Oh and Zane since you brought up what you like to refer to as “Jetgate”, why not enlighten up about your very own Jetgate? Oh, you forgot , it was supposed to be ssshhhhhh! If you don’t remember here is the link on Business Insider and CBS. Scroll down to see the link about Dr. Brown catching a ride on Don Colemans Private Jet.

    • True onion says:

      But all that was a long time ago. Koolaiders have short term memories didn’t you know that? It comes in handy at election time.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        naah , now it’s all about ‘that’s history , it’s all in the past , when are you going to all let it go ?’

        It isn’t going to be easy to let it go OR forget about it when we’re going to be saddled with the effects of it and the debt for decades to come.

      • Oscar says:

        True Onion… on the topic of Koolaiders… Should the OBA equivalents be referred to as Tangers or Dunkleteers? Enquiring minds want to know! And before you go there take note I’m not talking about all OBA supporters. I’m only referring the ones that constantly refuse to hold their leaders accountable and point fingers at the Koolaiders to justify their actions.

        • True Onion says:

          Oscar, I never said PLP supporters were koolaiders…in a round about way you did. Not sure what a tanger or dunkleteer is but do not bother explaining.

          BTW I do not support the OBA 100% and my local MP knows that.

          I do not want a “leader” I want a manager of my/our affairs. Do you want to be lead?

          The comment I replied to brought up some rather dubious episodes of an administration that was overseeing our affairs not long ago. That it.

          • Oscar says:

            True Onion… You sound like you either have a guilty conscience of didn’t understand what I wrote. All I did was ask a question and make a statement. And yes, I was hoping to strike a nerve of sort as terms like Koolaiders and Koolaide drinkers have been thrown around a lot lately by people in reference to all of the PLP supporters and I was wondering what the OBA supports with sense refer to their own as… You know they’re there. I just wish more Bermudians would be more honest when it comes to local politics (on both sides) would hold their representatives to the same standard that they expect from the other. If we’re being honest I support the PLP, but if you wanted to make me happy all you’d have to do is strand Dr. Brown and Minister Fahy on a deserted island and Premier Dunkley to teach Minister Richards some people skills send him out drinking with Minister Bean. Listen what I’m getting at is simply this stop pointing fingers at the idiots who are supposedly supporting the other guy and guy our own houses in order because when we don’t some of the shady politicians win and all of us lose.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Their “crap” never did go down when it came down to dem’lot. We’re suppose to act as if we’re ostriches and not see all their B.S. prior to the last election.

  8. I heart 441 says:

    Some people just have to put a spin on something positive. Politricks

  9. Codfish and potato says:

    Zaney must be getting something.

    • Sickofantz says:


    • Garlic Clove says:

      yeah, looking for a BIG piece of the pie when ground gets broken, got to be well behaved now no extras in this one although there is a golf course in there

  10. bandit says:

    “…breaches in good governance….” from you? Really that is rich!

  11. Terry says:

    I TOLD YOU ALL ON ANOTHER THREAD (Airport thinghy) about what Mr. Burt said.

    I said wait for ERNIE to turn up.

    Burt and Ernie.



  12. Coffee says:

    Will Bermudians accept a Canadian flag flying over our airport ?

    • Concerned says:

      what about our flag isn’t flyig over our airport – well the Castle Harbour side.

    • hmmm says:


      The flags are on the welcome to Bermuda sign across the road….
      Where your head at Makesomethingupstreet perhaps.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Wouldn’t happen, we still own the air space, the only thing that the Canadians will be doing is maintaining the facilities… kind of like what they are doing at the Hospital

    • Terry says:

      Your an ******* ‘Coffee’.

      Many flags fly over and around the arrival areas.

      Do you think before you type troll?

    • For Real says:

      Did Bermudians accept an American flag over the airport? Oh wait, they built it and it was also a base. Hmmmm. It is a company building it. Did they fly the Canadian flag over the Quito airport? Should the Chinese fly their flag over the airport in Antigua?

    • Widget says:

      @Coffee, you need to lay off the Cool-Aid and give us something intelligent to digest other then focusing in on the Canadian flag.

  13. Ann says:

    I was wondering when they would start the negativity after such a fabulous weekend!

    • hmmm says:


      Sadly the PLP have to make a population disgruntled by whatever means at their disposal as they have NOTHING, ABSOKUTELY NOTHING ELSE TO OFFER. Lies, misinformation, rumour, bogeyman, race baiting and pretending to appeal to the working class is really all they have. Don’t be fooled by the PLP people.

      OBA you are on watch too…don’t get complacent EVER !

  14. Suggestion Box says:

    Left Guard, you forget the Port Royal redevelopment project where Zane’s company got paid!!

  15. Dees says:

    Have they said anything about the success of the ac this weekend? Oh no no, thats being positive -cant have that. Always asking questions (aka complaining) Never a single solution. I happened to overhear one of the coolaiders on sunday complaining about what the devil has brought here. Just mind boggling, absolutely mind boggling…..

  16. Lois Frederick says:

    Zane and co. Just watch how it is done. You proved over and over you ain’t got it.

    The OBA were elected to turn Bermuda’s sorry fortunes around. No easy task and it was clear as day that the plp at the time of the last election could offer no alternative message of hope in their election platform, apart from a weak, standing strong slogan. The OBA know full well that come the next election, they will be judged by the results they have achieved towards that turnaround. The plan so far is on a good solid footing. Everyone is impatient including those in the OBA, but considering the doldrums Bermuda found itself in back in 2012, they have made significant progress. More is on the way.

