November 2015: Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day”

December 6, 2015

Bernews features a “Photo of the Day” in both our email newsletter and social media each morning, giving readers a taste of the island to start their day.

Always popular, November’s top photos attracted over 25,000 likes and shares on social media, and judging by the number of readers’ “likes”, the month’s most popular photos included the Hamilton skyline at night, Bermuda’s pristine waters, a breathtaking look at Spittal Pond, and more.

Photo of day collage Nov 2015 1

The “Photo of the Day” series is available on our Facebook page and Twitter page, as well as both the morning and evening editions of our daily newsletters, which you can sign up for by clicking here. If you are interested in commercial usage rights, please contact the photographer John Manderson directly on

1] Hamilton at Night

This stunning view of Hamilton at night was the most popular photo of the month, attracting almost 2,000 likes, shares, and retweets across our social media pages.

1388 Hamilton at Night Bermuda generic Nov 2015

2] Placid Waters

This picture of clear and placid island waters took November’s second position after garnering almost 1,000 likes and shares on Facebook alone.

936 Clear Bermuda Water Bermuda generic Nov 2015

3] Gibbs Hill

This sweeping shot from Gibbs Hill claimed third place among November’s photos, earning itself about 858 likes and shares.

858 Gibbs Hill Bermuda generic Nov 2015

4] Afternoon in Flatts

Highlighting a beautiful afternoon in Flatts, this shot earned 806 likes and shares from our Facebook followers.

806 Afternoon in Flatt Bermuda generic Nov 2015

5] Land, Sea, and Sky

Land, sea, and sky combined to claim number five on the list, with about 731 likes and shares on Facebook.

731 Bermuda Water Bermuda generic Nov 2015

6] Evening in Bermuda

The azure sky of a beautiful Bermuda evening comes in at number six with more than 700 likes and shares on Facebook.

709 Evening Bermuda Bermuda generic Nov 2015

7] Footsteps on the Beach

This photo of footsteps in our signature pink sands earned about 699 likes and shares, giving it the seventh spot on November’s list.

699 Footstep Bermuda beach Bermuda generic Nov 2015

8] Coral Beach

This photo of Coral Beach attracted nearly 625 likes and shares on Facebook, landing it at number eight.

625 Coral Beach Bermuda generic Nov 2015

9] Spittal Pond

Securing ninth place on November’s list is this breathtaking shot of Spittal Pond, which pulled in more than 540 likes and shares on Facebook.

544 Spittal Pond Bermuda generic Nov 2015

10] Harrington Sound

Rounding out November’s top 10 photos of the month, this look at the waters of Harrington Sound earned about 516 likes and shares on Facebook.

516 Harrington Sound Bermuda generic Nov 2015


As far as photos on our sister site, this photo was the number one photo for November 2015. Dedicated fans of Bermuda photography can also view great images of the island on the ForeverBermuda Facebook page and Twitter feed.

ForB Top Photo Nov 2015

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