“We Support A Pathway To Bermuda Status”

March 9, 2016

The group behind the online petition to support the ‘Pathways to Status’ initiative released various documents and charts, saying they want people to have access to the information.

Ms Jen Harvey, who started the “We Support a Pathway to Bermuda Status” group on Facebook, told Bernews, “The reason that I am sending this information is because I am a concerned citizen who just wants to see that people have all the facts when they come to a decision on Pathways to Bermuda Status.

“I was driven to distribute this material because a lot of misinformation exists out there. The legal data comes from researching Government websites and laws. The work permit and employment figures come from the Dept of Statistics. The response to Walton Brown comes from internet and legal research.”

As of this writing, their petition has more than 2,700 signatures, with the latest petition update posted last night saying ” Thank you all for signing this petition and for bringing us 2500 supporters in just over 3 days! That shows the depth of support in this community for Pathways.”

The immigration proposal – which was announced last month – would see changes including people ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 15 years becoming eligible to apply for permanent residency, and permanent residents ordinarily resident in Bermuda for 20 years becoming eligible to apply for status.

Charts/Documents provided by the “We Support a Pathway to Bermuda Status” group


Immigration Chart Bermuda March 9 2016 (1)

Immigration Chart Bermuda March 9 2016 (2)

Immigration Chart Bermuda March 9 2016 (3)

The 2010 “Emigration: Bermuda’s Qualified Human Capital Departs” follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Nasty Bunch says:

    Facts mean nothing to the opposition.

    Color is everything to them.

    Great research, but unfortunately it will be dismissed by some and nasty and hateful rhetoric will be their response.

    • Full Fuulish says:


    • Had Enough says:

      That’s because the truth hurts.

      • Nasty Bunch says:

        What truth?

        The truth evidenced in the commentary and graphs in the above article?

        Or the truth that you and others who so vehemently oppose this legislation are nothing but racist/xenophobic beings?

    • Onion Juice says:

      Facts like MAJORITY of Bermudians oppose these anti-Bermudian policies.

      • Demarkshan says:

        you mean that the majority of Bermudians support the OBA’s Pathways right? because that is what every single poll ever done and the numbers of the most recent petitions show.

      • jt says:


  2. That kid under a palm tree says:

    Nothing but relevant data, must admit this group is well organized. It only shows what needs to be done.

  3. Fdsial says:

    So now we got facts and charts but yall still wanna camp out and not eat.

    • The PLP Did it!?!?! says:

      Anyone can create a chart, but this issue isn’t supported by voters. That much is simple.

      • jt says:

        Some voters. That much is simple.

      • Double S says:

        Are you saying that the chart is based on false stats?

        I am a voter and I support this legislation.

        I didn’t support the discriminatory policies that the PLP enacted which prevented a Bermudian married to foreigner to purchase land in their own country without government permission.

        But yet I had to accept it, as a voter. Democracy is a bi*ch sometimes inna?

      • Rhonnda Oliver says:

        Voter who supports it.

      • Come Correct says:

        But it is…notice the likes vs dislikes now that the dislike squad can’t put multiple dislikes on a comment lol.

        • suspicious says:

          Likes vs Dislikes?? Get a life!! Just because the majority(100 likes)on this website are in support I can assure you there are THOUSANDS that are NOT!!! If you haven’t noticed its the same names(200 max)out of a country of tens of thousands.I hope you realize that thousands that don’t support this initiative,dont bother to read or comment on any social media website!!

          • Come Correct says:

            You aren’t getting what I’m saying. When you were able to refresh the page and put as many likes/dislikes as you wanted, all the support seemed to go against this legislation until people caught on. Now on the recent pages you can only like/dislike once on any comment on the page. Basically someone or some people were trying to make it appear thay had more support than they did. Now look. For your thousands that may oppose it, there are 10s of thousands d’s that don’t. BYE Felicia.

          • do u even have an education? says:

            well maybe those thousands you speak of should start reading intelligent article instead of listening to the mindless rhetoric of hate coming from the opposition… the main issue is the opposition does not want these people to become Bermudians bc they sure as sht wont be voting for the PLP…. PS: this is a news website

            • Raymond Ray says:

              Mr. Bean loves to twist the facts inna?
              “You’re saying the information on the parties to this agreement is none of our business — that it’s confidential,” Mr Bean said, calling it “blind arrogance and a disregard, not only to the people of this country but to the watchdogs created to ensure good governance”. Don’t that bit of “Politricing” sound familiar? “A horse of any colour is still a horse.”
              Ms Gordon-Pamplin responded that the Public Access to Information Act allowed for “certain information that is protected from being public”, adding: “That’s not breaking the law.”

