Photos: Kingston Bed & Breakfast Roof Wetting

March 8, 2016

Harry and Marlie Powell — the owners and managers of the Kingston House Bed & Breakfast operation on Turnstile Lane in Pembroke — recently held a traditional Bermuda roof-wetting ceremony to celebrate upgrades to their establishment.

Kingston House, the family homestead built by Mr Powell’s grandfather in 1921, was converted to to a bed & breakfast in 1999, and has been in operation for the past seventeen years.

Kingston House, a Bed & Breakfast bermuda 2016 (5)

Kingston House, a Bed & Breakfast bermuda 2016 (1)

Kingston House, a Bed & Breakfast bermuda 2016 (2)

Kingston House, a Bed & Breakfast bermuda 2016 (3)

Kingston House, a Bed & Breakfast bermuda 2016 (4)

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  1. NEW ONION says:


  2. Onion Juice says:

    Looks nice and cozy.

  3. Wish you the best says:

    Looks like a good home we can buy for our children. We are eligible to be Bermudian soon. Thanks Fahy. Looking out for all of us people of the world.

    • stunned... says:

      oh behave…lol. good luck on obtaining your Bermudianship.

    • Come Correct says:

      Well that’s funny. Just had a look at the article “updates and video replay: immigration gathering”, and that same little face to the right of your name is there saying this…

      Departure Speech says:

      March 4, 2016

      There is no begging going on. Pack your bags and head on home to whereever you cave you crawled in from. Don’t keep checking just move on. We don’t need you and if you think it not so then just quickly leave and see how replaceable you are and how quick we forget you. So don’t get hit by the PINK BUS on the way out because you are EXPENDABLE but it will save us left if we don’t have to bury you and you tarnish our soil any further. BYE and DON’T COME BACK !!!

      You lot really need to do better.

  4. Liz Seymour says:

    A wonderful place to stay – congratulations!

  5. Cow Polly says:

    Congratulations, it looks like a very inviting place to stay.

  6. Oh,I see now says:

    Looks like a piece of history in there beautiful to see now go get that money Powell heh heh.

  7. Better Days says:

    Beautiful place. Is there a website for it where information including rates, room types, etc. and pictures are available?

  8. black beret says:

    you are all a disgrace to your own country.

  9. Karen says:

    Congrats. This looks lovely. All the best.