Ministry: Interruption To Bus Service Next Week

April 22, 2016

The Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport have advised the public that there will be an interruption in bus service on Routes 1, 3, 4, 6, and 9 next week Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th April 2016 from 11.00am to 12.30pm due to staff meetings.

A spokesperson said, “This will be done to facilitate staff meetings. Bus service will be normalised after the meetings. The Ministry apologizes for any inconvenience caused to the public.”

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  1. Terry says:

    PLP/BIU still rule.

    • ninja says:

      Terry, this is not a PLP/BIU issue…I don’t know respectfully you could be on the outside looking in also…again respectfully know the facts, this is a Government issue that has been going on for over 12 years and finally this year I sincerely hope this is a done deal when the staff meet in the up coming week.

    • Its me again says:


  2. frank says:

    Why can’t they have. The. Meeting. After. 5pm the bus drivers need to stop the B’s they have a job
    Do your job cause someone else will gladly take your. Job

    • Bus Off says:

      Why can’t they have two meetings (one per shift) like they do at most other places?

      • ninja says:

        Bus Off…FYI there are many different shifts at DPT, the way these meetings are scheduled is not perfect ,but for the benefit of everyone who is going to be involved this is the best way to go.

    • ninja says:

      Frank, bus operators are on many different shifts starting at 6.15am up until 11.45 pm 7 days a week, this new information needs to be presented to all who will be involved with the proposed new bus schedule, the notice on Bernews has been provided by the Government/DPT the dates and times is the best way forward for the Government to present to its bus operators and allied workers, just thought I would give you some information regarding the timing of the planned meetings.

    • IslandTeacher says:

      Please let me know when the Air traffic controllers and the medical staff are having their meetings. The band plays on as the grand old lady of the sea, the SS Bermuda sank further into the water.

  3. Raymond Ray says:

    Haven’t u’lot had enough of this Union / staff meetings?
    Of course they know what they’re doing to Bermudas reputation :-( (It’s in the plan.)Why can’t these meetings be held on their time or at night and NOT during working hours or school times?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      It’s obvious, them that tic “dislike” don’t travel by bus at anytime :-( How the hell can anyone agree with them, its insane!

      • drunken ursula says:

        first of all , who said its a union meeting nothing in the statement says so. since I use the bus service everyday, I asked the driver, its from the dept NOT union so only speak of what you know and don’t assume boy! always ready to throw the union under the bus.

        • Raymond Ray says:

          So “drunken ursula”, you take a bus drivers word as being the truth? Shame on you girl / boy or whatever you maybe…
          If the Union has NO involvement then how is it they permit it to occur?

          • ninja says:

            Raymond Ray, What Ursula has revealed is nothing but the truth… to my understanding the information to be discussed is the way forward with this new summer schedule, FYI…this schedule planning has been going on for at least 12 years as for as I know…the government through DPT have been bringing this gentleman in from Canada during those 12 years in which he could not get the job done, about 2 weeks ago they the government brought in someone else to deal with the task at hand and I must say that collectively with everyone involved …the GOVERNMENT/UNION/BPSU/ have done a tremendous job in trying to finalize the new summer schedule which in my opinion and my opinion only is workable…this has to be presented to the staff who are not all union members during a time that is suitable for everyone involved…this is something that our Government of the day feels and needs to be introduced.

            • Raymond Ray says:

              If what you say is the truth, so-be-it. To think this has been going on for 12 years and to no avail is absolutely insane!

        • bee says:

          what if you went to NYC and the subway/bus was shut down for a “meeting”…. THINK WOMAN!

    • ninja says:

      MR Ray, This is not a Union meeting…these meetings have been called by the Government in collaboration with the BIU/BPSU just thought I would let you know been you might be on the outside looking in.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        I thank you as well as “ninja” for enlightening not only myself but everyone that is concerned…Why after 12 years there still isn’t a solution just betwixt me. Why wasn’t this mentioned in the beginning knowing the public will be objecting?

  4. Z says:

    Hahahaha. Privatize asap. One step forward, 1609 steps backwards.

  5. wahoo says:

    Privatize it.

  6. Bus drivers wife says:

    The meeting is only 1hour and 30 mins! All children should be in school during that time. If you notice those bus routes they cut out is the ones that aren’t too busy at that time of day.

    • Z says:

      What about our guests from overseas? Everyone wants expense reports and our Gov to disclose what happens during meetings… I want to know what the bus drivers are meeting about in full detail.

      Why not have the meeting Sunday when the busses don’t run as often and most drivers have the day off?