          • That kid under a palm tree says:

            Lets be honest anyone can comment on Bernews and like and dislike. It is a open public website for all. No need to getting flustered because majority knows what is right and knows that this is a human rights issue, not a racist issue. If you would like I could supply you with legitment facts of why this is a human race issue and not a racism issue, but that would be only if you would open your mind and listen.

  4. The PLP Did it!?!?! says:

    I’m confused why this lady thinks the OBA can do things like this without the voter’s permission.

    The OBA do not have a mandate to do this, if they want to do this they must call an election to get a new mandate.

    • jt says:

      What are you talking about?!

    • Bermyman says:

      Sure like every law that is voted in the house, that is protocoll? They are an elected Government, they have the mandate to Govern within the parameters of the law. The current policy on Status falls afoul of both the Human Rights Convention and the Constitution, which means that it needs to be changed to correct that. They Government are doing that, but the PLP want to deny Human rights to anyone who does not agree with them!?

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        “Status falls afoul of both the Human Rights Convention and the Constitution, which means that it needs to be changed to correct that.”

        The human Rights Convention and the Constitution does not say anything about permit workers here for 15 years.

    • smh says:

      The OBA are the democratically elected government and have every right to enact this legislation. Why gives you the right to deny something that is supported by the majority of Bermudians?

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        They were democratically elected under one platform and then changed to another after be elected. This is common for fascist dictators to do. There’s nothing democratic about being lied to.

        • Family Man says:

          Are you talking about the election under Jennifer Smith who was immediately replaced? Wasn’t that the “we had to deceive you” moment?

          So you’re saying the plp are fascist dictators?

          • The Original Truth™ says:

            Indeed PLP were fascist dictators. Sad that our two choices are both fascist dictators. Maybe we need to go back to my grandparents time when Bermuda government was run by England.

        • Cup of tea anyone? says:

          We had to decieve you

          Ring a bell?

          • The Original Truth™ says:

            At least DREB admitted to it. Will the OBA ever admit that they planned to deceive us or will they keep making excuses for passing the buck for breaking EVERY SINGLE PROMISE on their platform? Neither party supports Bermuda they are all looking out for their best interests. Just look at how many ministers have got something personal out of decisions they’ve made.

            I know neither is better than the other but come on OBA! Do your ministers have to be so blatant and give up their seat as soon as they get a deal struck. At least PLP ministers are better at playing the charade through. Well maybe not all as Dale did get out

            • Raymond Ray says:

              @ Family Man and all the others agreeing above, ulot “couldn’t of hit the nail upon its head any closer” It’s so true :-(

    • suspicious says:

      Like or dislike my comment, this will be the last nail in the OBA coffin!! Fahy says people on the street are in support of this, I would like to know what street he is talking about? What im hearing on the “street” is that this will not end well if Government continues to ignore the majority, the same majority that voted them in! Im not talking about the OBA faithful but the swing voters that lost confidence in the previous government. We sent a message to the PLP, we don’t care if you look like us or feel you best represent us,we will not tolerate any nonsense! We definitely are not going to tolerate anything from a party who we now feel doesn’t care about people who look like me!

      • Demarkshan says:

        drivel and completely out of touch with the majority views…don’t surround yourself with people that simply agree with you but go and talk to someone who will tell you their honest opinion and have a reasoned, calm discussion with them…this whole fear mongering, misinformation and nonsense that “this will not end well” etc. is so far from reality its laughable…

    • just wondering says:

      have you not read the two supreme court decisions on this matter? The courts say the Government HAS to do this!

  5. Real Talk (original) says:

    With respect to quotas, the information provided above is misleading:

    US Law:
    “The Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA), the body of law governing current immigration policy, provides for an annual worldwide limit of 675,000 permanent immigrants, with certain exceptions for close family members.”

    Canada Law:
    “Effective May 1, 2014 the Federal Skilled Workers Program will increase its cap to 25,000 workers per year. Immigration lawyers cite this program as one of the most popular methods of achieving entry into Canada.

