Franklin Fahnbulleh Resigns From HRC Role

April 22, 2016

Franklin Fahnbulleh — who was reported to have allegedly fled an overseas jurisdiction —  has “resigned” from his role as Human Rights Commissioner, the Government announced today.

A Government spokesperson said, “On behalf of the Human Rights Commission, Chairperson Tawana Tannock wishes to inform the public of the resignation of Franklin Fahnbulleh from his role as Human Rights Commissioner effective from April 15.

“The Selection and Appointment Committee has convened and looks forward to announcing a new appointment in due course.”

Ten days ago ZBM reported on allegations against Mr Fahnbulleh, citing a 2005 overseas news report which alleged he was “believed to be hiding in Southampton, Bermuda” since his “indictment on felony charges for the alleged sexual assault of a college employee.”

“Released on a $1,200 bond, Fahnbulleh allegedly fled the United States before a Howard County grand jury indicted him,” the Midland Reporter noted in their 2005 report.

Mr Fahnbulleh had been appointed to the HRC in January of this year.

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  1. Oh really. So…. what’s next?????

  2. Real deal says:

    This seems familiar. The old bate and switch again. now for some popcorn “watch’s for the next play”.

  3. Rhonda says:

    He resign, what happened to being asked to leave… only in Bermuda does a fugitive felon get to resign.

  4. Terry says:

    You have seen nothing.
    But you never know.

  5. UmJustSaying says:

    With our vetting process, this could not have happen, must be a mistake.

  6. Liselle says:

    I’m not at all surprised – HRC have been a bunch of anti-business self important busybodies for quite some time – this reflects the caliber and shallowness to which they have sunk. They would not know a real injustice if it stared them in the face. Mr. Dale Butler’s recent comment about the HRC, “political correctness gone mad” or something to that effect is entirely correct.

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Extradite STAT!!

  8. Suzhayward says:


  9. wondering says:

    So all the money I wasted on work permits and the vetting process and I still hired a felon????

    No criminal records check?

    Seems like you get put the the Bermuda Inquisition to get permission to be a spouse and reside but you can be a crook and get a work permit.

  10. Y says:

    Nope we hire lots of frauds! To damn lazy to train Bermudians for jobs!

  11. Average Bermudian says:

    Where is fey on this matter ?

    Sometimes – an employer never really knows the person who is employed ? (despite all the checks n balances)

    Pathways to <<<<< ?

  12. Longtail says:

    It is not like this is a news item – information regarding this matter has been available in Bermuda for at least 11 years….
    Is it any wonder that Human Rights issues are in such a mess in Bermuda, with gay bashing groups being given charity status, etc, etc

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Yes , I recall when this story initially broke many years ago . I thought that they guy had been found and deported . I mean , how difficult is it to find a guest worker in Bda anyway ?

      I suppose the ‘administration’ back then didn’t bother or they wanted him here for some reason .

  13. mmm says:

    The question is, ….just how thorough is the vetting process ? Is the Human Rights Comission, un-able to find Bermudians for these roles ? This particular situation suggest a casual review of work permits by immigration or an over-worked department.

  14. The Ridiculist says:

    Background checks have been done away with by the OBA/UBP…our arse is wide open for business!!

  15. Average Bermudian says:

    Just can’t accept every foreigner on these shores and think they are the best thing since sliced bread

    MAny are unemployable and still end up here (those employers again)

    ( all this bashing of the bermudian worker- like sage bush above)

    Pathways to …… – is not for all.

    fey ?