Footy Promotions Hosting ‘Football Trials’

April 22, 2016

Footy Promotions is organizing another football try out with company “UK Football Trials” this July, following up on the “incredible 2015 success for the island’s players.”

Footy Promotions has invited UK Football Trials back this year with their team of UEFA Coaches and a scout. Hosted at the National Stadium over four days, there are spaces for fifty players, both male and female aged 10-25.

Harry Price, the Director and Founder of UK Football Trials, said of his company’s first visit to Bermuda, “Firstly we wish to thank Vinzie and her team at Footy Promotions for inviting us to Bermuda– everyone was so friendly and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

“We provide opportunities to football players to showcase their ability in front of professional football coaches and pro club scouts.”

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“We have 45,000 players in 208 countries on our books and we wanted to work with Footy Promotions to provide the same opportunity for the players in Bermuda to showcase their talents to our coaches and one of the world’s best known scout.

“We knew Bermuda had talented players but being honest we were very impressed by the standard over the four days. One area that stood out for us was the incredible pace shown by almost every player.

“There was a great buzz with the players demonstrating good attitudes and bringing huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm which made the try out a great success and a very high standard.

“We are very excited about our next trip that brings two new additions to the team – a coach with the highest level coaching qualification in the world and former Manchester United scout David Hobson. He worked there for 12 years, he’s regarded as one of the best in the world and is the founder of the Professional Football Scouts Association. He can place players that we see in Bermuda into professional football clubs in the UK and all over the world.”

“I grew up where there were no opportunities to be seen in the UK and there were players I knew who slipped through the net. In Bermuda there are many players who are good enough to try out at professional clubs in the UK and we want to help find them and offer them an opportunity to try out or at least be monitored by us.”

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“Players can expect high intensity typical pro club academy training sessions and they will all be assessed on ten areas of their game. We are offering players a genuine opportunity to be scouted from Premier League Level all the way through to semi pro. The assessment will enable players to see the areas of strengths and areas that require further work plus how they rate against pro players in the UK.”

Vinzie Zuill, President of Footy Promotions, said, “We are glad to work with Harry and the UK Football Trials team again this year. We are aiming to continue to provide professional training and opportunities to Bermudian player’s right here on our soil. Last year’s event was very successful in the aspect that 100 players attended, showed their skills, displayed great work ethic and received assessments on their abilities.

“As a result players were identified by the top coaches and scouts for further opportunities in the UK. This year, we are excited to host this event again with UK Football Trials. We will host regular player and parent meetings leading up to the event to provide more information.

“There will also be an opportunity for local coaches to be involved.”

Registration is available on the website or by emailing The deadline for registration is June 29; for more information, email

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