    There are 50 job categories under which a prospective immigrant could submit an application, with each category capped at 1,000 applications. Previously, a scant 300 applications were accepted for 24 categories. Categories now include a wide range of occupations in healthcare, information technology, engineering, and higher education.”

    • Rich says:

      She said quotas are generally NOT used for citizenship, and where they are used, they are used for skilled migrant programmes.

      The US quota is in use for skilled migrant programmes, in this case, the green card programme. (Though as you note, there are certain exceptions for close family members, ie no quotas for family immigration.(

      The Canada quota is in use for a skilled migrant programme, the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

      Putting aside the fact that you cite 2 out of 200+ jurisdictions, you just made her point stronger.

      • Rich says:

        Just to be clear, Bermuda’s ‘skilled migrant programme’ is the Work Permit policies.

        In the US and Canada, you can apply for permanent residency from outside the country (and from within in certain circumstances). It might take a few years to succeed, but once you get a Green Card or PR, you have the equivalent of a PRC from day one.

        Under pathways, no one can expect any form of guaranteed status unless and until they’ve been in Bermuda for 15 years, meaning, they’ve been subject to work permit renewals for those 15 years.

        Apples and oranges.

        • Silence Do Good says:

          Bermuda’s Skilled Migrant Program would be Waiters/Pot Washers/Gardeners/Cleaners. Bermudians feel these jobs are beneath them as our education system push white collar jobs not blue collar trades. Not every child grows up to be a doctor, lawyer or investment banker. So if I can’t be those things and my peers will look down on me for working in the hotels then I would rather sit on the wall and complain how unfair things are.

          It will be interesting when the majority of persons applying for status are blue collar workers further limiting jobs for Bermudian who are conditioned not to take. The PLP and BUI better change their rhetoric if the want the support of the majority of new blue collar workers. Irony is a @#%*&.

        • The Original Truth™ says:

          “It might take a few years to succeed, but once you get a Green Card or PR, you have the equivalent of a PRC from day one.”

          For Canada this is not true. PR cards have an expiry date and you must reapply for a new card. CIC is not obligated to renew a PR and can reject it if they find a reason to. In Canada PRs are never guaranteed status until their citizenship application is approved.

          Another point is that work permits in Canada are far more difficult to obtain than in Bermuda. Employers are required to get a labour market opinion from HRSDC before they can get a work permit approval. It’s not like in Bermuda where immigration rely on the employers word that they couldn’t find a suitable person in Bermuda. If Bermuda’s work permits were issued this way we would have far less permit workers here for 15 years.

          • True Lies says:

            It’s actually much easier in Canada, the employer doesn’t have to advertise the job 3 times to renew a contract.

            • The Original Truth™ says:

              That’s because HRSDC already has every citizen’s information. It is given when they do their taxes so they know who is qualified for what and how many years experience they have. They also know who is employed and who isn’t because if you are unemployed and want benefits you still have to file a tax form to show that you are unemployed and what your situation is i.e. do you have dependents, are you disabled, are you a student, etc. This is why they do a labour market opinion where there are filed statistics gathered to form a real picture of whether the employer really needs a permit worker. They even have employers who get benefits from taking on people that are on financial assistance. No one gets a free ride if they are able to work but cant make ends meet they must do a bit of something to for assistance. This helps their citizens keep their experience up in some type of work.

          • serengeti says:

            But once you have resided in Canada for 4 years you can become a full Canadian citizen.
            4 years.

            • The Original Truth™ says:

              Not if you are on a work permit. You must first apply for PR and then IF you get it you must wait 4 years to apply for full Canadian citizenship. No one is guaranteed Citizenship until the point they finally get it.

              To even be considered for citizenship you first need to pass a Citizenship Test.

              What does Confederation mean?

              What do you call the Sovereign’s representative in the provinces?

              What is Canada’s system of government called?

              Which party is the Official Opposition at the federal level?

              What percentage of Aboriginal people are First Nations?

              These are just some of the questions that might be on the test.

              I’m willing to bet that not even half of the PRCs in Bermuda know who the Bermuda’s first premier was. They would be SOL if there was a test to become a Bermudian.

