Candlelight Vigil To Be Held On Sunday Evening

March 12, 2016

The “We Support a Pathway to Bermuda Status” group will be having a candlelight vigil at the Cabinet Grounds at 7.00pm tomorrow evening and are inviting all who are in favour of it to come out and “support one another at this harmonious event.”

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A statement from the group said, “In light of all the recent events ‘We Support a Pathway to Bermuda Status’ will be having a peaceful candlelight vigil at the Cabinet Grounds on Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 7:00 pm.

“We would appreciate if all who are in favour of this pathway could come with a candle, chair and a blanket to reflect and support one another at this harmonious event. We hope to see you there.”

Since the announcement was made on February 5th, the topic has remained in the headlines, with six protests held in relation to it over the past few weeks, including yesterday’s protest, which saw a withdrawal of labour resulting in the cancellation of bus service, ferry service and garbage collection.

The “We Support a Pathway to Bermuda Status” has already started an online petition supporting the initiative, which has 3,593 signatures as of this writing.

The petition says, “There are many reasons why the Government is choosing to do this. It will benefit Bermuda economically. Bermuda will be able to abide by international human rights standards. But most importantly, it’s just the right thing to do for people who have committed their lives to Bermuda.”

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  1. A says:

    Great, will be there!

    • Let me add this for clarification, free speech is a wonderful thing, but as this group gather, may you please be re-mindful and respectful to Ms Matthie,
      Please pick your own section a great distance away from her and those supporting her, the land mass on that hill is plenty, so do not come near her, or her group, as I do believe you will be directly disrespecting her as a individual and the stance she has taken.

      Now maybe if one of your folk want to start a hunger strike and go and fight the cause, to have the pathway for status granted, then the options may be different, I say this in all respect to all, because tensions are high and emotions are at a very high level, and to openly provoke a situation at this point, even with police presence will not be a good thing.

      You push to hard in one way or the other, just remember, there are not enough Men and Women in blue to prevent or stop what can happen.This is in no form of a threat, this is as a reminder, that all protesters have to date maintain their level of decency and not resorting to violence, so please keep it that way and not provoke anyone to anger, we have not done it to you, so please dont try to do it to anyone else.

      • The pathways vigil is being held at the cabinet building and will be nowhere near Ms Matthie as far as I know.

      • Rich says:

        They’re at Cabinet?

        • I believe the PLP protesters are up on the hill and the pathways vigil is down below at the cabinet building. I could be mistaken so double check. No point ending up at the wrong rally.

      • Van Martin says:

        You’re wrong Duane! What a sad attitude to have. A lot of us support Ms. Matthie – because she’s protesting peacefully

      • Concerned says:

        I look forward to being there with the remaining 55,000 civilized Bermudian’s living on this beautiful island who will be having a PEACEFUL CANDLELIGHT VIGIL….AND PLEASE PLEASE DUANE SANTUCCI, Tweed, and Mr. Furbert, STOP trying to threaten us or send warning signs. UNLIKE YOU, we are NOT about disrespecting anyone.YOU ALL are ” Hell Bent” on destroying this beautiful land. STOP MARCHING and spend time educating your folk instead of misleading them. But remember this, IF HELL BREAKS LOOSE, I GUARANTEE TWEED WILL BE ON THE NEXT FLIGHT HOME

      • pathetic says:

        Simply pathetic Mr. Santucci. You have some nerve bie. That’s public property.

        Bermudians All Bermudians have access to it as Ms Matthie does.

        You are sum bie.

      • What?? says:

        “You push to hard in one way or the other, just remember, there are not enough Men and Women in blue to prevent or stop what can happen.This is in no form of a threat, this is as a reminder…”

        Certainly sounds like a threat to me.

      • Lemon Tree says:

        I was enjoying my afternoon until I read this comment Mr Santucci. Mindful and respectful of Ms Matthie? She is entitled to show her support. I applaud her efforts. But how about everyone who decided to protest on Friday, bring public transportation to a halt, having children not be in school, they showed complete disrespect to the rest of this island and its visitors. What are these veiled threats of violence that you advise? These threats are disrespectful. Mr Santucci, I thought you were a Christian man and I respected you however I see now that the word of God is true: Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves (Gospel of Matthew 7:15, King James Version)

    • Lords of Bermuda Ring says:

      Your leader Dunk is a fake and fraud and after this I will never allow my family to vote oba again. If he had the numbers he would allow every Bermudian to decide this next election. He knows he doesn’t have the majority. What’s funny is he’s not giving Bermudian gays their rights, so he hides behind a referendum to let the voters decide.

      On the other hand when it comes to foreigners he wants to give them the keys to a Bermuda passport without the voters of Bermuda deciding.
      Talk about Bermudians in last place in their own country. The UBP change their name to OBA to win 20% of the black votes and allowed all the blacks to stand at the front for all public to see.

      • You wont ALLOW your family to vote a particular way? Do we live a democracy or is that only for you? And how exactly are you going to enforce your totalitarian dictat Mr Mugabe? Or Mrs.

      • murph says:

        ooh, Victorian Dad!

      • Darkside says:

        LOBR – When will you be asking for your British rights to be removed from your passport? Or do you want your cake and to eat it too?

      • aceboy says:

        Please educate yourself. This is not a race issue this is a human rights issue. Not allowing your family to vote for a political party is not democracy. That is you being a dictator.

      • Earth watch police says:

        So you are a Lord and you won’t let your family vote for who they want wow.

    • 3000 jobs promise says:

      Normally people hold a Candle light vigil for someone who’s departed this life. In this case it’s us Bermudians who have died. Now we know who’s receiving the 3000 jobs. How can you do this when you have more Bermudians on financial assistance more then ever before?

      • jasmine says:

        see you just said that, i wonder how much the expats contribute to social insurance that the govt use for financial assistance?

