Pride Bermuda Celebrates Prevention Week

May 19, 2016

Pride Bermuda is celebrating National Prevention Week with the Pride Youth Club [PYC] at West Pembroke, with an event to be held on May 20 to mark the occasion, beginning with an assembly at 8.50am.

A spokesperson said, “This week is National Prevention Week [May 15- 21] as set by SAMSHA [Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration]

“The PYC Team at West Pembroke Primary school who call themselves Pride Pals is one of eight clubs sponsored by the DNDC and supervised by Pride Bermuda. The partnership between the DNDC, Pride Bermuda and West Pembroke Primary School ties in well with this years’ Prevention Week Theme-“Strong as One: Stronger Together”.

“The Clubs’ goal is to promote healthy, positive, drug free living through education and activities and to help others be drug-free by example and leadership.

“Club participants consisting of P5 and P6 students, will receive certificates of completion or participation during an assembly where parents and prevention partners have been invited

“In order to receive a certificate of completion, members must have completed LifeSkills® training which is designed to help young people with the necessary skills such as resistance and coping skills that will assist with dealing with social [peer] pressures to smoke, drink and use drugs and increase their knowledge of the immediate consequences of substance abuse.

“In addition members engage in community service, parent outreach and peer outreach activities all while enjoying drug-free fun.

“Club members will share what the impact of being in the club has had on them. They will also get the audience up and moving with energizers learned during club.

“It promises to be informative and inspiring.”

Call Pride Bermuda on 295-9970 or email for more information.

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  1. sage says:

    Cigarettes and alcohol are both drugs and kill more people than all illegal drugs combined, yet we allow teens to legally develop potential life-long addictions. “Drug Free” society will never happen, first off, modern society would grind to a halt if caffeine (a drug) was banned, not to mention sugar (another drug), the cause of our diabetes and obesity problems. Time to admit the war on some drugs has failed completely and we must end the hypocritical criminalization of people using junk science, hearsay, misinformation and outright lies.