Court Rules Man “Not Fit” To Stand Trial Today

November 19, 2015

Appearing in Magistrates Court today [Nov 19], a 53-year-old man was remanded into custody after the Magistrate ruled he was not fit to stand trial at this time.

Carl Hendrickson appeared at the right time on the right day for his trial, however his trial — on charges of allegedly being intoxicated in a public place, obstructing police and using offensive words to police – did not proceed .

During the initial trial stages, Mr Hendrickson appeared somewhat unsteady on his feet, and made several loud comments about the nature of justice and various aspects of freedom.

When Magistrate Archie Warner sought to engage him in dialogue, Mr Hendrickson kept cutting off the Magistrate.

After failing to engage Mr Hendrickson in a coherent dialogue, the Magistrate remanded him into overnight custody, and ruled that he must return for trial at 9:30am tomorrow morning.

This happened after the Magistrate ruled that Mr Hendrickson was unfit for trial at this time. The Magistrate said that his behaviour was unruly and it appeared as though he may have been drinking and was not currently fit to be tried.

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