      • Most of these people already have jobs and the reason so many Bermudians are out of work is because when all those other pesky foreigners were made to feel unwelcome, they took their money and their jobs and left. All the ancillary benefits and the jobs that went with that are now gone too. Not every job had obvious connections to IB but most of us were affected by them in one way or another. If you want to put people back to work be prepared to accommodate foreign money and jobs. And all of this has little to do with whether or not people get status. Like I said, they are already here and working. If they have taken your job then guess what, they’ve probably had it for at least 15 years already. There are laws in place to protect Bermudians and all that is required is for the department of immigration to do their jobs which so far, under this much maligned government, has begun to happen. Governments do not create jobs. They create the circumstances, the atmosphere that entices people with money to invest in Bermuda and they then create the jobs. If you want your jobs back, I would suggest you be alittle more understanding and supportive of the governments efforts to woo the people with money.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Protesting under the cloak of darkness.
      I think it’s gonna be windy.

    • Great. I will come to see WHO WANTS STATUS!!!!!!

      • Come Correct says:

        I was born with mine, thanks.

      • jasmine says:

        not everyone who would be there , would like to have a status. why be old and die in a place where they dont welcome foreigners?
        if you believe in FATE, you dont question anymore why we are here.

      • You will also see who wants them to have status.

      • Natalia says:

        Have mine! Thanks

    • Queen Brenda says:

      Good news.

  2. Bermudian says:

    Bermuda feels the love. We shall come and support you!

    “One love, One heart, Let’s get together and feel all right.”

    • Onion Juice says:

      Funny how people can use Bob Marley’s songs for their convenience, wonder if they listen to his Survival album and sing along to songs like Survival, Babylon System, Zimbabwe, Africa Unite and songs like Black Man Redemption and Redemption Song.
      Like using some Martin Luther King speeches and omitting the hard core ones.

      • Come Correct says:

        Bob was part Irish…

        • COME CORRECT: Any human being who has one BLACK PARENT is BLACK!!! BLACK!!! BLACK!!!
          The universe MUST understand that.
          Study geneology. You will get a better understanding of race!!

          • Irritated says:

            Backbone you are a fool. Black and white have a child, the child is mixed race. As if it makes any difference…..

          • Cmkbda says:

            What does his race have to do with him being part Irish?!!!

            • Darkside says:

              Indeed, and what does colour have to do with having status? Do you not have white Bermudians? Are there not black guest workers who could get status?

              You genuinely have no idea what you’re protesting about, other that it’s not the PLP who are proposing it, so therefore it must be bad.

          • hotcrossbuns says:

            Moron statement.

      • de fence says:

        Or how selective quotes from the Bible can be used to support any point on view.
        I guess we should rely on the sense of the quotation rather than who said it.
        Since we are allowed our own opinion I’m pretty sure MLK and our own LBE would have been in favour of human rights

      • to onion juice: CORRECT.

      • Strike fund says:

        Like on Friday when they played One Love when all they have is hate.

      • No laughing matter says:

        So why are you marchers playing Bob Marley songs with your “Bermuda for Bermudians” signs?
        Are there no Bermudian artists songs you can play? How patriotic…

        A bunch of blind sheep guided by their union and green pied pipers.

  3. Coffee says:

    This will be interesting !

    • Crazy oba says:

      Wouldn’t it be better to get are own people jobs? Specifically before giving those away in definite to individuals that have another Country to jump to if all hell breaks out here. Lets be honest they didn’t relocate to Bermuda for the sun. They only came here for more $$$$$$.Even if you secure them with jobs why would they purchase a home here for a 20 year mortgage when they already purchased/paid for home in 3 years in their own Country.

      • Hmmm says:

        @Crazy…. You should have listened at the Info Sessions instead of yelling and disrupting. You would have found out that there is more to this that “people from other countries”. The PLP have fed you far too much green coolaid.

      • Matt says:

        First of all, the number of jobs in an economy aren’t fixed, and not being hurtful and selfish towards people In Bermuda who contribute will help with economic growth by not scaring away foreign investment. Bermuda relies on this, because it is literally a rock in the middle of the Atlantic with no natural resources beyond its beauty. You do realise that the jobs are being brought in by these people, right? We’re getting the only the best talent allowed in from all over the world! That’s a blessing many countries (such as the UK) are fighting for.

        Secondly, ‘are’? Really?

        • Portia says:

          “You do realise that the jobs are being brought in by these people, right? We’re getting the only the best talent allowed in from all over the world!”

          Firstly, no, the majority of them are NOT bringing in jobs – the jobs existed before they came, in most cases. Otherwise, how would the work permits have been approved if no job pre-existed to apply for? Bermuda doesn’t have commercial immigration. Yes, in a minority of cases, some did (eventually) establish businesses, but this is certainly not true in the vast majority of cases.

          Secondly, no, in most cases, they are not the “best talent” in the world – most of them only came here because they couldn’t find employment in their own country or the employment they did find paid far below what they could earn here. There are have been many cases of auditors, accountants, etc coming here with only a year or two of experience and being allowed to get on the job training and work their way up the ranks. I know of many expats that have done this.

          You can paint it any way you want, but facts are still facts.

          • Captian T says:

            Facts are facts, too bad yours are wrong.

            Firstly, where do you think these jobs come from? Who are we insuring and providing these accounting and auditing services to? I’ll tell you – Foreign companies. The jobs did not exist before they came, the jobs came from the growth in foreign companies coming here.

            Secondly, yes, we do have some of the best talent in the world when it comes to the Insurance Sector. That’s why they make so much money. Our job as Bermudians should be to make sure they spend as much as possible here on the island. Most of the time auditors and accountants that only stay for a year or two can’t cut it and go home, not the other way around.

            As you yourself said, you can paint it any way you want, but facts are still facts.

            • Verly says:

              There have been cases of foreigners coming here that don’t know their a$$ from their elbow, who Bermudians are forced to train.
              We have to stop thinking that just because somebody comes from overseas, they’re automatically “better.”

          • Pequat 1609 says:

            Actually many come because the opportunity for employment i.e. Wage and benefits are better than at home not to mention a world renowned location as your back yard, with an excellent location that allows for traveling east or west to the US east coast in less than two hours. You can’t beat that.