              • do u even have an education? says:

                or maybe they would study for a night or two…. it aint hard to learn mate, when you dont put ur hands over ur ears and close ur eyes to simple facts like u and ur freinds seem to be doing here… #googleitdmbas

                • The Original Truth™ says:

                  @ do u even have an education? Do YOU even have an education?

                  It would take far more than a night or two to study the amount of questions there are FOOL! It’s not like a driving test. You can study everything you think will be on it and it turns out not to be the same questions. I just gave a few examples.

                  There’s thousands a year that apply and thousands fail. Then they have to reapply. It’s a big money maker for the country because applications don’t come cheap like they do in Bermuda.

                  The only facts you’ve prove is that you don’t have any and neither do any of your frIEnds.

                  You must be one of those blue collar workers PLP let overstay their permit. What are you a professional salad tosser or just a professional tosser?


        • Had Enough says:

          Actually your green card can be revoked, it is not an automatic move to permanent residencey or citizenship in the US

    • Bermyman says:

      So as stated that has to do with ‘skilled migration programs’ not a pathway to achieving status. Which means you either did not understand what was stated or you yourself are misleading. Immigration has taken place already for someone to achieve status they must first be a resident which means they have already immigrated. A quota on status has nothing to do with immigration volume unless you plan on granting status to someone immediately when they immigrate.

      If I live in Canada for 4-6 years I can apply for status and achieve voting rights and a passport. There is no quota on that.

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        “If I live in Canada for 4-6 years I can apply for status and achieve voting rights and a passport. There is no quota on that.”

        There is a quota on the amount of applications processed each year. You would have to compete with thousands of applicants on a first come first serve basis.

        You have to apply for PR first and wait a number of years to get full status. Even after those number of years you are still not guaranteed status as a PR because you have to take citizens test and pass plus meet all other CIC requirements. PR doesn’t even guarantee you permanent residence as it has an expiry date where a new application must be made. Besides all this it’s difficult to get to stay in the first place because there are so many requirements to meet before being allowed to. Even spouses of Canadians have to apply for PR unlike Bermuda where you are granted it as long as you stay married.

    • Christina says:

      Looks like the group is well organized and going places in my opinion. Its a forum where you can say whatever you want and contribute to. Total freedom and a nice place to say what you need to say without people controlling you. Nothing they are hiding there. Also there is especially no backstabbing politi

      • Christina says:

        backstabbing political nonsense* opps pressed submit by mistake.

  6. Vigilante says:

    This is excellent information, and quite rightly displaces or disproves much, if not all, the vehement opinions to the contrary being offered on this issue. Any political position held with passion must of necessity be groundless, else why the need for such passionate and frothy appeal? Sadly, it is exactly these passions that prevent the truth from touching their tainted perspectives. I am in favour of the Pathway to Status outlined, for all the reasons listed in this article.

    Unfortunately, on a personal level, I am becoming increasingly disenchanted by the attitudes and behaviour exhibited daily across our small society, such that I am actively seeking employment elsewhere. I am a Bermudian of some 10 generations now (sadly not of the land-holding variety!) and this decision has been difficult to say the least.

    Cayman is my first choice as a similar jurisdiction with much less animosity toward me as a sensible and somewhat sensitive white fellow. The distinctions between rich/poor, black/white, local/expat are still there, but much muted. There is less hatred and vitriol in the air down there, and a strong sense that contribution is more important than colour. I like that…

  7. Take it up with the Supreme Court says:

    This negative rhetoric and emotive hate filled dialogue will have a lasting impact on our neigbors, friends and colleagues in this community that have worked alongside all Bermudians (no matter what deomgrahic you wish to identifty with) to build up this country.

    They deserve much better than what they are receving at the hands of a vocal minority. That said–there is a silent majority and fully support you obtaining the rights and recognition you deserve.

    We support you.

    For those that have a problem with this–why not take it up to the Supreme Court who made a finding that forced the Gvt to have to act.

    To be clear–this finding would have resulted in a PLP Gvt having to act if the party was in power or a challenge to the Supreme Court.

    It appears that the argument is being way too skewed for poliical purposes and sadly–our friends, collegues and members of our community are caught in the cross hairs.

    We should all be ashamed of ourselves to be honest.

    Please reflect on this in your prayers.

    Have a blessed day.

  8. obasellouts says:

    Maybe its time for some of these ppl to go home now!!!

