AC Licensee Opportunities Finish End Of January

January 18, 2016

Businesses with concepts for America’s Cup themed products have until the end of the month to apply to the 35th America’s Cup Local Licensing Programme, the ACEA said today.

“Currently ten businesses have licensing agreements with the America’s Cup, selling a variety of branded products including Bermuda shorts, cedar pens, bags, a children’s book and even a Christmas ornament,” the ACEA said.

“With the 35th America’s Cup Local Licensing Programme coming to a close at the end of January, businesses with concepts or designs for America’s Cup themed merchandise should submit applications to become a licensee before the cut-off date in order to be considered.”

“We are very happy with the licensees that we do have, as the products are diverse and have been performing well in Bermuda and overseas”, says Antonio Bertone, Chief Marketing Officer, America’s Cup Event Authority.

“Unfortunately, we are not in a position to accept any more applicants after January 31 due to lead time and product development schedules, but we will follow through with applications submitted by that date.”

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  1. interested says:

    where do I apply and what details are required to do so please?

    • serengeti says:

      Yes, this is the best place to find out, right here. Great job.

      And when you’re unsuccessful, obviously you will be quite within your rights to blame the government, foreigners, and everybody else.

    • Political Prisoner says:

      Go to the acbda website to start…the details are there

  2. asampson says:

    Can you also give me an idea on what to do, someone to help me and some cash please? LOL

  3. Vanessa says:

    Oh you can do glass balls with Bermuda sand and write America’s cup, I don’ t like this idea cause my hand writing is bad. Hats,t-shirts, small race boats with the names of the teams, .. Just think of ideas.

  4. jt says:

    AC beach glass.