    The silence has been deafening from the plp regarding the unprecedented activity over the past weekend of activities. Seems like they have decided collectively to remain silent on such positive nationally important matters. The only plp member I saw on Front Street was Furbert, talking to the Governor…A certain host continues to lay bare her bias with scant comment about the Hotel announcement and the overwhelmingly successful AC weekend, yet chooses to highlight other “pressing issues” instead. Par for the course, as they say.

    • Coffee says:

      You can call it a success , this weird weekend gone . It was sporting event .. Nothing more nothing less .

      I overheard one of the AC support guys speaking to a fellow Australialian , ” we are very surprised at the attention paid to AC by the Islanders , especially the politicians , cause you know that when it was in Australia nobody cared that it was outside , my friends were all inside watching rugby .”
      So even they know and understand the faux plastic attention paid to them by the host country . They understand that it’s all about the money .
      Talking about money and the hotel … Has the development company put any money on the table yet ? If yes we get excited . If no , then not so much .

      • kangoocar says:

        Coffee, being you are on record of stating you are a white woman, along with many other lies you have been caught stating, do you seriously think any one with an once of intelligence believes you??? But if this happens to be the one time you MIGHT have said something truthful?? I will remind you how BIG Australia is and how much bigger their economy is!!! so it actually would be small potatoes to them, but to little BDA it is HUGE especially when you take into account the financial ditch YOUR plp left us in!!!!!! The success of this must be eating you plpers up inside???

      • Zevon says:

        No, the 12,000 people watching it weren’t there because of money. That’s stupid, even for you.

      • C James says:

        And things would be so much better under the pathetic loser party…..

      • Northshore says:

        your posts are weird1 NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS BURNT COFFEE!

      • Lois Frederick says:

        The sound of cold water can be heard being poured… The plp could only dream of holding an event that had so much buy in from the public. The scenes over the weekend must have been deflating and disheartening for all of them, with the realisation that AC35 in May and June 2017 will bring out ten times the wave of national pride, euphoria and optimism, making their political futures less secure. What you try to play down as a “sporting event, nothing more, nothing less”, can only be hailed as one of the most successful events on the island ever. And you haven’t seen nothing yet. That was a warm up, which proved to be have enormous buy in from a broad cross section of the community. The plp must be wishing it would just go away. Yes, nothing more than a preliminary sailboat race for one of the biggest events in the world of sports and for many now having experienced it, the penny has dropped. Amazing how transformational this will be for our little island isn’t it. Keep pouring that cold water, it won’t stop 2017 being the biggest event in Bermuda’s history.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Your right, it is a sporting event, and is quite a bit about the money, it is a sporting event financed by extremely wealthy people, that attracts a lot of wealthy people to our island to see it, and is being done here in a way where even the average person can watch it up close. It is a sporting event that has already increased Bermuda’s sailing sporting tourism for at least the next 2 years, doubling, if not tripling our international sailing hosting. As for your Australian, they don’t have a Doug in this fight right now, so to say, and I am sure there are quite a few Aussies that would rather watch rugby over sailing, but I also remember what happened when Australia took the cup in ’83. You can bet that many of rugby fans took a new interest in sailing as well.

        • Coffee says:

          Talking about money and the hotel … Has the development company put any money on the table yet ?

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            More than any before, the difference between this lot and the last… they are a financing group

          • Family Man says:

            Would that be the Par-la-Ville Hotel Development company you’re referring to and the $18 million that was transferred to somebody’s personal account?

          • Zevon says:

            Oh my god. They’ve announced it without having any idea about how to pay for it.

            Oh no, that was Ewart. Got mixed up there for a minute.

  17. North Rock says:

    One things for absolute certain…if we ever have a King Bean and a Finance Chief Burt, we will need every inch of this new airport (plus some cruise ship capacity) so that all the people and capital fleeing another 14 years can get out !

  18. POT PULLER says:

    hey your normally outspoken!
    DEFEND yourself….

    • hmmm says:

      Shrek has no chance defending himself, so he doesn’t bother.

  19. POT PULLER says:


  20. Terry says:

    Ppl don’t till soil anymore.
    They hire from overseas because Onions need not get their hands dirty. Ask Momma.

  21. Balanced Facts says:

    Who wrote this garbage? “the worst example of Politics in Bermudas History.” FACT- The PLP Government gave Bazarian a lease with a clause assuring him he would get a casino license if the law changed! WOW…thats just ONE example of of tons of nonsense the previous Government got up to…and you know they want the gravy train back!!!

  22. Lalalala says:

    I have one word to say to the plp on this subject… Bazarian!!

  23. bermy Bud says:

    DREB blew up the club med and left bermuda the same way!

  24. Silence Do Good says:

    Blah Blah Blah!

    Yes, the country voted in business men after 14 years of social policies that saw our economy take a dive with International business in mass exodus as we promoted through the hay day self serving politician who line their own pockets (not very transparently) at the detriment of the common man. The country voted for a change. We put business people back in power because the economy needed the boost that social politricking could not provide as business people are a little more savy…

    If businesses in Bermuda prosper then there are more jobs for the common man. Call it trickle down economic or whatever you want. At the end of the day foreign investment in the island keeps all of our property values up, every Bermudian who wants to work able to secure the job they want and can function at and our economy ticking over.

    I don’t care who is in power just don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    love silence