            Having said that I still feel that IB can do more to ensure that more ably qualified Bermudians are given opportunities for employment and promotion up the corporate ladder. In the least all administrative positions should be put o. The immigration list for Bermudians only as it entails little more than bean counting which most college level graduates are more than ably qualified to do. Still we need to see more of our people getting the level of education that makes breaking into the higher management an assurance where you are hunted for positions not applying.

            • Strike fund says:

              I’m sorry, but Bermuda is a horrendous place to travel from. Expensive flights and few options.

              • george says:

                have you tried flying to South Africa or Hong Kong, or Australia?

                if all you can see are your own problems, you’ll never understand how much better Bermudians have it than most of the world.

          • jasmine says:

            whats wrong with wanting more$$$. we work for it and did not beg or steal!
            somebody needed our help and we just applied, they accepted us to work, is that our fault? why not ask the employers why they prefer us?

            • Eyes wide shut says:

              I can tell you if you don’t already know why they hired you, because you don’t have any real ties to Bermuda,and they can fire you without any notice, they pay you s#__t money, treat you like a dog, and know you will never strike cause this ain’t your battle, you are here to make money bottom line, so why don’t you shut your trap door and do what you where brought here to do SLAVE!!

          • jasmine says:

            its good you know we are helping our country, at least we give back, do you?
            study your economics and the law of supply and demand at least, that you may understand your government is trying to do.
            and please, dont be selfish, share your Bermuda.

      • jt says:

        So you’re not coming?

        • jasmine says:

          sorry, but im coming, in support of what is right.

      • Positivity says:

        Read the employment laws and who is given priority. Employers are now held to these guidelines to ensure Bermudians are hired first and they are audited. If that process is not followed….there are repercussions. Not everyone comes here for money. I came here for a life change and made a lot less money. Giving someone else something does not always mean that same thing is taken from you.

      • today says:

        These invididuals are already here and already have jobs. They aren’t taking anything away, just putting money into the Bermudian economy….Hopefully, just like you

      • They have been here and haven't taken jobs says:

        The folks that will be impacted are people that have been here for decades contributing to Bermuda’s growth and economy–that means paying taxes to help contribute to social services, pension and our health care system. All of the things that are under tremendous strain given the exodus of people from our Island over the past several years.

        They are helping to keep things afloat!

        This is about everyday people–probably people you know and like. Sadly, the voval minority have made this a political issue when it shouldn’t be, but its a free country and they have a right to express themselves as we do and will Sunday evening.

        The Supreme Court has ruled on this and therefore the Government has to deal with it.

        There is a silent majority in favor of what the Supreme Court has ruled upon.

        Let’s get together peacefully on Sunday night, it will mean so much to those folks that have felt the emotional negative rhetoric over the last couple of weeks.

      • "Guest" says:

        Personally, I did come here for the sun. I could have made more money at home, this place isn’t what it once was.

        We know Bermudians are hurting, but reflect on which government put the country in this situation.

      • Peace on the Rock says:

        Whassup Crazy OBA. As much as you may want to get of these long term contributors to our country what you may not realise is that many of them own companies that employ Bermudians. I personally have two friends who have been here each for near 30 years. One has a small company employing 4 Bermudians. The other employs 11 Bermudians. Just Sayin

      • Expat says:

        Many expats would like to invest in Bermuda. Simply the laws are not allowing us to acquire property unless we are millionaires (and most of us aren’t) or the 60-40 rules who prevent many of us from starting businesses. The incentives we have are to save as much and spend as little since we cannot plan for the future.

        It is your country and your rules and we accepted them when comming here. But it surprises me how do you expect us to contribute when we are not allowed by law to do so. Unless you expect us to give our savings to you for free.

      • Rada Gast says:

        I am amazed that every single expat has exactly the same goals and desires in life! Apparently they all came here for the money, and all want to buy houses in their own country (NB – lower case unless it is the start of a sentence or a proper noun).

        Also it’s “our* own people” – whatever that is supposed to mean.

      • X says:

        errr – if you are Bermudian, you too can “Jump to another country” It is called the UK … so all are entitled to a British passport – ironic eh?

        • Expat says:

          More ironic is that any Bermudian with his/her British passport can go to any EU country, get a job without permits, buy property without quotas, get permanent residency immediately from day one, get citizenship within ten years in most EU countries. But EU citizens are denied any recirpocity in terms of rights.

          As i said these are the rules in Bermuda and we accept them. Just don’t add any insult to the racist and xenophobic injury.

          Again i have to say, that the majority of Bermudians are good people, friendly and hospitable. There is a segment of the population whose ideas match the far right parties.

          • Coffee says:

            What a tired argument !! Not one Bermudian ever asked England for the right of abode , it was taken away in the ’80s and returned two decades later … All out of the blue . No one in my immediate or extended family want anything to do with England , but we will fight tooth and nail for Bermuda … So foreigner , after you’ve completed your term limit , please be a decent human being and leave … That’s all I ask .. That’s all I expect .. As a born Bermudian !

            • Strike fund says:

              There’s no term limits now!

              • Expat says:

                I did not say about term limits, but about perimmts. A Bermudian can work in the EU without having to go through an EU-first hiring policy.

            • True Lies says:

              Don’t worry I’m leaving. I’m taking my job with me though, along with my rent, spending money and all my friends/family that come to visit.

              • Coffee says:

                And you’ll be replaced ..very quickly , it’s always the same , one leaves , three waiting to come .

                • Expat says:

                  You are obviiously stuck in the 80s when companies were comming. Now companies choose whether they should leave or not.

            • dave says:

              you are a complete fool, as a ‘foreigner’ your comments make me feel sick, totally unwelcome to be here, if things are so great why is anywhere in bermuda constantly advertising for jobs? people who have opinions like you need to wake up, pay attention the next time the boat is delayed for bring everything here, you want to survive by yourself? self sustaining? isn’t going to happen, most people see this……but clearly you think the grass will be greener…….it wont

            • george says:

              just because you have a hate problem against England doesnt mean that all Bermudians do. Have you bothered to ask all Bermudians before blanketing calling them ALL England haters? smh

              Many Bermudians have gladly taken advantage of the welfare and medical benefits of living in England, and many more have enjoyed the rigorous education that England’s schools have provided.