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Great point, “Z”
        “drunken ursula” Why are you afraid to sign your birth given name and call all others what you wish? If you believe the Unions have no connection that’s your choice as it’s my choice to believe they do…
        I quote the child, “drunken ursula”
        first of all , who said its a union meeting nothing in the statement says so. since I use the bus service everyday, I asked the driver, its from the dept NOT union so only speak of what you know and don’t assume boy! always ready to throw the union under the bus.”
        Oh, by the way, I am up in my 60′s and if you still think I’m a boy then I say, thank you” :-)

        • Kangoocar says:

          Raymond, you are absolutely correct, this is a union meeting, why on earth would the bus drivers be meeting with themselves?? What would be achieved if the union was not in on it?? The scary thing is, I smell a rat, and I think we have some smelly stuff, coming soon, after all, tourist season is just starting???

    • Hair says:

      As Bermudian woman, business owner, I rely on my clients at times to get to me for their appointments by bus!! So do I charge them, as the buses aren’t running.. Or you gonna pay???

      • Whistling Frog says:

        @ Hair: Now you know, change you schedules for your clients traveling on those routs.. Don’t make any appointments in that hour and a half slot in your book. How simple is that…

        • Kangoocar says:

          Business sense along with a lot of other things is not your thang, is it???

        • Hair says:

          Whistling frog, You are up the wrong tree sweetie. I have bills to pay and Bermudian employees, so if my clients can not come in as the buses are not operating, how do I pay????? May be YOU!!!!

          • Time Shall Tell says:

            Surely not ALL of your clients travel by bus & since you state that you know the ones that do. Reschedule them if they actually are in conflict of the bus shut down with those who have transportation of their own.

    • Second says:

      Understood!.. but what about the other bus users and the fact that cruise ship season has started? Better planning & management needed!

      • Another Bus Drivers Wife says:

        The #8, #7, #10 & #11 will all still be running…..I mean those are the most popular routes for tourists anyway.

    • bee says:

      We, the public, pay your salaries, so I think we have a right to know just exactly what is going on in these meetings. Will there be minutes taken and published please?

  7. Vanessa says:

    Oh who cares I have a car so I don’t need the buses to be in service

  8. sunny says:

    HUMMM, I’m sorry but I just dont get it. I run a business too, I have staff meetings too, I dont shut down for the cause of it? Poor poor poor Bermuda where are you going?

  9. sandgrownan says:

    Fire them all. Privatise.

  10. Ed Case says:

    Imagine if BELCO said they had to turn all the power off for a few hours so the staff could have a meeting.

    This is truly disgusting.

    Entitled unionised Bermudians showing their worst.

    They should all be fired.

  11. Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

    Would that possibly be a day when the most cruise ships are here?

    • ninja says:

      Good day Navin…the Government/DPT are the ones that have called these meetings on the said dates not the BIU or the bus operators and yes it is on one of the days that the cruise ship the BREAKAWAY arrives on our shores.

      • Navin Pooty Tang Johnson says:

        So send out emails…have it later in the day…have it on a Saturday…Bermuda the only place in the world that grinds to a halt so that people can have a meeting….stupid…….another useless meeting

  12. mmm says:

    It makes good sense for the Ministry of Transport to care-fully weigh whether or not it is essential for all operators, mechanics, dispatchers, and all office staff to be at the same meeting, other-wise we do a dis-serv ice to the public. If the meeting is called by the employer. I think a lot has been considered, and the desire is to minimize the inconvenience to the general public to a two hour mid-day time-frame. I think there should be some form of compensation to those who have to use alternative transport during those hours.. i.e. bus fare from town to southampton is $4.50 same destination by taxi approximately $22.00… four persons in a taxi going in that direction evens out thus , versus one person catching a taxi southampton. An evening meeting means about 10 drivers will be on the road, in my opinion, and they can have their meeting the following morning, with all relevant department heads.

  13. Average Bermudian says:

    Wish you all had much to say when fey shut the island down a few weeks ago.

    Fey ?

  14. Sally says:

    They are meeting about what to do next next June. Our competition is going to love this show. It’s going to be epic!

  15. Seriously? says:

    Does this mean those in Spanish Point might actually have a bus beyond 6pm? Its like being a child on restriction, make sure you are home by 6 or walk!

  16. Disappointment says:

    this is silly. To cease service to have a meeting is ridiculous. If there is a shift issue to permit all staff attend then hold several meetings in the one day or over a few days.

    it is not acceptable to just down tools and go have a chat. Imagine if other businesses did that. Pilots… sorry we are not flying today because we have a meeting, grocery stores…. sorry we have to close the store so we can have a meeting so you can’t shop and no deliveries during this time.