Two Vehicles Damaged At Collision In Paget

January 19, 2016

Emergency services responded to a collision involving two vehicles that occurred on Middle Road in Paget near the junction with Manse Road at approximately 10.00pm tonight [Jan 19].

We unofficially understand that there were no reported injuries to any of the vehicle occupants although both the car and taxi received some damage.

The Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service and Police attended the scene while traffic was diverted away from the area for a period of time.

Update Jan 21, 11.55am: A police spokesperson said, “Around 10:00pm on Tuesday 19th January 2016, police responded to a report of a two vehicle collision which occurred on Middle Road near the junction with Manse Road, Paget.

“It was reported that a taxi and a motorcar were travelling in opposite directions when the two vehicles collided causing extensive damages to both vehicles and two boundary walls.There were no reports of injuries to any of the occupants of the vehicles.”

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Accident Bermuda, January 19 2016-2

Accident Bermuda, January 19 2016-3

Accident Bermuda, January 19 2016-4

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  1. Family Man says:

    Looks like another example of Bermuda’s incredible driving skills on display.

    What time was happy hour?

    • Lone Wolf says:

      Happy hour starts at 6:00 a.m. and ends at 5:59 a.m. the following day here in Bermuda.

      But we don’t even need happy hour anymore. Horrible driving habits are now a part of our DNA. There’s no hope left.

      98% of the people driving any kind of vehicle on Bermuda’s roads are convinced that the centre line is there to be centred under their vehicle, not to divide the road for two-way traffic.

      What we should do is switch to driving on the right hand side of the road like they do in America because just about everyone tries to drive on the right hand side anyway.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Another example where very expensive wheels & high performance tires did nothing to compensate for the lack of skills of the driver.

      The CARnage continues.

  2. CCC says:

    Accident in the same spot last week

  3. Zevon says:

    That will buff out.

  4. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Poor walls…they should be an endangered species on this island! I hope someone pays for them and not the owner of the wall. Happened to me once and the Police didn’t even contact me. Just drove off after the mess was cleared!! I had to call the station to find out details. God forbid the driver doesn’t have insurance. Bring out the heavies to get your money back.

  5. james says:

    This was around 10pm. The road must be badly made. Obviously not banked enough on the bend to do high speeds.

  6. Jolly says:

    Why has this stretch of road become such a frequent accident location over the past few months?

    • Directory says:

      Because the idiots don’t know how to drive, and no other road user ever lets them know that. We all just shake our heads and complain about bad driving, but no-one ever does anything about it.

      Not saying that the taxi involved here was in any way responsible, but as an example, when was the last time you were in a taxi which was being driven badly, and actually told the driver that?

    • Lone Wolf says:

      Because there is a slight bend in the road that alerts drivers to start aiming for the centre line.

  7. Rocky Noggin says:

    There really are driving teachers at “tcd” who say one should keep the centre line under the car.

  8. baffled bah says:

    …..i was looking at these pics this morning…..and i am here yet again looking at them……….completely baffled as to HOW this accident happened…it doesnt add up. the car is facing EAST…..the taxi is facing WEST……but yet the car is further west then the taxi is….!?!?!?! how the heck did the driver(s) manage this???? lol

    someone please help me understand LOL

    • True Believer says:

      The car is definately facing west and more than likely was travelling west at a very high spead. The taxi is facing east and was more than likely travelling east. from the damage on the taxi, it looks like the car was travelling at high speed or driver was under the influcence and drove onto the right side of road striking the taxi and then ploughing into the wall after Manse Road. Is this really what happen? Not sure – but certainly looks that way.

  9. Interesting says:

    Glad no one was seriously hurt.

  10. Whistling Frog says:

    WoW! The whole strut came off. I wonder if that’s from mechanical error or just causally driving over them rumble strips on East Broadway over time? I see on a weekly bases nuts and bolts soon after those same strips…

    • Culture says:

      Haaaaaa!!!! So you get an accident like this and you blame it on rumble strips 2 miles away? You live in bubble.

  11. Commodore JB says:

    Idiots everywhere… If they aren’t on the roads, they are piloting ferries.