              Ironically, that education then allows them to return to Bermuda and actually qualify for one of those coveted starter positions in a big paying company.

            • Earth watch police says:

              I know several Bermudians that went to England to live and don’t even have to work.

            • jt says:

              Many Bermudians disagree with you Coffee. We’d be independent otherwise.

            • pathetic says:

              Very sad angry hateful xenophobic comment Mr Coffee.

              May you never feel the scorn you direct on others yourself.

      • Sickofantz says:

        In Bermuda Immigration IS the economy. Please understand . Nobody want s to take your jobs. They want to create jobs. Try to understand IB counts for more than 80% of the Bermudian economy. We have to create an environment where IB feels welcome so that their people can pay taxes, eat in your restaurants, live in your houses, pay into health insurance, have their hair cut, buy food at your shops, pay for their electricity and fuel, and telephone bills.

        • Coffee says:

          I get it ! But not at the cost of citizenship …. ,!

          • Darkside says:

            Ahhhh, so you want the best of both worlds! Something for nothing. Very selfish and VERY un-Bermudian.

            A mirror image of the PLP then.

            • 4ner says:

              I’ve only been here 12 years but in my experience, its actually VERY Bermudian. “I got mines, F you lot”

              Not all of course, by far, but the majority attitude.

            • jt says:

              Something for nothing…there it is.

      • murph says:

        Very good question. why would they purchase a house with a 20 yr mortgage when they have property in their own country? If they didn’t purchase property they’re sitting on a lump of cash. If they get booted out of bda the cash goes with them. If they get status it stays here. know any plumbers, electricians, builders, landscapers, air con engineers, painters, carpenters, tilers, carpet fitters, roof painters, bathroom fitters, kitchen fitters, pool companies, cleaners,pest control specialists?

  4. YesWeCan says:

    We’ll be there!

  5. High road says:


  6. Make a new plan Stan says:

    DISCLAIMER: I am an observer who feels no real passion about either side of this issue.

    From what I gather from Mr. Fahy’s statements it is critical to make it a little easier to put roots down in Bermuda in order to strengthen our shrinking population and in so doing, our economy. To my mind the point would be to attract money makers and money movers.

    The working class has made their concerns be known…

    Having said that I wonder how people in the upper echelon feel about this issue. Is there any concern about displacement etc?

    I’m really curious to know if they worry about possible changes in the private school population, and job availability for their children etc.

    • Hmmm says:

      @Stan… I believe that should go “A percentage of the working class has made their concerns be known…”

      The rent-a-crowd that showed up yesterday in no way reflects the feeling of the entire working class

    • Captian T says:

      I don’t know how people in the upper echelon feel about this issue, but after looking at it, I don’t think that our day to day lives are going to change much at all. There won’t be a change in private school population or much change in job availability for people that are out there. All of these affected people have already been here for at least 15 years and they all already have jobs. There is only going to be one major change and it seems to be the one that I don’t hear much about: the opposition and its supporters are worried it will change the voting structure of the island and keep them from winning the next election. Let me know if I’m wrong about this, I have a feeling I’m not.

      • 4ner says:

        There are a lot of “upper” rumblings along the lines of “F this, I’m out” – a lot of us remember 2007/8, this feels more dangerous. Wait until somebody or some group that’s been whipped into a frenzy a la Trump’s “political arson”, watch how quickly the “upper” elements vacate the island. We might be more inclined to stick around if we’d been allowed to put down roots, but as it is, things have actually worked out rather nicely in that respect!

    • Sickofantz says:

      Clearly all the private schools have shrinking populations so they are desperate for new blood. I think people in the upper Echelons are just desperate for Bermuda’s economy to start growing, so that ALL of bermuda can benefit. Nobody want to live in an unstable country. Personally I don’t care about how rich people get I care about the poor getting better off.

  7. Somerset Girl says:

    Lighting my candle! #iprotesttheprotest

  8. Whalebay Junkie says:

    OBA on suicide watch!
    *Pathways to status
    *Primary School mess
    *Illegal drug business booming on Island
    *2000 more jobs lost, not gained
    *Still borrowing $200 mill+ a year
    *No substantive changes from PLP Govt. Govt funds still massively over spent.
    *Racial climate on Island worse since ’77 riots!

    Why don’t you just announce that you are cancelling Cup Match then call an election!! Ha ha…same old same old!

    Toads, grasshoppers, blood in the river…..the signs are all there!

  9. Just as those that oppose same sex unions and same sex marriage’s, there were those in favor of same sex marriage and same sex unions, that decided to show up and support their cost,”I SAY TO ALL WHO DO NOT AGREE TO THIS PATHWAY TO BERMUDA STATUS” To show up also in protest against those who are trying to support this ridiculous government.

    I also agree to keep our children out of school until this matter is resolved and even the school closures are addressed. Come Monday let’s stand together in solidarity, regardless of those who can or can not attend.Do not open the Dock’s, Post offices and let’s be prepared this week to even shut down our airport until further notice, it is time to bring this Island to a screeching halt.

    This injunction that the government has served on Mr. Chris Furbert and Reverend Tweed, let’s show Mr. Dunkley that it is not worth the ink and paper that it is written on, Just like he has ignored our petitions in writing , and correspondence in writing, we will ignore his, all the way to the Supreme Courts O Bermuda.

    enough is enough, and we are ready to go all the way until this government either changes their course of directions, or we dissolve parliament, which ever way we have to get results, “WHEN WE SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” AND YOU STILL WANT TO BE PERSISTENT, against the majority, I say be ready for the fall out.

    There are ways to bring you to your knee’s Mr. Dunkley and Mr. Fahy, without violence and we are not as ignorant as you think we are, You want us to resort to violence so you can lock people up in prison, and show some form a scare tactic to make it as if you will do that with any who oppose you.

    We are way ahead of you an das you are trying your metal slavery tactics, we are just as capable mentally to reverse the cycle and do back to you, The only thing is, what we do ” will and does have a greater impact”.

