Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For February 2016

March 1, 2016

We posted over 60 videos during the month of February 2016, with the most viewed video for the month being footage of the protests at the Immigration Town Hall, which saw some 1,500 people watch live, over 3,500 people watch the live stream replay, and over 2,100 people watch the Youtube version.

Top 10 Most Views Videos 2016 February

The other videos in the top 10 most viewed include RAF military aircraft departing Bermuda, the Preserve Marriage press conference, the same sex marriage gathering at Cabinet grounds, the police statement about the robbery of the gas station, the PLP’s Diallo Rabain speaking after his by-election victory, the Orchid Nail Spa Wedding Expo, Port Royal Primary School at Choir Competition, the CITV Pathways to Status Programme and marchers at the education meeting in St David’s.

#1 Protests At Immigration Town Hall, February 17

#2 RAF Military Aircraft Depart Bermuda Airport, February 22

#3 Preserve Marriage Statement, February 4

#4 Same Sex Marriage Gathering At Cabinet Grounds, February 9

#5 BPS: Suspect Robs Gas Station & Runs Over Cashier, February 1

#6 PLP’s Diallo Rabain Wins By Election, February 4

#7 Orchid Nail Spa Wedding Expo, February 14

#8 Port Royal Primary At Choir Competition, February 13

#9 CITV Pathways to Status Programme, February 25

#10 Marchers At St Education Meeting St David’s, February 23

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