Photos: Pigs At The 2014 Agricultural Exhibition

April 25, 2014

The 2014 Agricultural Exhibition got underway at the Botanical Gardens yesterday [Apr 24] with the customary pig display commanding its fair share of attention.

Pigs at the Agricultural Exhibition Bermuda, April 24 2014-23

Always popular with the small children, the pigs are a long known staple of the “Ag Show”. Prizes are offered for the following breeds: Yorkshire, Landrace, Berkshire, Tamworth, Hampshire, Duroc, Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig and also for grade pigs.

Pigs at the Agricultural Exhibition Bermuda, April 24 2014-16

The 2014 Agricultural Exhibition started yesterday [Apr 24], and will wrap up on Saturday, April 26. For a programme of all the events over the three day event click here and for all our Ag Show coverage click here.

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  1. nuffin but the truth says:

    I need a fat juicy bacon sandwich now!

  2. Always Watching says:

    Pork chops for me!!!!

  3. Vasco says:

    Plenty chourico burgers after the show is finished! Anyone for a rack of bbq ribs??