    We have warned you and warned you, your time for talking is up, put up the correct thing and do the right thing, or face the consequences of your own actions. “TO ALL THE BLOGGERS WHO HIDE BEHIND A PEN NAME” I CALL YOU COWARD”.
    Man and Woman up and be counted for your belief, regardless if you agree or oppose with the comments.

    To much of this damn hiding behind a darn screen, and to Bernews, we the general and majority of the public, appreciate more then words can say, the task that you have and the job that you do in balancing out the voices and concerns of all of our people. Bernews the position you have and the duty you have to bring to us, not just the events of what is happening all around us, but more importantly the feed back of those who are effected by these events and the position they hold.

    Thank You ever so much for all that You do, and I know I am not alone when I say, You HAVE GIVEN US A VOICE ALSO”.

    • Sickofantz says:

      Clearly all the private schools have shrinking populations so they are desperate for new blood. I think people in the upper Echelons are just desperate for Bermuda’s economy to start growing, so that ALL of bermuda can benefit. Nobody want to live in an unstable country. Personally I don’t care about how rich people get I care about the poor getting better off.

    • Sickofantz says:

      Hey Duane. If you are so anti Expats and PRC’s I suggest that next time you have a heart attack , you request only a Bermudian Anaethatist and only a Bermudian cardiologist. I am truly interested in how you think Bermuda will bring the cash in if the IB companies and their employees go?

    • The arrogance of your assumptions are breathtaking in their scope and delusion.

    • Widget says:

      @Duane P.
      My God woman have you completely lost your mind. “Keep the children out of school, close our ports airport included, post office etc” you had me some times but your a nut bar factor 9.5 with these ideas.

    • Comfortably numb says:

      Duane, Duane, Duane, if we keep the children out of school their literacy will remain at your level. They will think plural nouns have an apostrophe – eg: noun’s. They will not realize that to, two and too are three different words. I could go on but it is too distressing. I am bemused, with your level of literacy, how you ever secured a white collar job. Maybe, just maybe, because you are a Bermudian?

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Can’t wait to hear the RAF flying overhead…time to deal with the counter productive vermin from spreading their unrelenting decay from plaguing our shores…God forgive Duane for he know not what he’s doing.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Your hate is going to destroy you.

    • 4ner says:

      May you enjoy being king of the ashes

    • Positivity says:

      Great plan…shut down the island and screw your fellow Bermudian. Self serving.

  10. sandgrownan says:

    Bermudian, and in.

  11. I will do my very best to be there,

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      I see what you’re doing…STOP RACE BAITING WITH YOUR USERNAME!!

    • Come Correct says:

      Remember writing this? The avatar next to your name says you do. Don’t care what your position is on the issues we’re facing but deceit will get us nowhere.

      LOCAL RAT says:

      March 11, 2016

      TWEED, BEAN, Jammel SIMMONS ,MATTHIE, & FURBURT Shame on you for the BS you spew forth

  12. Dignity,respect, tolerance and human rights says:

    Will be there in support of those in our community that have been working to help build this country for decades and who deserve the respect they have earned.

    Let’s show our support and the world that Bermuda is a modern community that is based upon common courtesy and human rights and dignity go all.


  13. little girl says:

    Myself and whole family !!

  14. Sally says:

    On a school night?

    • Nancy says:

      That is the beauty part of living here – you have a choice.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      She’s going to a vigil not a dancehall clash.

  15. Bermuda Jake says:

    A courageous idea.

    I wish you well with your event.

  16. hotcrossbuns says:

    Absolutely will be there. More people, the silent majority, need to stand up and do the right thing. The fear of outsiders (immigrants and expats) and diversity (same sex marriage) is a pox on our house. That idea of “Bermuda only for Bermudians” has really worked well. So well, that it will take years to have the economy recover…that’s if it ever does.

  17. soothsayer says:

    I wonder what Obama thinks we should do.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Don’t you watch the news…Obama is doing “Pathways to America” of his own…opening his borders to everyone AND protecting them from the “Real Americans”….

  18. Common Cents says:

    Bermudian and in as well. A peaceful vigil to promote the unity Bermuda needs right now. I’ve seen too many hateful placards & comments this past week.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Confrontations abound…jus sayin’

  19. Peter Hunt says:

    I will be there along with my Brothers & Sisters. To support the majority

    • Can't wait says:

      Who told you that is what the majority want

      • Captian T says:

        Who told you it wasn’t?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Every poll & petition so far. By a big majority too every time.

  20. Graham says:

    A message to those who were spitting and making threats towards the OBA

    “It’s wrong to hate. It always has been wrong and it always will be wrong. It’s wrong in America, it’s wrong in Germany, it’s wrong in Russia, it’s wrong in China. It was wrong in 2000 B.C., and it’s wrong in 1954 A.D. It always has been wrong, and it always will be wrong. It’s wrong to throw our lives away in riotous living.”

    Martin Luther King – 1954

    A message to those who oppose giving those who have been here for 20+ years their basic human rights.

    “all types of conniving methods are still being used to prevent [people] from becoming registered voters. The denial of this sacred right is a tragic betrayal of the highest mandates of our democratic tradition.”

    Martin Luther King – 1957

    “It is a trite yet urgently true observation that if America is to remain a first-class nation, it cannot have second-class citizens.”

    Martin Luther King – 1960

    And if that applies to America it must surely apply to Bermuda. One cannot say that basic human rights cannot apply just because Bermuda is a small country. Human rights cannot be reduced or eliminated due to a matter of scale. Human rights are absolute. I will be at the vigil tomorrow night.

  21. Widget says:

    I will encourage as many people as possible to join in and support this very important cause.

  22. Widget says:

    Bring some chicken for the sit in crew so we can show some love.

  23. James says:

    I will try to be there! Everyone should invite your friends, too!

  24. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    I’d attend if I could. I’ll be at work.

