Results: Females Place 1st & 2nd In Marathon

January 18, 2016

In what is believed to be a first, a female runner won the marathon during the Bermuda Marathon Weekend race yesterday [Jan 17], with the second place winner also a female runner, culminating in a dominating display of running prowess for the ladies.

Valeneyna Poleavska from the Ukraine made a very impressive showing to cross the line in a time of 3:04:01, winning the entire race. The second place finisher was Bermuda resident Rose Anna Hoey, who finished with a time of 3:06:54.

Half Marathon & Bermuda Marathon Weekend, January 17 2016-97

Tim Price was the first male across the line, finishing third in the marathon with a time of 3:07:22. The second place male finisher was Bermuda resident Gideon Kigotho, placing fourth overall with a time of 3:14:28.

Half Marathon & Bermuda Marathon Weekend, January 17 2016-98

The half-marathon also took place yesterday [Jan 17] and the first finisher was Zambia’s Jordan Chipangama in a time of 1:11:44. Mr Chipangama was also the winner of the Bermuda 10K Run and Walk on Saturday [Jan 16].

Half Marathon Bermuda Marathon Weekend, January 17 2016 (2)

The first female half-marathon finisher was Laura Paulsen in a time of 1:18:27. Spencer Butterfield was the first Bermuda resident across the line finishing fourth in a time of 1:23:32.

Half Marathon Bermuda Marathon Weekend, January 17 2016 (8)

We will update with a full photo gallery as able, and in the meantime you can see all our coverage of the 2016 Bermuda Marathon Weekend here.

The full results follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. St Kool says:

    I’ll start by saying that I’m a huge fan of this weekend, and love participating in and watching these events. That said, I was a little disappointed over the past weekend at the lack of “elite” talent we were able to attract. The male elite mile had three entrants, and aside from the male champion and a couple of overseas females, the 10k, half, and full marathons were unable to attract any overseas “elite” athletes. Not sure what can be done to change this, but would love to see the talent pool boosted again next year to compete with the likes of the Estwaniks, Marshalls, etc. While it was, and will always be an enjoyable weekend, it left me feeling like something was missing…