    This will get a lot worse when non-Bermudians start demanding that they be allowed to stay forever.Gtfo

    You come as a temp worker then you should leave.

    I predict that they will leave one way or another.

    They come here, act better than us and now want to make demands of us.

    • sam says:

      Why do I get the feeling you’re not a big contributor to the system

  9. jt says:

    I remain open to reviewing similar, factual information should those opposed to Pathways have any to offer. It would also be helpful for those opposed to clearly lay out an alternative plan. To this point they have done neither and the absence of such makes for a very weak argument which appears to be based on emotion and, true or not, this leads to some of the other unfortunate descriptors we see for this group.

    • Demarkshan says:

      amen but I fear we have heard nothing substantial from the opposite view as they don’t have anything substantial to say. the people marching are being tricked by the PLP as this is just a political ploy for them.

  10. clearasmud says:

    This issue has been around for many years but it is the present government that has been misleading the public as to their motives. First they claimed that they were forced to grant PRCs due to a loophole left by the former government because they did not want to take responsibility for their actions. Then they claimed that granting pathways was simply the right thing to do. Now it is because we are in breach of international laws! Its this poor handling of issues that creates confusion and distrust. While I agree that their should indeed be pathways I am not sure what that should look like! Rather than the Minister taking time to explain how the Bill in its current form will benefit everyone he chooses to rely on support from people who would be obvious beneficiaries as evidence that his Bill has broad support. Further he claims that certain persons support his planned approach to pathways but are afraid to be identified then he identifies them! Go figure!

    • just wondering says:

      if memory serves the last time he tried to explain the bill in a public meeting he was shouted down by a group of “protesters”

  11. Baygrapes says:

    I AGREE 100% WITH Take it up with the Supreme Court. First of all, challenge the issue via the courts and secondly, can SOMEONE, ANYONE please tell me what “comprehensive immigration reform” means ?! Apart from disruptions and lots of grandstanding, I have yet to hear what the PLP is actually proposing as an alternative.

  12. Coffee says:

    So what ? I support term limits and Bermuda for Bermudians !

    • just wondering says:

      ummmmmm – if these people who have been living here for decades do in fact get status they will in fact BE Bermudian – so what is the point of your slogan?? Or did you perhaps mean “Bermuda for only a certain type of Bermudian”??

      • Coffee says:

        A passport and a stamp will make them as much a Bermudian as a new Toyota with a BMW emblem !

        • Just as some members of your own family would have been at some point. All of our ancestors came from some where else. All any of us has is that passport and stamp. How many generations does it take before we’re Bermudian enough to considered ‘born’ Bermudian?

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Let’s be honest here, unless you’re a certain type, there’s no way the PLP would consider you Bermudian.

  13. LOL (Original TM) says:

    Question how many foreigners have signed, this petition… to bad there’s no way of knowing. My money is a lot of people who have cant vote, Oh and I was repeat was an OBA supporter and white by the way. Year over Year hundreds of Bermudians that can leave are so who is the OBA gonna be able to tax by the way….


  14. think about it says:

    There is an easy fix to this people!!!!

    OBA pass the law NOW…

    then PLP seek judicial review (which they will never do)…..because they it is the right(legal) thing to do.

    and the Supreme Court makes it LAW based on UK, EU and ECHR precedent ….. CASE CLOSED!!!!!

    Emaciate yourselves from mental(PLP) slavery

  15. je suis Bermuda says:

    There are so many, many of us that support the Pathways Programe, we are just normal working people, and my husband and I were born here, who raised our kids and sent them to local schools, had a father that worked hundreds of hours to qualify for a professional job, and then worked his way up, which took years of blood, sweat and tears, when wives, who were also working, raised the kids! Despite what you all think, every person I knew worked their tails off to give to family.
    Now, here am I, with 3 beautiful children, that have come through the Bermuda Government System of Primary Schools, and thanks to us, all got to go to University. My husband was the first one that did in his family, and now I have three kids that could! I am je suis Bermuda because I know have a daughter who was je suis Charlie, and then je suis Hong Kong, and now je suis Islamadab and Afagastain! She is one of those migriting ex-pate Bermudaians who is working for AFP World as Deputy Bureau Chief for Afagastain and Pakistain.
    I am je suis Bermuda