    • the kid under the palm tree says:

      ask a friend to light one for you :)

  25. Can't wait says:

    Let’s see who shoes up I want to see the faces

  26. The Facts says:

    I will be there

  27. Wow says:

    All who want to move Bermuda forward should attend this vigil. Its promoting peace and unity. Standing up for what is right without threats, violence and insults. Bermuda is multi cultural, which is one of the reasons its called paradise. The disgusting racial attacks shown yesterday is not what Bermuda or Bermudian is. Proud to be Bermudian, grateful to live in paradise and honored to co exist with diverse people.

  28. Jus' Askin' says:

    Money Money Money :-(

  29. Terry says:

    No one obstructed the Government workers and the few Peoples campaine when they marched and took illegal days off nor taunted them nor produced racist posters.

    The favor should be extended to morrow.

  30. Mobylette says:

    I will be attending in quiet protest for many different reasons. I am fed up with last minute strikes, racist rhetoric, and overall conduct of the Opposition. If they had some viable solutions on how to get Bermuda up and going again instead of using the Unions to shut down this country while were are still on shaky economic ground, I could take them seriously. That and Bean’s contempt for women, which due to the resounding silence from his party members leads me to believe they all agree. you got it. I’m female and Bermudian and these actions are a threat to my livelihood. The PLP is unhappy. They lost the election. OBA has had some successes. suck it up. that’s politics and the people voted. so I’m attending ’cause I’m really ticked off.

    • Terry says:


      • Terry says:

        Malfunction at the junction……..
        Moby….bring some Cyrus’s and Velo’s ann Honda’s………

  31. Stephen Thomson says:

    I support “pathways” and appreciate and respect our long term residents in Bermuda.
    As a Bermudian,I thank you for all you do. You make Bermuda a better place.
    I will be there tomorrow evening as will my family.

    • Coffee says:

      I’ll be there , quietly protesting against you . Maybe I’ll light a lamp , in a effort to show you the way !

  32. i see some plp/biu/Personnel Campaign has been down the dislike column

  33. Good Guy says:

    Watch who shows up and pay attention to what the majority looks like. As much as some don’t want to admit it’s definitely a race issue going on. Pay attention.

    • So because most of us may be of a certain colour our opinions on this matter are what, irrelevant? What must you think of the people of other colours who turn up? Are WE supposed to be surprised that the current protests involve the usual suspects, you know, bus drivers, ferry drivers, dock workers, anyone unionised, lead by the same people who always immerse themselves in the desperate politicks of division? Are we supposed to presume that the current protesters aren’t about race? But we are? The court has made the decision that this has to happen so it will happen and they didn’t base their decision on race.

  34. had enough says:

    I won’t be there and all my family, friends and work colleagues in IB.

    Bermudian families (mainly black) already know what it is to be second-class citizens in Bermuda.

    That has been their role in Bermuda for decades (generations)
    Why should another class of work permit Bermudians be put above these second-class people.

    This immigration proposal will shake-up the Social Structure in Bermuda – and to the detriment of the Black Bermudian.

    And I am a White expat with no status.(and I don’t vote in Bermuda)

    This group of people are entiltled to have this vigil – they are entilted to agree.
    Similar to those who have objections – they are entitled to object.

    Blacks’ can’t always be wrong – and conversely – because a person is white – does not mean right.

    • Cmkbda says:

      Why is this issue resorting to race? The immigration policy has no bearing on Bermudians, black, white, red, green, blue, or whatever colour you associate with. This comes down to a disgruntled portion of the population who protest for the sake of protest. This policy will have very little effect on Bermudians, and everything to do with giving a small portion of our society the recognition they deserve for contributing to our economy and our island for a significant length of time. I find it funny that we are calling Bermudians second-class citizens, when that is exactly how the People’s Campaign, IRAG, and Furbert are treating long-term foreign workers on the island. They are just as essential to our economy and well-being as those labour workers who went on strike yesterday, and it’s about damn time our government was doing something to recognise their importance to our island.

  35. stunned... says:

    A great idea. Glad Bermuda is my country where despite differences in opinions, beliefs, we are all afforded the right to express ourselves peaceably. Above all, we have to respect each other.

    • Wow says:

      How can someone ‘dislike’ a message promoting peace and respect? Shows the mentality were dealing with.

      • Terry says:

        Just like they did when they down tools and took the freeken weedend off wiff pay.

        Dey don’t care.
        Beyoncé is coming…….

      • 4ner says:

        Dislike and more, see the Trump rallies. It’s virtually inevitable at some point given the politically arsonist rhetoric from the BIU/PLP/PC at this point

  36. Foolishness says:

    I am not against Bermudian status being given to SOME; however, the OBA wants to give it to EVERY permit worker who has been here for 20 years and above….that is what I have a problem with. Every permit worker does not NEED to be here as they are occupying my brothers abd sisters positions unnecessarily! I understand we have some Bermudians who cannot be relied upon or have bad work work ethics; however, that is not true of every Bermudian that is unemployed! Hire Bermudians first in EVERY capacity and then accommodate those that NEED to be here! Please try and understand it from the local perspective. I’m sure if this were happening in your country you would have a problem as well!

    • Positivity says:

      Read the employment laws. Also not every unemployed Bermudian wants to take a job in any job category or class. Check Bermuda Job Board right now. There are so many jobs available in each category. If a job is awarded to someone unlawfully…lodge a complaint using the existing guidelines. When someone has been here for 20 years paying into the system…supporting local businesses..paying rent…volunteering for the community.. Some are employing Bermudians…they deserve status.

    • Cmkbda says:

      The work permit process already ensures that Bermudians are employed first…these people have not occupied jobs that Bermudians should have. They are employed in jobs that Bermudians either don’t want or aren’t qualified for. Simple as that.

  37. doggystyle says:

    I will be there we need this to much madness going on we need to stand up and stop all this bull S__t

  38. Terry says:

    Just shows how the PLP/BIU/ and the other unions are using this for gain.
    It’s a candle light vigil re immigration.
    Nothing to do with jobs when you use your eyes and ears and sense to fathom it.

    Haters stay away. We did not rain on your parade.


