Minister Visits Artemis Facility At Morgan’s Point

November 3, 2015

Planning permission and building permits for the Artemis Racing facility at Morgan’s Point were issued earlier this year, with additional phases expected in coming months as the Team completes the build out as part of its America’s Cup preparation.

Yesterday the Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy visited the Morgan’s Point site to check on the progress of the works.

Senator, Michael Fahy, Nussli Ulrich Stienen [Engineer], Pablo Mira [Artemis Manager], David Durham [Building Blocks], Bruce Lines, Nalton Brangman [Morgan's Point], Jeff Sousa, Chairman of the National Training Board.

Artemis Racing facility-Morgan's Point (3)

Minister Fahy said, “I was very pleased to meet several Bermudians working on the site and doing some excellent work. This is another step forward in our preparations for the America’s Cup and beyond.”

Artemis Racing facility-Morgan's Point (2)

The Artemis project manager remarked on the professionalism of David Durham, the owner of Building Blocks who are carrying out some of the works as well as First Class Electrics among other contractors on site.

Artemis Racing facility-Morgan's Point (1)

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    This project is coming together like piece to a puzzle… Well done everyone.

  2. had enough says:

    This is terrible.

    I and several others have been to this site numerous times (over the last 9 months) to enquire about employment and were told – no work here – not yet.

    I think I need to wear “a foreigner outfit” to obtain employment there.

    It is as if – no one is hiring Bermudians in Bermuda – despite what this minister is stating in this story.

    • Rhonda says:

      ACBDA is responsible for this project under the AC Act..and they are exempt from work permit policy and the immigration act…

      The Term Bermudian Labour has an entirely different meaning…in the AC Act.

    • wondering says:

      Did this really happen to you? It sounds far fetched to me….you never went did you, if you did who did you speak to? Take it to immigration not here.

  3. Maddog says:

    There are plenty of Bermudian’s working there. Maybe the opportunity was not made available to you, but that is the way buisness goes. A job cannot be found or made for everyone. Good for you for being proactive though.

    May I take the opportunity to mention some points that make an employer want to hire : 1) make time, 7am is 7am 2) show up when expected (and not just on pay day) 3) work OT when needed to get the job done 4) don’t “lose” tools or disappear for extended periods of time during the work day 5) stay off your phone…your women will be there when you knock off – the basics go a long way.

  4. Widget says:

    @Maddog, well said.