BBC News: Special Ceremony, 200th Anniversary

April 4, 2016

[Written by Adrienne Smatt, Bermuda Broadcasting Co.]

The 200th Peppercorn Ceremony takes place later this month and organizers are planning to go all out to mark the anniversary.

In a ceremony steeped in tradition, the Governor each year accepts one peppercorn from Freemasons, as annual rent for use of the Old State House in St. George’s.

Martin Weekes, the past Master of the Lodge of St. George’s, told us: “We are expecting guests from various Masonic lodges around the world.

“But the most important person we’ve got coming is the Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. This is his first time here in Bermuda… he’s coming especially for the Peppercorn Ceremony.”

The Royal Bermuda Regiment’s Band & Corps of Drums will take part and there will be additional VIP guests this year, plus a garden party and other activities.

Mr Weekes, who is also Bermuda’s Assistant Commissioner of Police, added: “We’re looking forward to a lot of people coming down to St. George’s to give the town a boost.

“From a Masonic point of view we’ve got a whole week of activities including a number of extra meetings. We’re also trying to get around to all the different lodges in Bermuda with the visiting Masons, to show them a bit of Bermuda’s history.”

The event takes place in King’s Square, St. George’s on Wednesday, April 20.

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    Great just what we need, another Baphomet ceremony….as if Bermy is doing so well that we have the ability to take chances…..

  2. Deejay Le Claire says:

    Nice to see the fraternity thriving! A hearty congrats from Norfolk, England