  39. Jus' Askin' says:

    O ppress
    B ermudians
    A genda

    The Road to Election 2017 is Heating Up ;-)

    March Maddness :-D

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      What happens if OBA was to retain power in the next election??…jus’ askin’

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        I Truly Don’t care if OBA was to retain power in the next election ;-)

        I Do Not Like Either Party so I Lose No Matter Who the Government is :-D


  40. Bermudaismyhome says:

    I will be there with great support as a PRC holder living in Bermuda for 30 years with Bermudian children. This has become an issue very close to my heart. More interesting is the majority of the opposition leaders are children of immigrants and married to non Bermudians by birth…SMH

  41. ALVIN WILLIAMS says:

    Good Bermuda will see the face of Bermuda who have never stood for justice and the progressive forward movement of Bermuda. Of course they will be desperate to put their few surrogates out from.

  42. Jus' Askin' says:

    Only Those that SUPPORT the Oppress Bermudians Agenda will be there ;-)

    A show of support for this shows YOU TRULY do not care about BERMUDIANS :-(


    • Wow says:

      You don’t know oppression. Go live in Syria, Sudan and Iraq to feel what oppression is. Did you not freely protest yesterday? Do you freely believe in your faith? Do you freely go wherever you want on this Island? Are you free to eat what you want? Are you free to love who want? Yes you are! Its an insult to those who are really suffering in oppression.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Pointing at others that may have it worst does NOT mean Bermudians are not being OPPRESSED!!!

        It is an insult THAT You wOULD dismiss the fact that PEOPLE in Bermuda are suffering because it is not to the extent of other countries.

        If You were homeless in Bermuda would that mean it doesn’t count because people are homeless in Syria, Sudan and Iraq?

        Oppression is Oppression, No Matter How Severe


        • Wow says:

          How are you being oppressed? Being homeless does not mean you’re oppressed.

          • Fubar says:

            He’s oppressed because of his own “self entitlement” issues. He and all these others think everything should be handed to them like it was back in the day when things were good and it all came easy. Now it’s not so easy, so they are “oppressed”. The world is a competitive place, welcome to it, put on your big boy pants and jump in.

        • Cmkbda says:

          How does homelessness in Bermuda relate to immigration reform?!

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          You’re about as dumb as the concrete your standing on…geesh man…you’re blinded by the false light.

    • Korea says:

      dumb dumb dumb

  43. TSOL says:

    Why hasn’t the governmet made more of an effort to clarify the misinformation put out there by the PLP? These are people who can already live here to their dying days if they choose and can apply for any job. Expats need work permits to get a job. The PLP are making it sound like the OBA are inviting in hoards of expats and giving them status, and the ignorant population of this island are buying into it.

  44. Renee Webb says:

    While I absolutely agree that the issue of long term residents has to be addressed, it should be done in a way that respects both the role of Bermudians and immigrants alike. The contribution of long term workers is without question, and their future in Bermuda should be addressed. From a human rights, and a “right thing to do” perspective, they should be allowed to become a permanent part of the society by being granted status. In return the Government, and international companies should ensure that all qualified Bermudians are funded throughout their 4 year four year degree program. This will help to empower Bermudians to be able to compete for jobs in the future. Many countries have done exactly this, educated their future local work pool free of charge. Let’s face it, it is very difficult for a public school student to compete with private school kids for scholarship etc.. We have to give them a hand up. Preparing Bermudians for the future is the way forward while allowing foreigners workers who merit status to achieve it. The long term view of both Bermudians and non Bermudians with status must be about working together to make the Island a better place for all. Divisions are non productive. It is time to unite as a people who simply want to make Bermuda work. What a beautiful setting to make this happen.

    • murph says:

      Dear Ms Webb
      Giving public school kids scholarships to universities will not level the playing field. They simply won’t get into the same quality universities that have stringent admissions criteria with their one or two igcses. You will hear the same thing again ‘but I have a masters from the university of nobody’s heard of it – why can’t I break into finance?”

      Bermudian kids in public schools are getting a raw deal, and it is not through a lack of funding.

      here’s the state of public vs private school in bda:
      Private school kids do 8 or 9 igcses aged 15/16. Then AP or IB aged 17/18. Public school kids maybe 2 igcses aged 16/17. Private school kids are no brighter, no smarter, no better than public school kids but they are streets ahead in terms of qualifications and so get into the best universities ( ones that people have heard of ).

      You would assume that a lack of funding is to blame for this, but money isn’t the culprit here. What is truly interesting is that More money is spent per public school kid than per private school kid. Secondary public school buildings are amazingly well kitted out. Secondary private school buildings are outdated and cramped in comparision.

      So why on earth are the results so different? What is needed is a cold hard look at the quality of teaching and management in both sectors. That’s the difference. Because private schools recognise that to offer an international education you have to have international teachers, or bdian teachers who are trained overseas, they can deliver a globally aware and rigorous curriculum that is recognised world wide. Do you think for a moment that any university admissions officer knows what BSSC stands for?

      Parents know this, so that’s why they buy into the private school systems. Hard working bdian families struggle to pay school fees that they can ill afford because they know that they are buying a future.

      Parents of private school students include PLP MPs who vote to kick out expats but drop their kids off at the private schools to be educated by foreigners. One rule for them, another for their voters. So you will see, it’s not a case of more money for schools, just a belief that ALL Bermudian kids deserve a first class and internationally recognised education. If all Bermudians believed that the kids came first, we wouldn’t accept striking teachers.
      For those teachers who went on strike; please understand that if you continue to do this bdian parents will be forced to homeschool or go private and then you really will be out of a job! If you can’t do it for your students, then have some common sense and protect your own job.

      • Comfortably numb says:

        Well written and bang on the money. I think Ms Webb is confusing scholarships with bursaries which is disturbing from someone supposedly knowledgeable regardind education. Scholarships are awarded to the candidate based on intellect, educational achievement, sporting ability, character etc. in other words the best all round student.Bursaries awarded on a financial need basis.

