Photos: Bermuda Poultry Fanciers Society Show

February 20, 2016

The Bermuda Poultry Fanciers Society’s Annual Poultry Show is taking place this weekend at the Botanical Gardens, with an array of animals on display including chickens, rabbits, turkeys, pigeons and more.

Speaking in advance of the event, a spokesperson said, “The Jack King Building will be filled to the brim with lots of poultry pleasures, a large variety of breeds some of which are very new to the Island.


“We have large fowl such as Australorps, Plymouth Rocks, Jersey Giants, Cochins, Scot Greys and Spanish Game to name a few as well as many breeds of bantams [smaller chickens] such as Old English Game, Modern Game, Cochins, D’Anvers, Japanese and Wyandottes. But it isn’t all just about the cockadoodle doo, the show is open to many other fine critters such as turkeys, rabbits, pigeons, ducks and even quail.

Quite a few families stopped by to allow their children to enjoy the exhibits, and Premier Michael Dunkley also attended the event today. All of the animals were in the running for various awards, with two overseas judges attending to judge the poultry, while local judges determined the winners in rabbit and pigeon categories.

The show will continue to 5.00pm today and is also open from 9.00am – 3.00pm tomorrow [Feb 21]. Entry to the show is free, and everyone is welcome to attend.

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  1. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    No disrespect but…couldn’t this have waited until our inaugural exhibition this year? It would’ve added to the exhibits…imo.

  2. Sara Sargasso says:

    I really wanted to go but I was just too chicken.

  3. some beach says:

    Poultry is said to derive from lizard.from Jurassic era.

  4. Truth says:

    This was fun. Thanks to the organizers for allowing free admission.

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