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Bernews sends out an email summary of our daily articles every day of the year, including weekends and all holidays. The email also includes a “Photo of the Day”, which highlights some of the beauty of our island.

You have two options to subscribe – either the morning edition which is sent at 6am, or the evening edition which is sent at 7pm.

The emails contain summaries of all our articles from the previous 24 hours. Both emails are basically the same, simply sign up for the one which suits your delivery preference. You can sign up using the forms below.

If you are already signed up for the morning option and wish to switch to the evening delivery, just click “unsubscribe” on the bottom of your morning email, and then sign up for the evening version.

If you are highly enthused to stay up-to-date you are welcome to sign up for both emails, however please note as the email sends the last 24 hours of headlines, you will see some repetition of 12 of the 24 hours.

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