      • Kiskadee says:

        At last someone is speaking the truth! Thank you. There are so many young Bermudians who go to poor colleges and come back with Masters degrees. They earn high salaries but haven’t a clue how to teach and often can’t even spell or write a sentence in English. We need well educated Bermudians who have attended good colleges to come back and teach our children. These are also the same people who will not go out on strike . I admire Bermudian parents who sacrifice to put their children in private school to ensure they receive the best education which is the most important thing you can do for your child.

    • YesWeCan says:

      Thank you! Very true that employers should prioritize Bermudians first. The problem is, Bermudians themselves are one of the violators of this policy. They would rather hire expats than hire their own. Why do they feel they should be exempted from this policy?

    • Sickofantz says:

      The statement in your comment “It is very hard for a public school student, to compete with private school students for scholarships”.
      Why do you think this is? I genuinely think that there is a lot of merit in your idea about free higher education but the kids have to get the right qualifications first. To get into a decent UK university you will need 3 fairly good A levels. The schools have to work toward this kind of high standard. Then I agree that children achieving these levels should be helped as much as possible to return to the island with relevant degrees.I agree that it is time to unite.

  45. Rain on your parade says:

    More people on a fixed country mass means more poverty. More mouths to feed. Ask Africa and India did the numbers bring greater economic wealth. No where on this world does this happen. Bermuda is truly another world. Businesses bring jobs not people. Stop the lie. This is a pathway to hell. Welcome to the Isle of devils.

    • Sickofantz says:

      Oh Puhlesase try and understand,. These people already have jobs,. Jobs which would not exist if they were not here. Christ almightly you must attemtp to understand.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      The rain must have short circuited your brain…we’re talking about s#!t and you’re talking about eating it.

  46. Charlly X says:

    Can i as a born Bermudian go to your country get a job And displace your population ??? Im not anti- foreigner !!! You can reap the rewards n go as many have ! While my children hold a wet paper bag ! Im Saying one shouldnt want to make a better life for themselves n family . But at whos demise ? Why should i be denied in my own country ? Im a produtivecitizen !! Over Qualified and denied a job because someone will work for half my liveable wage !! Not the Expates fault in some cases ! But its got to be fair to Bermudians !! How many lie about their qulifications just to get here ? Ive heard n seen it for myself !!!!!!
    Smh i guess im an indangered speices !!

    • Manta Ray says:

      Seems those protesting Pathways who claim to be overqualified and possess multiple degrees have problems with proper usage of the English language, i.e. spelling and grammar? Sub-standard English may be the reason that Expat won the job over you??? Let’s be honest here.

      • Read says:

        Finally an explanation as to why so many Portuguese who can’t speak or write any English and Filipinos who can’t write proper english are entering the Bermuda workforce. Wow your a real genius. Are you being “honest here” or are you just talking because you think born Bermudians are stupid.

    • Rada Gast says:

      Yes, you can get a UK passport and go there to find work, presumably “displacing their population”.

      • Bermy says:

        That UK passport also allows you to work all over the EU so you have a vast choice

    • No Laughing Matter says:

      Over qualified and denied a job, huh? By the looks of your English grammar I can assure you that it was not because of the expat…Google some free English grammar online courses.

    • Strike fund says:

      Yes. You can go to many countries and get a job.

      Most countries have lots of different nationalities working and living there.

    • Sickofantz says:

      By the way mate. When Expats come here to work in IB they have to provide written proof in the from of original copies of their qualifications.

  47. hold on says:

    Wonder where Mr tweed and Mr furbet will be. Amazing all the strikers don’t strike on saturdays. Oh never mind.. aren’t the 4 uighers putting 4 bermudian out of work. No protest ther… vanilla scented candle for me

    • Bill Stephens says:

      Hold a march on Saturday and they wont show up! They are not getting paid for a “sick day” if they march on a weekend. That will tell you who is truly behind the cause. Better still, march on a Sunday INSTEAD OF going to church and donating to the Church coffers! That will get Mr. Tweed’s attanetion!

  48. No management says:

    Empowerment is not only about fighting for rights but ultimately about being in the position to empower others. This involves personal sacrifice. The fight for equality is not over but we have made a lot of progress in Bermuda. Personal sacrifice is a relatively new responsibility for many – a responsibility for all successful blacks and whites and others in particular.

  49. Rain on your parade says:

    @Rada Gast, you can get a UK passport and head that way. I am a Sun Person and have no interest in going to the Ice lands of Europe to live. The Europeans and Canadian are so used to stealing from other places that it seems natural that you try and justify stealing the lands benefits of the Sunny Isles of Bermuda. It is just a shame that this society let’s you wiggle and manipulate the politics and the laws to accommodate these thefts and miscarriage of justice.

    • Come Correct says:

      Nobody stole Bermuda and we all already know you’re just a hateful nasty person by your comments. You I post then up again in case people missed them the first time?

    • No one stole this island from anyone. There are no indigenous Bermudians. These people are asking for the same gift that every one of our ancestors were given. The privilege of legally calling themselves Bermudian. You may have been born here but your family started somewhere else too. How many generations have to pass to be considered a real Bermudain?

    • Rada Gast says:

      “The Ice Lands of Europe”. Classic. I was going to post a coherent response to the rest of your incoherent posting, but what is the point?

  50. ImJustSayin says:

    I can’t help thinking that most of those in that crowd cannot think for themselves but rather allow those miss guided leaders to think for them. And address always looking for the opportunity to rally against the OBA Government. There is much more to it then what they are being misled to believe from the union and the PLP. I hope that if government protesters succeed in getting their way it doesn’t come back to haunt this island in years to come.

  51. vs says:

    1 – doesn’t immigration policy exist whereby positions are only granted permits where there are no local bermudian candidates for the role?

    2 – doesn’t that mean that foreign workers are not ‘stealing’ jobs (because a bermudian could ‘steal’ it right back if they can demonstrate they are competent)

    3 – doesn’t that mean that the people who have been here for 20+ years have been here performing a role no bermudian could have?

    *sigh* dont understand how the jobs of bermudians are being stolen (wasn’t that a PLP work permit policy in the first place??)