RC44 Sailing Series To Be Held In Bermuda

December 9, 2015

The RC44 Class will celebrate its tenth year in 2016 by visiting two new sailing venues, one of which is Bermuda, with the organisers saying that “with ideal sailing conditions on offer, Bermuda was an easy venue choice for the tour.”

The event will take place in Bermuda from March 2 through March 6, 2016.

The announcement said, “The RC44 Class will make its first-ever visit to Bermuda to kick off the 2016 season before competing at some of Europe’s most celebrated sailing venues, including a return to the beautiful Sotogrande, Spain, where an early World Championship will be held.

“Marking the half-way stage of the Tour with a debut in Gosport/Portsmouth, United Kingdom, the teams will then revisit Cascais, Portugal, an old Class favourite, before heading back to Valletta, Malta to finish off the season in the historic ‘City of the Knights’.”

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The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club’s Regatta Chairman Andy Cox said, “Bermuda is honoured to be the latest host location in the RC44 series.

“Our island is globally recognized as providing some of the most challenging, as well as beautiful, waters for sailing competition, and we hope the RC44 teams will enjoy the experience.”

“The competition within the Class is at an all time high. Every team has the ability to win races and many are capable of challenging for the overall victory,” the organisers said.

“Proven by the fact that a different RC44 team won each of the five events this season and embraced by owners and the world’s most talented sailors alike, the 2016 RC44 Championship Tour line up is looking as strong as ever.”

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Comments (11)

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  1. smh says:

    Oh no…not more “little boat races” that add money into our economy and trickle down for everyone’s benefit. Say it isn’t so

    • Terry says:

      Your an a**.
      You can shake your head all you want.
      Many are shaking their pockets.

  2. Lois Frederick says:

    Bermuda has had a magnetic pull for sailing events since the AC35 was announced. This is a great big unexpected benefit to Bermuda as a whole, especially with many of the sailing events taking place throughout the winter months. Great news!

  3. Northshore says:

    Keep um coming!

  4. Systematic says:

    Back of envelope arithmetic, but with 12 boats with 8 crew, 5 friends and family per boat, 10 days spending (conservatively) $300/day including food, drink and hotels, almost half a million dollars pumped into our economy right there.

    How anyone can dislike that is beyond me, unless they preferred the previous friends and family type of plan which got us into this financial mess.

    • Longtail says:

      You forgot to add also the sponsors, news/camera crews, etc that will also be part of the RC44 party. Clearly another shot in the arm when things are normally quiet in Bermuda.

  5. had enough says:

    yes all great news
    but nothing is still not trickling down to most every day Bermudians
    We see it everyday yet we all are in denial

    Window Dressing

    • One love says:

      Watch the double negatives.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Yes it has been a very difficult 5 year period for Bermuda. Big projects are going to be starting over the next year. These kinds of big projects take time to negotiate and sign off on. These big projects will create many hundreds of jobs for Bermudians. One such project is the airport redevelopment, which will create many many jobs for Bermudians. It is perplexing to hear so much criticism towards this project, when we then hear, what about the 2000 jobs you promised? That is just one example of the enormous effort that is going into stimulating the local economy and creating jobs.

      The multitude of sailing events, is yet another albeit smaller part of the puzzle, that will contribute to Bermuda’s recovery from the worst economic period the island has experienced since before World War II.

    • Sunfish says:

      Had enough of what? Holding your hand out waiting for someone to put something in it!!


  6. Caroline says:

    This is great news and well done to all involved in getting it here. Russell Coutts is a true friend to Bermuda.

    For those still looking for a trickle down, go and make it happen like some of the individuals we have seen showcased recently.